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Monday, October 30, 2017

Digital Tv Monitor In The Field Of New Weapons And Ad Series

Digital Tv Monitor In The Field Of New Weapons And Ad Series

Establish a national wireless, wireline, Satellite Radio TV Monitoring Network is a radio and television technology, "15," an important part of program, its purpose is to promote career development for the radio and television to provide strong technical support and security, to ensure safety of radio and television broadcast, to provide users with high quality services . The importance of radio and television monitoring systems have become increasingly prominent, rely on artificial listening, can not meet the security needs of the broadcast. Beijing Video Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Beijing video) after long-term tracking of the industry and market research, carefully select the agent's professional American DAUTO Digital TV Monitoring and analysis equipment AD series.

Video Electronic Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. Chairman Tian Shide

Video Electronic Technology Beijing Co. Ltd., is engaged in radio and television products, a long-term research, development, manufacture of professional firms. With strong economic and technical strength, has engaged in radio and television industry for nearly 40 years, many senior experts, and extensive research in conjunction with relevant branches, tertiary institutions to develop scientific and technical personnel to develop new products. Over the years accumulated a wealth of formation, maintenance of radio and television Broadcast system Experience, a variety of Broadcast Control System products, users all over the country, products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Overseas markets Well received by users, monitoring unit and the State Ministry of Internal Trade praise and recognition. Beijing video to "create national brand", has been dedicated to the development of new products, keep up the pace, the most active front in the market. At the same time, it is also a brilliant performance for years to attract DAUTO chose to Beijing video.

Digital television based on the current importance of monitoring equipment, and professional digital TV monitor in the field of new products, HC network channel broadcasting industry video interviews with Chairman and Mr. Tian Shide Beijing.

HC Network: Has previously mainly homegrown Teleprompter and other products based now entered the field of professional digital TV monitor, you are considered promising based on what the market?

Tian Shide: TV station TV monitoring system is safe and effective protection of high-quality broadcast. In the analog television era, television programs, monitoring by surveillance, monitoring, RF signal analysis, a comprehensive monitoring approach to effectively safeguard the security of broadcast television. Some of the more difficult problems while using digital technology to solve, such as live broadcasts of delay broadcast technology, linear analysis techniques. In the digital TV era, television programs, more stringent monitoring requirements, as good or bad digital TV signals broadcast signal directly determines the quality and system equipment condition, so monitoring equipment is also relatively more advanced and intelligent manner, so the market Call 1 is consistent with international standards, but also has integrated monitoring the performance of the equipment was born.

Digital television monitor with QoS (quality control) system to achieve, the main module source monitoring, channel monitoring, video surveillance, audio monitoring, quantitative analysis, co-ordinate analysis, data linkage, the process of memory and other means of effectively using this solve the problem.

Currently, illegal programs into a variety of forms, such as mandatory insert, edit, broadcast and compulsory co-forward, etc.. How can we take effective security Monitor Measures will be a very critical issue, Beijing has for years been concerned about this video fields.

HC Network: Among the many well-known manufacturers of digital television monitoring equipment, why did you select the agent DAUTO products? And a number of professional Test Devices compared to your agency's professional digital television monitoring and analysis equipment of the new features?

Tian Shide: As DAUTO sole agents, we and the company's mutual recognition are DAUTO after careful consideration. As a technology-based company, Beijing video technology to guide the consumer to, in good faith to conquer the world.

DAUTO's new TV monitoring system, primarily for digital television business, the whole divided into two systems, the core is the safety monitoring and quality monitoring. Position between different, but can be networked interaction, the performance of new technologies have redundancy, time delay, compared surveillance, source / channel integrated analysis, network processing, conditional pad broadcast, the event records. Among them, the redundancy of monitoring equipment is necessary to protect its own security, such as dual redundant power supplies, dual processors backup technology. Time delay is delay processing for all channels, so that managers have the time, there is margin to resolve incidents. Comparison of surveillance is for the delay before and after the program compared by multi-image processor to monitor, monitor, achieve the purpose of the process of memory. Source, the channel is the use of comprehensive analysis of all items of the whole process can effectively solve the false signals to judge. Interconnection of various signal processing is linked through the network to achieve group interaction, and provides a variety of information obtained from each condition, can effectively address cross-channel, cross-regional fault monitoring. Conditional failure pad after sowing was no television, a lot of inconvenience to the user, then methods can be effectively resolved through the pad broadcast TV programs with and without the quality of another. Event log is recorded source of the failure process, channel all of the information, and provides basis for investigation.

