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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ebook Creator - Build Your Information Marketing Business Fast

Ebook Creator - Build Your Information Marketing Business Fast

There's never been a better time to be a writer. There are unlimited opportunities for skilled writers online, and building an information marketing business by writing ebooks is a great opportunity.

Let's see how you can get your ebook empire started fast.

1. Get a Free Education at the Outsourcing Sites

Writing and selling your own ebooks can be intimidating. One of the easiest ways to get an education in how it all works, is on the outsourcing sites. By writing for others, you learn what makes a professionally created ebook and you get paid to learn.

If you don't already have an account at an outsourcing site, create one today and start bidding on ebook writing projects.

2. Sell Your Expertise, You're an Expert on Something

Once you've completed at least three ebook projects for other people, you're ready to create your own ebooks and sell them.

Ready? Start by choosing a topic on which people need information.

Perhaps you already have a topic that you know will be a success, if you don't have a topic, think about your own experiences and what you are an expert on. Everyone's an expert on something.

Once you've chosen a topic, write a project brief (a "brief" is just a description) exactly as you'd find on one of the outsourcing sites.

Your project brief is essential even if you're working for yourself. You will find your project will change as you work on it, and having the brief in front of you keeps you on track.

Give yourself a deadline. Without a deadline your project could go on forever.

3. Once You've Completed Your First Ebook, Work on Another

As soon as you've completed the first project, get started on another one. You won't know how successful your first project will be for a while, so get started on another project right away.

Preferably, the topic for your second ebook should be related to the first. This gives you a chance to sell your second ebook to those people who purchased the first one.

Discover how to make money online in your spare time with Angela Booth's Sell Your Writing Online NOW at Not only will you discover how to write and sell ebooks for profit, you'll get complete training in how the Web works, so you can take advantage of the unlimited opportunities.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Easily Create Fast Traffic Sucking Blog Post Titles

Easily Create Fast Traffic Sucking Blog Post Titles
With the recent addition of a highly popular wordpress plugin your blog post title has become even more important.

This popular free plugin is ComLuv or CommentLove or CommentLuv.

What this clever plugin does is pull in your last blog title, so you better hope it's a good one.

Let's face it, a boring, bland blog title will not attract the attention of readers eyes.

Now even if you are not taking advantage of this super plugin, just remember that your title also appears in search engine results, possibly the anchor text when a website owner links back to your blog and your title appears on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter when pulled in from RSS feeds.

So here are 3 quick ways to ensure your titles suck the traffic right from out under the other blog owners noses!

First, be personable, include YOU in your blog title.

People are always interested in the what's in it for me scenario, so tell them it's for them and they will want to read it, remember don't write your blog posts for the millions, target a specific group of people and your results will be much more fruitful.

Second, play with your words!

Of course you do want your most relevant keywords in your blog post title to ensure you attract the attention of the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, but that does not mean your title has to be boring and turn your readers off.

Third, keep a blog title swipe file.

When visiting other blogs, look for the most popular posts and mimic them.

Notice which words they use apart from the main keywords.

Great words to use in blog titles can be:


How is the blog author making those boring old titles exciting?

Are they trying to shock?
Are they trying to be controversial?
Are they asking a question?
Are they being personal?

Once you begin to monitor the titles used by other, more successful bloggers, you will soon have a list of titles, that you can play around with to create successful blog titles of your own.

Just remember that your blog post title must be enticing and attention grabbing but be sure that your content is relevant to the title or risk the chance of negative comments.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Add Video to Website - The Fast and Easy Way

How to Add Video to Website - The Fast and Easy Way

Searching for a method on how to add video to your website? Did you know that you will need too convert the video that you just shot to a flash format? Almost all of the video that you view on the web today is in a format called flash. This file format allows users of various computers and website browsers to view your video without any problems. Let's face it, video is a medium that people respond to much better than plain old text.

Sure, you could always upload your video to one of the popular video sharing websites, but what if you want to host it on your own domain... You know, maybe you would like it to look a little more professional. This is usually a problem because the files that come straight out of your camera are way too big. You will have to make the video files smaller.

So, I would like to refer you to a software that you can purchase for a nominal price, begin using immediately, and start hosting your own video on your own websites. This software that can do everything you will need is called Video Web Wizard. The software will support AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video file formats. All that you have to do is upload your current video format. From there you choose your parameters and settings that you would like to use. Video Web Wizard even allows you to choose from many custom player skins.

Once you have chosen all of your settings, just hit a button and it will apply those settings, convert your video, and you are done. You can also convert multiple videos at once and create a video play list. Brand it with your business name and company logo too. The price you would pay if you were to hire someone to do this will be far more expensive than owning the software and having the ability to convert unlimited videos.

