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Friday, July 28, 2017

Guerrilla Marketing - How to Use Business Card Adverts to Gain Free Publicity For a Web Site

Guerrilla Marketing - How to Use Business Card Adverts to Gain Free Publicity For a Web Site

 If you are trying to promote a new website or business at minimal cost, a very simple and effective approach is to print out a page of your own adverts about the size of a business or calling card. You can give these out to people or leave them wherever you go, leaving behind a constant stream of adverts for your web site. In a small format, these mini-adverts can contain the basic idea of your website or business, and a link where people can obtain further information. The advert gives enough to make people interested, in a simple compact format that is easily absorbed in a glance lasting a few seconds.

Instead of getting expensive cardboard business cards produced, you can print off a large number of these business adverts of suitable quality by printing ten on a single sheet of A4 or US Letter size paper, arranged in a grid of 2x5. You can cut these into individual handouts using scissors or a guillotine, and within minutes you can produce hundreds of them.

They will be small enough to be kept inside a handbag, wallet or shirt-pocket. You can take these with you everywhere you go, ready to leave a few lying around whenever you spot an opportunity. Here are some ideas for how to use these business cards adverts:

You can give them as a business card to everyone who asks you about your web site.
You can leave them anywhere where people have to wait in line – in shops at the checkout, or alongside a pile of magazines at the dentist, doctor or hairdresser.
You can bundle a few together with a paper clip or sticky tape, and leave them at bank cash machines, bus stops, restaurants, or near the wash basin in public rest rooms or toilets.
You can put them into the pages of books at book stores, especially in books dealing with finance, income, self-improvement, education, and so on. When people buy books, they will see your advert inside.
When you go shopping, you can leave them inside articles of clothing such as pockets, gloves, hats, and so on.

Again, the use of these small business cards is only limited by your imagination. The results will not be seen overnight. People might only find your business card weeks after you left it somewhere. Slowly but surely, however, the more you leave them everywhere you go, the more visitors will go to your web site, the more interest you will generate, and the more sales you will make. That's not bad for something that takes a few minutes a day to do.

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