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Monday, September 4, 2017

Google Docs File And Folder Management Utility

Google Docs File And Folder Management Utility
Attention g-mail users: Great file and folder administration application from Cloud Hero

You are looking at Google to manage your Office type files like word, excel etc. as well as managing your e-mail through g-mail and pictures thorough Google's Picasa . So where do you get started......

First you want a Free g-mail and Google Docs account, or an Apps for Business Google account - by the way Cloud Hero works seamlessly with all these Google accounts plus Google Picasa for images.

2 Keys reasons to have and use Cloud Hero:
In Windows you can drag-and-drop files and folders directly into your Google Docs account using Cloud Hero. You do not need to manually generate new folders and then load your files through Google's interface, which makes the managing of your files much more convenient and faster with Cloud Hero.

2-way sync your data when it is changed or modified. For instance you modify a Google docs word file with a colleague and inside 15 minutes that file is loaded back to your PC by Cloud Hero making that file a replicated copy. You can access the PC file directly to change it again, save it, and it replicates back to Google all completed automatically with no action required by you.

So the fact that you can send files and folders to Google Docs just like they are structured on your PC and you can have 2-way sync available all the time on any kind of Google account certainly makes Cloud Hero a must have

If you already feel Cloud Hero is a must have, now with a Google Apps for Business account you can send ANY-FILE-TYPE up to your account for storage. This is just icing on the cake. Send all your music, video's, business accounting books like QuickBooks, pictures - send any file type extension - it is so SIMPLE and EASY to use and is only $ 10/Windows PC.

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