HC Network: The new monitoring system monitoring equipment than any previous new features, performance on?

Tian Shide: Most provinces of China have been on Star TV, the user receives through a variety of ways. Because China does not allow individuals to install digital satellite reception equipment, all the programs by more than a large, medium and small Cable television Taiwan to provide services. Monitor use of the old images, sound monitoring methods can not effectively solve the problem.

Than conventional equipment to monitor high cost, the inconvenience to the manager, but not workable.

New monitoring equipment features, including source, channel monitoring of all items; images, sound characteristics of stream analysis; television broadcast signal delay processing program to prevent illegal cutting after STB Static deposit may be 3 to 4 seconds or more of the image; all the characteristics of signal processing network, effectively solve the false signals; failure, the contrast surveillance, monitoring, delay before and after the television signal for the operator to provide sufficient time to solve the problem; failure After recording all events. With these capabilities can effectively solve the above problem.

HC Network: Will the AD series include models which products?

Tian Shide: DAUTO's AD series products are mainly used AD916-type delay monitoring

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Open Field

Open Field


At Congressional Country Club, Donald and Westwood seek their first major titles as slight favorites in a large field of contenders.


From ranking leaders Luke Donald and Lee Westwood of England to the most unheralded qualifiers, golfers get a unique thrill from the mental test and physical challenge of a US Open. "We all come here excited to see what lies in front of us,?said defending champion Graeme McDowell. "The rest of the major championships have upped their game, but there's something special about the US Open.?The 111th edition of what many players call golf's toughest test begins on Thursday at Congressional Country Club, with Donald and Westwood seeking their first major titles as slight favorites in a wide open field of contenders.


"It's dangerous to go and expect too much and come to a tournament expecting to win," Donald said. "But I expect to do what I know I can do. The goal is always to have a chance on Sunday and contend. I've been doing that a lot lately and there's no reason why I can't do it this week."



Former World No 1 Tiger Woods is no threat to win this week. The 14-time major champion withdrew last week with a nagging left knee injury. Wood drives are on sale at wholesale golf club: Ping G15 Fairway Wood sale


Here are some basic descriptions of it, I hope it will be helpful to you: The elongated, low profile design of the G15 Fairway Wood offers a long, forgiving option for golfers who rely on the confidence of a larger head. An external weight pad on the sole of the stainless steel head positions the center-of-gravity low and farther back to provide higher trajectories and increased distance.


The three men who have reached the top spot since Woods was dethroned will be paired together for the first two rounds. Donald, Westwood and World No 3 Martin Kaymer of Germany start off the 10th tee on Thursday.


"I can't see too many tougher holes to start on, especially off that back tee," said South African Ernie Els, who won the 1994 US Open at Congressional and contended last year.


"Your first hole of the day could be a 4-iron (220 yards) over water and a bunker at the back. Incredibly difficult start. So you have to be on right from the go. It'll be interesting to see how the guys cope."


Steve Stricker, the top-ranked American at fourth in the world, and South Korean K.J. Choi, the Asian No 1 and 16th overall, seek their first major titles after contending for years.


Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy shared third at last year's British Open and PGA Championship and led the Masters with nine holes to play before his game fell apart.


The past 10 majors have been won by 10 different players and seven of the past eight have been first-time major champions, Mickelson's Masters triumph last year the lone exception in that run.


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I've been doing that a lot lately and there's no reason why I can't do it this week

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