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Monday, October 9, 2017

How to Get a FREE Blog For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

How to Get a FREE Blog For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

The foreclosure cleanup industry is exploding, with no indication of a real slow down any time soon. According to RealtyTrac, an online organization that tracks foreclosure data, foreclosure levels reported in January of this year were 15% percent above the level reported in January of last year.

As foreclosures pour in, so will the competition to cleanup, clear out, inspect, secure, repair and maintain foreclosed properties.

A quick, free way to get daily exposure for your foreclosure cleanup business (and to keep your name in front of existing and potential customers) is to create an online blog.

What is a Blog?

Hmm... what is a blog? A blog is simply a website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. It can contain tidbits of what your day is like as foreclosure cleanup specialist. Or, it can contain pretty much anything you want to include.

On your blog, you can talk about some of the people you meet, the messes you encounter, and other business topics related to the real estate cleanup, trash-out and property preservation industry.

From the Simple to the Complex

Your blog can be a simple website that is updated daily or weekly with diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites. Blogs can range from the simple to the complex. Whatever subject you choose as your topic, make it relative to you and your foreclosure business.

Consider designing your blog so visitors can leave written comments about the information you've posted. You can plan to set up your company's blog so your visitors can see the comments immediately; or, you can format it in a way that only you see the comments, choosing to make the comments public as you deem necessary.

Add Photos, Sound Files and Videos to Your Blog

Your blog can also contain photos, sound files and videos, which are very popular. For example, you can actually use a mini-video cam to video your company at work on a job site. You can show the before video of the cleanup job and the after video so potential clients can see your company actually at work on a foreclosure cleanup job.

Adding Relative Links to Your Foreclosure Cleanup Blog

The foreclosure cleanup blog that you design can also link out to other companies, realtor websites, government offices, etc. Blogging is a wide-open venture. You can be creative in the information you choose to highlight and showcase on your foreclosure cleaning company's blog.

Foreclosure Cleanup Search Engine Juice!

If you don't blog, you're missing a big opportunity to expose your foreclosure cleanup company to the world. Another huge benefit in blogging is search engine juice.

A web search engine (i.e., GOOGLE) simply searches for information on the internet. Search engine results, or "hits," are presented as a list. The higher you are on the list, the more effective your blog will be and the more visitors your blog will get. Your search engine ranking will depend on several factors.

To learn more about search engine rankings and how they are determined, visit sites like Search Engine Watch and Wikipedia for some basic information.

Frequent Other Real Estate Industry Blogs

Don't just put up a blog, visit other blogs and post comments. Find popular blogs and post away. The older, more popular blogs will likely rank considerably higher in the search engines than your foreclosure cleaning company's new blog, so piggyback off their success by posting relevant comments on successful blog, adding info about your company and your company's new blog when appropriate. This will get your company's website and blog further coveted visibility and traffic.

Exposure is what you want, so potential customers can contact you because they've seen your company's name all over the Internet!

Where to Find Free Blogging Outlets

Visit websites like "Blogger" and "WordPress" to design your free foreclosure cleanup blog in minutes. There are several free blogging platforms in existence. Surf the web a little and find software that will work for you and your foreclosure cleanup company.

Good luck setting up your foreclosure cleaning company's new blog!

Cassandra Black is the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business: FREE Articles and Advice, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, in Atlanta, GA.

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