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Monday, November 20, 2017

Four Tips to Realize Affordable PPC Specialists

Four Tips to Realize Affordable PPC Specialists

Affordability may be a relative concept and depends on the budget of the PPC ad campaign. It has been argued well in favour of hiring PPC specialists since the PPC ad campaign is complicated job requiring specialised ability sets. The merchant organizations will strive their hands on planning and managing their own PPC campaign however possibilities of such campaign being successful are less compared to the ones managed by the experts. Hence the merchant institutions wanting to rent experts to manage their PPC ad campaign want to figure on their PPC budget. The budget should have a clear demarcation on the allocation for PPC spending and also hiring price of PPC Ad management specialist.

The foremost prevalent technique of billing is to charge the merchant institution by the hour spent on managing the PPC ad campaign. Now those specialists who are in the start stages of their learning curve usually provide lower rates on the hourly work done. However caution ought to be exercised in selecting such PPC specialists as they're nevertheless to become professional in PPC ad management. More over the merchants' ad ought to not become a scapegoat within the hands of the novice PPC ad management specialist.

The budget is crucial to affordability of the experts. Monthly retainer based mostly rate can be negotiated with the PPC ad management specialist if the merchant establishment needs to continue on long run basis to post PPC ads on search engine. But the these arrangement is not suitable if there is restricted budget on the half of the merchant establishment and secondly the merchant establishment is running a parallel search engine optimization program and is using the PPC ad managements to ramp up the visibility of the merchant web site in near term. In these situations it's advisable to go for work based billing which are typically are front loaded as most of the crucial work on Key word selection and bidding management are done at the beginning of the campaign. The merchant will selected to monitor the ad on their own therefore cutting the spending on hiring PPC Experts.

Looking out for PPC ought to be done using a search engine services. Since using organic search engine services are near free except value of internet connectivity and man hour concerned in conducting the search. Once the short listings of PPC ad management corporations are done pre consultation meeting should be done with each of them be awarding the contract. The merchant needs to organize a brief and more objective the temporary is best the merchant will be positioned for negotiating with the Ad management specialist. When short listing of the PPC ad management corporations letter of invitation for proposal exercise can be initiated circulating the brief. This exemplifies the importance of ad brief. Hence it is within the interest of the merchant establishment to organize a brief that's precise in terms of deliverables on the part of the PPC experts. Additionally the brief should clearly outline the expectation of the business from the ad campaign.

Quick Recap:

4 Tips to Find Affordable PPC Experts are:

* Billing should be the hour spent on managing the PPC ad campaign.

* Is PPC Expert want to continue on long term basis.

* Precise in terms of deliverables.

* Quality of his work.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Four Indispensable Principles of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Four Indispensable Principles of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past. It has changed the dynamics of the business communications. Today, we see many companies using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to promote their brands. The basic advantage of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is it allows companies to explore the untapped markets with the help of a computer. It also helps in enhancing the brand reputation of the company. Some of the popular Social Media Marketing activities include:

Ø  Facebook Fan Page Promotions

Ø  Twitter

Ø  Posting in Application Review Sites

Ø  Social Bookmarking

Ø  Press Release Submissions

Ø  Forum Postings

Ø  Directory Submissions

Although, there are many advantages of Social Media Marketing, companies have failed to take optimum use of this resource. Here are some of the principles which need to be kept in mind before starting Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign:

Social Networking is not direct selling. It takes time to get the desired results from the audience. The very first thing in Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to build an audience. Remember, it takes considerable amount of time for a new born baby to learn different traits. Treat Social Media Marketing as an infant. Write as many blogs, articles and press releases as possible. This will help the organization in getting brand recognition and will help you during crunch times.
It is very important for companies to understand that in today's dynamic world, people no longer want to purchase things. It is more about how organizations solve the queries of the potential customers through blogs, tweets, and Facebook pages.  Please note that a satisfied customer tells about his/her experience to only few people but a dissatisfied customer shares his/her experiences with many people.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) coverage should include multiple media channels like: videos, emails, and text. Organizations need to understand the basic requirements of different users and provide the content through different media. It is very important to meet the expectations of the potential customers and deliver messages through right mediums in an effective and efficient manner.
Organizations should publish quality content on their website. It should not be a case wherein the information is being provided just for the sake of it. It is very important to understand that every article, blog or comments posted on the web will ultimately lead to brand recognition of the organization. Hence, it is important to understand the value of each channel and how it can enhance the customer's experiences with your brand.

Building effective conversations and relationships adds value to the organization. In fact, organizations which are using Social Media Marketing (SMM) have better financial results than their counterparts. The basic principle of marketing is still prevalent in Social Media Marketing (SMM) which includes: understanding the needs of the customers, creating a strong value preposition and being sincere. If you wish to learn more about our Social Media Marketing practices and are looking for an expert Social Media Consultant contact us now at: and get personalized solutions as per your needs.

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Google AdWords Basics Part Four - Landing Page Optimization

Google AdWords Basics Part Four - Landing Page Optimization

When using Google AdWords, your landing page should always be highly relevant to the ad you're placing. The higher the relevancy of your ad, the better the price of your CPC per keyword. That's just how Google does business. Don't try to fool customers by sending them to some page you think they'll like better (or for whatever other reason you might have to do so); in the end you'll just be sabotaging yourself. Google knows how relevant your ads are by how much time someone who clicks on your ad stays on your landing page, as well as how many times the searched keyword appears on your landing page. There are other factors in the Google relevancy equation, however, the entire formula isn't revealed by Google.

Landing Page Optimization is equally as important as ad optimization in Google AdWords. If someone clicks on your ad and find themselves on a page which is not directly related to the ad they clicked on, the chances are that you've just wasted the money you spent on that click. Maybe your ads have a great CTR, but if your cost per conversion is horrible your CTR doesn't mean anything. Say you're advertising a Harry Potter book; don't link the clicker to the bookstore homepage, link them to the exact page where the Harry Potter book can be bought. If your ad mentions some sort of specific deal, make that deal visible on your landing page.

As mentioned above, your landing pages are just as relevant as the ads they're linked from; this is why you should also split test landing pages (if you own the domain you're using to advertise of course). To split-test landing pages, make two identical ads and just change the landing page links (you want the ads to be identical because otherwise you won't know what the discrepancy in cost per conversion is due to). If you don't know anything about "web -copywriting" and you have access to the source code of your capture page, you should definitely read a web-copywriting book. Testing your own ideas and layouts of landing pages can also be great, but knowing what really sparks interest in the human mind could save you a lot of money.

That does it for "Google AdWords Basics Part Four - Landing Page Optimization". If you're unfamiliar with Any AdWords terms I've mentioned, check Google AdWords Basics Parts One and Two, hosted on my blog at

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