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Monday, October 23, 2017

Flat Product Market Success Of Its B2b Expertise

Flat Product Market Success Of Its B2b Expertise

According to Ovid Consulting research shows that domestic Flat Panel TV Occupy the TV market has reached Qi Cheng, of which large-size display products, flat-panel technology has made more than Jiucheng market share. China's color TV market has basically completed the traditional flat-panel TV technology to the emerging transformation and upgrade, full access to flat-panel era.

Domestic brands rely on many years of brand foundation, professional team, products and depth of the channel, in the retail market remains flat time (B2C) the dominant force, however, in the business market (B2B) is some other scene. With Matsushita , Samsung, LG, Philips, represented by foreign brand is the market leader, Ovid consultation survey data show, foreign giants not only in the B2B market holds major market share is higher in the high-profit market, Tier market, multinational application market in the " Monopoly "Sexual advantage. B2B that the market is still in the strategy of domestic brands not only follow-up period, the market was lackluster, more importantly, there is the market share occupied by" low quality, low cost-effectiveness, competitive strategy excessive focus on price competition " characteristics.

Then, B2B market, the key to success is what? Highlights the lack of domestic brands, and why do?

Professional: FPDB2B market key to success

B2B market, although relatively small (less than 8.0 billion in 2009), but can not easy to get, B2B market has widespread applications, mostly industrial customers, product application is not simply "plug and play "Therefore, there are completely different from the B2C market rules of the game," professional "is the B2B market, the key to success, but mainly in the professional B2B professional Sell And service organizations, professional B2B products, professional B2B channel model and structure.

1, professional organizations

B2B market because of its clients and application characteristics, must be distinguished from the retail business systems B2B professional organization whose professionalism reflected in the marketing, sales, technical and service support for other aspects. Such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Philips substandard brand, are set to have an independent B2B systems, marketing and product management, headquarters and other departments across the country set up several branches (usually about 5, corresponds to the national five regions), large-scale brand and even within the by product will be divided into PID (public display) and TV (business With TV ) 2 groups. Professional B2B business organization not only in setting a separate department, but on the strategic objectives include independent, vertical management headquarters and branch offices, independent financial and personnel, or even independent technical support and service support system, sum , is a small but complete professional, independent system.

Only professional B2B organizations can go to a better implementation of B2B business commitments and strategic objectives. Otherwise, there will be no emphasis on the B2B market and can be used can not do it, do business system while B2C and B2B, energy dispersion, B2B market of inadequate resources, and many other ills, the end result is the B2B market, of course, poor performance, little achievements.

2, professional products

B2C more emphasis on the appearance of flat products, multimedia integration capabilities, and price and other factors, B2C product development is changing. However, the intact product to take to do B2B B2C market in many professional applications and special working environment will face a shortage of competitiveness (such as command and control, digital signage and other applications). B2B professional products and TV by application is divided into two directions PID, PID B2C products and general product differentiation, mainly in: a better display performance (brightness, contrast, vertical screen play, Shuaping, etc.), greater environmental adaptability ( such as high temperature, 24 hours a boot, dust, etc.), software control interface, splicing applications. Professional PID products Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp And other foreign brands have a more extensive product line.

In the professional TV product, the main application of Hotels TV and commercial TV, foreign brands and domestic brands have a more complete product line, but the difference is, foreign-brand TV products and more independent than professional models in B2C, while domestic brands in the B2C model is based on appropriate adjustments and altered.

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