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Friday, August 25, 2017

Facebook Layouts and Facetheme

Facebook Layouts and Facetheme

Did you know that Facebook now has approximately 500 million users.
Now this is a big deal !!
So you could probably anticipate my enthusiasm when I found this pearl of a website. Its brand new it's privileged and it is free ... yes free.
You can tweak and customize your personal facebook web in minutes, the only thing you have to do is install the theme.
Well we have all seen the Avatar theme on some peoples facebook page, and alot of people have said it looks great , but its rather old now, and not another website that I know has moved on with the times.
Facetheme is the newest website and has great themes to add to your facebook page.
Here are some examples 
They have loads of skins for different Sports,from Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, LA Lakers or the miami heat, they also have some awesome hockey themes and great themes from the NFL and many more, so basically there is something for everyone sport fan.
For everyone who loves music, you know that Eminem has resurfaced from a long break and is now back in the charts with his new song with Rihanna,you can get a facetheme of him in minutes, Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber themes in minutes and many more. 
There is also something for the Movie lovers, The Glee Club Cast, the cast of Twilight Eclipse, TrueBlood and mamy more
The catergories range from gaming, animals, cartoons, MMA, Military, Cars, Religion, Fashion just to name a few of theme.
This is what makes this site so awesome, it caters for all ages.
Facetheme is the "next big thing", "the new kid on the block" for customizing your personal facebook pages, and as I said before Its completely free !!
This is the beauty of Facetheme, you can choose layouts that match your personality, or your mood for the day.
You can use the themes you choose for all of your facebook pages if you want, its all up to you. You can share the layouts with friends, your theme will be the talk of all your friends. 

The revolution of FaceTheme is just beginning, Do you want one of the 1st?

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