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Friday, July 28, 2017

Whats Your Flavia?

Whats Your Flavia?
Whats your Flavia?

People indulge in coffee on a daily basis the process to many has almost become habitual. When looking for coffee on the move there are many options available, high street coffee shops, caf"s and any venue with a bean to cup coffee machine.
The bean to cup machine has changed how we view the hot drinking vending machine. No longer do we question the ability to deliver quality coffee.
The days of watery bitter coffee are over, now several delicious alternatives are available.
Brand recognition is key when the machines are attempting to tempt a passer by into refreshment. These machines are everywhere offices, leisure centres and petrol stations to name but a few.
Many are flexible to meet the needs of the location and transform a workplace virtually instantly. The first coffee of the morning is quick, fresh and tastes that much better than instant coffee, plus your not limited to just tea or coffee.

The reassurance that your favourite coffee from home is available on the go can often make the option a lot more appealing.
Several options are available when looking for vending machine coffee. People don"t necessarily choose the first machine they stumble upon; we all have our own individual preferences that can affect our decisions.
There are several options available as a consumer and most of the brands your familiar with are available from vending machines nationwide.
Flavia, Kenco and Klix are all popular brands of coffee machine, they all offer different products. The variety available means that you can choose the brand that your familiar with and associate with good quality

My personal favourite machine would have to be the Flavia and I"m not just saying that because of the fact there is a machine situated in the office.
The aroma and freshness of the coffee is what makes it for me. The simple user interface is easily navigated in the early hours of the morning. The sachets are placed into the machine, a cup placed underneath and with the simple press of a button your coffee is only a few moments away. The variety of flavours available is also an important factor for me and there is something suitable for almost everything you craving.
The machine also has a high pressure steam jet that allows cappuccino and other frothy drinks to be offered, a much needed luxury during a tough working day.

The base cabinet of the Flavia machine is clean and uses the limited space well.
This is ideal for office environments. Some dispensers also provide the facility to recycle the cups making the machine a perfectly viable option for office environments.
The company has spread worldwide and now can tailor machines to cater for local needs, for example in Japan a variety of green teas is available.

The coffee machine industry has evolved quickly over the last 30 years, quality coffee can be delivered easily now with a multitude of options available for the consumer.
Many household brands are available and. the machines give you the luxury to choose what you want. Many modern machines have over 20 options, this just shows how far they have come from the original bean to cup concept conceived in the early seventies.
The evolution of the coffee machine is only going to advance as technology improves.
The coffee machine industry is valuable to many workplaces and soon coffee house style beverages will become more and more common. Coffee machines are soon set to become as flexible as we are and continue to become a key part of the working environment.

When you purchase a Coffee machine its worth considering Environmental coffee to ensure peace of mind.