I am always Looking for fast and easy solutions to our everyday problems... Learn how to add video to website and make your videos look like a pro did them for you!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Advantages Of Getting Backlinks Fast

The Advantages Of Getting Backlinks Fast

If you manage a web-based business, it is incredibly important for you to optimize your webpages. This endeavor will make sure that search engines would detect your website, index it as well as include it in their listings. In turn, a great page rating allows folks to find both you and your website, and offers you the traffic, sales and recognition that you require to sustain your Internet business! Backlinks would help you acquire an improved page ranking and are central to the financial success of your business. This article talks about how you could get one-way links fast.

Inlinks are described as links to a website that come from other websites. The quantity of backlinks that point consumers to your website will determine its worth and helpfulness. If you've got plenty of incoming links, you'll have the ability to pull in more traffic as well as increase your website's ranking. The improved traffic and rating would make or break your Internet business, and these two elements are decided by the way you build your incoming links!

There are plenty of ways for you to make back-links, but there are 2 certain ways to create back-links fast: via pay-per-click or PPC advertising and through organic backlinking. PPC advertising means that search engines charge a fee whenever someone clicks on your advertisement. This certain approach is a great system because it places your ad beside organic search engine results. The problem is that although pay-per-click marketing raises your website's visibility, most web surfers opt to click on organic search results instead of marketing campaigns. Then again, you don't have to spend money if people don't click on your advertisement. Once they click on it, you stand to make some product sales, so pay-per-click advertising still provides the outcomes you want.

Taken from another angle, PPC marketing is like backlinking in that your advertisement and also website link will be on page 1 of the search results for your targeted keywords and phrases. Therefore, pay-per-click advertising is something that you may want to consider. Compared to the traditional ways of making one-way links, this particular strategy would save a lot of time, very important if you wish to build inward links fast.

If you decide to carry out PPC advertising, you need to get an account for Google AdWords and start preparing your marketing campaigns. Remember that you follow a 'pay as you go' policy and that you need to know precisely what you are doing; beginning a pay-per-click strategy without sufficient know-how would yield undesirable outcomes and cost you a lot of money.

The second method to construct inbound links quickly is to accomplish it by yourself. Building inward links organically is cost-free, but requires some time compared to the previous method. There are several ways to create inbound links organically: you may undertake article promotion, link trading or comment on websites, blogs and discussion boards that are related to your site.

Article promotion requires you to compose lots of articles on your web-based business and submit them to different web directories. Link exchanges ought to be set up with other webmasters who are in the exact same market sector as you. Lastly, leaving comments on websites, blogs and discussion boards enables you to add value to the ongoing conversations, consult with your target audience and also receive immediate feedback about your products and services. When done properly, these methods would present you with favourable results. Having said that, you may engage independent copy writers, content creation companies and virtual assistants if you don't have any time to handle all of these things yourself.

Your objectives for your Internet business are to get lots of individuals to visit it, persuade them to spend on your products and services, tell other consumers about everything you have to offer as well as come back for more. Guaranteed backlinks would certainly help you secure the popularity, presence and increased page ranking that you require, and you have to create inbound links quickly! Irrespective of whether you decide to undertake PPC marketing or natural back-linking, you need to put lots of effort into it and ensure that you pull in your target market.

The search engines thrive on content and url backlinks.  Without both your site is dead!  Learn how you can promote your website and build guaranteed backlinks by getting your FREE Marketing Report at

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Fast Profit Page Review

Fast Profit Page Review

Fast Profit Pages claims to teach the unemployed, opportunity seeker how to make their first dollar on-line even if you never have before. It's essentially a "business-in-a-box" type deal where you get 20 sites complete with products and sales copy a step-by-step plan of action to generate targeted traffic to your new sites.

The story has it that Tom Bell Shawn Casey developed this product first to help a single mom from Jacksonville, FL that has always been just scraping by to make ends meet. they claim you only need three things to make money online:

1. A Website

2. Visitors

3. Products

While these three things may seem obvious to some, you'd be surprised how many like to over-complicate the process of making money on-line or even offline. However, even thought it is a simple equation, it still requires a lot of hard work and "know how" to create your own website, create your own products and then figure out how to generate targeted traffic all on your own!

Fast Profit Pages claims to take most of the hard work out of the equation by:

1. Creating a professional website complete with content, video, the whole 9-yards!

2. Providing a blueprint for generating targeted visitors to your website

3. Selecting products that are proven to sell like cakes.

They want to make this as turnkey as possible, so that you don't even have to sell, or handle customer service! All they say you have to do is generate visitors to your sites which they teach you how to do supposedly.

What's going to really make or break Fast Profit Page, and determine whether or not it is worth the money ($ 97.00), is the quality of the 20 products packaged inside, ready for you to sell. As well as the sales letter for each product.

If the products are of poor quality then you won't be able to effectively build a relationship with your customers, which means you'll always be on the hunt for new customers. Since it's generally easier to sell to existing customers than somebody who has never purchased from you, it's important to really over-deliver on value with every product you sell and recommend. By doing this, you can more effectively build relationships with your customers.

For more information, visit in