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Monday, November 13, 2017

Email Marketing Strategies - Look No Further

Email Marketing Strategies - Look No Further

The biggest kept secret in internet marketing is how to reach as many contacts as possible in as little time as possible and for as little money as possible. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Well with effective email marketing strategies, it is really quite easy!

The Power is in the Numbers

Email marketing strategies will do you no good if you don't have prospects. The email leads you may generate from your landing pages or warm market contacts are simply not enough. If you want to see your profits explode, you need to reach a lot of people at one time.

Purchase email leads from a lead generator or from your email marketing solution. If your budget is limited, go for the lead packages that give you more for less. The quality of the leads is not as important as the numbers when you are first starting out.

Time is Money

Experts offer email marketing strategies for a million and one different business models and situations, but they all offer the same basic advice-automate! You can do this in two ways. You can opt for a large initial investment and purchase autoresponder software and a dedicated email server, or you can opt for a long-term investment and make low monthly payments on a complete, subscription based web solution. Either way, you will be saving tons of time by completely automating your marketing process.

The Rule of Fifteen

In sales there is a "rule of three"-you will get three nos before you get one yes. In email marketing, we could call it the "rule of fifteen." You will likely send out as many as five to fifteen emails before someone actually reads it and clicks on your link.

You should have at least fifteen emails in every series or email campaign. These emails are then sent out over a period of thirty to forty-five days. This way you are working those numbers and getting as many people as possible to your website.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Look Further Than Keywords

Look Further Than Keywords
A research paper called The Future of Search Marketing by Forrester reveals that there is a need for PPC managers to act as business planners instead of thinking as a channel manager. It also goes on to discuss how important it is for people to optimise landing pages to increase conversions. The paper states:

Potential customers cant convert if their post-click experience isnt relevant.

The most straightforward way of ensuring the landing page is relevant is to use a concise message that matches the ad to the page. This will also help to ensure a decent Quality Score from Google and a good conversion rate. However to excel in both these areas and to ditch the average and the decent for more outstanding rewards PPC managers need to look beyond the actual copy.

This can be done by looking at the overall tone of the ad and the type of target customers you are seeking. By looking at elements in addition to the copy such as graphics and images you can further synergise the message you send from ad to landing page. If you are offering an informational product or service in the ad then the landing page may be better suited to a serious, formal business page with corporate images and formal colours that reflect this. Colours can be used expertly to reflect any particular mood you want to communicate on the landing page.

The words you use to convey your message should be chosen with care. Although persuasive language is best you need to think about the type of person you are trying to persuade. The different personas and their stage in the buying cycle will affect the language you use. Although matching keywords is fundamental look beyond that to get the optimum conversions.

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