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Saturday, October 28, 2017

ADD-ADHD Explained - How ADD is Evaluated and Diagnosed

ADD-ADHD Explained - How ADD is Evaluated and Diagnosed

There seems to be a misconception on ADD-ADHD. Attention deficit disorder or ADD may sometimes be understood as distinct and separate from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. The fact of the matter is: ADD is a type of ADHD.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has 3 known types. These are: Inattentive Type, Hyperactive/Impulsive Type, and the Combination Type. The Inattentive type is also known as ADD-ADHD or simply: attention deficit disorder.

Attention deficit disorder is known as the inattentive type of ADHD because this behavioral disorder is characterized by chronic inattention and extreme distractibility. Children with ADD-ADHD are exceedingly inattentive; they have very short attention span and are easily distracted by the minutest of things. They are also observed to be somewhat dreamy because their thoughts tend to wander off while they are in the middle of something. As such, these children tend to be very forgetful and have trouble finishing a task.

Poor performance in school does not bode well for children who are in a stage when formation of self-image begins. Their learning disabilities brought about by the behavioral condition of attention deficit disorder gives them inferiority complexes. These children will have trouble understanding why they cannot keep up with their classmates and peers. As such, frustration and depression is mostly likely.

If your child is exhibiting symptoms of attention deficit disorder in his pattern of behavior, you must consult a medical professional specializing in behavioral disorder for diagnosis. Moreover, it is also helpful for you and your child to consult a behavior therapist so that you can both learn skills and techniques on how to best deal with this behavioral disorder. This will help your child learn coping mechanisms crucial for his well-being.

Do not immediately resort to prescription medication when your child is diagnosed with ADD-ADHD. Drugs may suppress the symptoms of ADHD but they do not cure the disorder. Moreover, these drugs have known side effects that are injurious to your child's health. What you can do instead is to try natural remedies such as homeopathic treatment that are proven effective and safe for your child's use.

Homeopathy helps your child attain better concentration and mood stability. Moreover, this treatment do not have proven side effects and therefore safe for regular use.

Now, are you or your child suffering from the effects of a hyperactivity disorder? Maybe modern medicine has failed you. If so, consider homeopathy for ADHD. Nothing is more than our health. Come visit to learn how you can manage ADHD without the use of drugs.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ppc Management Explained - Ad Performance And Monitoring

Ppc Management Explained - Ad Performance And Monitoring
The first question many people ask regarding PPC AdWords management is "What is it?" In order to understand that, you must know what PPC is.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a PPC host when an ad of theirs is clicked. The ads are hosted on the websites of publishers who are paid a portion of the revenue generated by the ad placement.

PPC has evolved through the years to a very sophisticated advertising technique. The concept is to place what are known as "contextual" ads on a specific website. For example, if the publisher's website is about home schooling, then the ads hosted there would be education related.

The idea behind this is that visitors to the website are there because they are interested in education. Therefore, they are more apt to click on the advertisements than someone who is actually interested in vintage automobiles.

PPC can be flat fee or bid based. In bid based PPC models, advertisers bid on specific keywords or ad spots. In the flat rate models, an agreed upon amount is determined for each click.

What is PPC Management?

Pay Per Click advertising has to be managed. Advertisers need to know if the amount they are investing in the PPC campaign is producing the desired results. They must know if the amount they are spending on the clicks is in turn actually providing revenue.

AdWords management takes skill, knowledge, and time. For this reason, many companies hire the services of an expert to oversee and manage their PPC portfolios. Here are some typical services a PPC AdWords management expert will provide:

- evaluation of ad performance
- monitoring ad conversions, not merely clicks
- keeping the PPC campaign within a budget
- determining the best niche keywords
- quality descriptive phrase creation

PPC can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website quickly, but it is very important that you implement a PPC management strategy to avoid overspending without achieving the best possible results.

James Copper is a writer for who offer adwords management services

Sunday, September 3, 2017

How To Upload Wordpress To Your Hosting Plugin Upload Explained

How To Upload Wordpress To Your Hosting Plugin Upload Explained

How To Upload Wordpress

1)  Many of you already have hosting, and I will use hostgator as an example, now I will put this in lamen terms for anyone that has no idea how to do it.  OK-your in your hostgator account, now you will see your hosting credentials there on the bottom left sidebar, usually they will say now copy and paste this to whoever has your domains like godaddy-now go into godaddy and you will see your acct-you will see where it says nameservers, now add the hostgator info there, make sure you imput both numbers there, hit submit your done with this.

2)  Now go back into your cpanel hosting account, you will see where it says domains, add the domain there don't use www. now it will ask you for a password you can imput that there, hit submit and your done with this part.

3)  Now go into where it says fantastico deluxe in your cpanel and that will be under software/services- on the left side you will see where it says wordpress click that, now add the domain you want to upload, add the login codes you desire and your done!  This is the simplest way to upload wordpress to hosting accounts. 

Uploading Paid Plugins to Wordpress

1)  Many people use paid wordpress plugins, the easiest way to upload these plugins can be explained below.  After you buy the plugin make sure you add it to your desktop account, it makes it easier when you leave it there-and leave it zipped! 

2)  Now go into your hosting account, you will see where it says file manager, double click that and look for the domain you want to add it to.  Now you will see where it says (wp-content) double click that and you will see where it says (wp-plugin) click that!  Now in the upper left you will see where you can hit UPLOAD - browse through your desktop until you see where you can find the paid plugin, now double click the plugin and hit enter it will take about 50 seconds to successfully upload, OK now get out of that screen -  go back to the file manager where the same domain you want the plugin anotherwords go back to file manager (wp-content) and (wp-plugin) once you see that zipped file go to the upper right and you will see a extract button, just click the zipped file once and then click extract-this will happen right in front of your eyes!  Now after it's completed go back into the plugin section of your blog, and activate the plugin it's that easy,  If you need more help with this we have a video available and you can see that here We have made it simple to download wordpress to hostgator or any hosting account-as long as you have fantistico you should be all right. 

Make Money With Paid Plugins

  The easiest way to make money in wordpress is locating a automated plugin such as Wp-Robot  Here you can have the ability to make amazon commissions and ebay.  Now clickbank is added.  There are money making plugins out there, but literally this is one of the best you will come across.  Wordpress has many free plugins you can add in your admin section but they are what they are, some are excellent but if you are looking to make money your better off using this plugin.  Installing wordpress is very easy if you know how, many are making a lot of money by just learning this feature.  You can sell your blogs on many sites such as ebay! 

Learn How to Upload Wordpress To Your Hosting 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hypno Mind Control Explained

Hypno Mind Control Explained

A stark example of people who use hypno mind control is - to no surprise - sales persons. What makes the most amazing sales people in the world succeed? What is it in them that makes clients want to get to know more about the products they sell? When you decide to buy a car, how do you choose which car to buy, given hundreds of available brands and models? Why is it that even when we are fully aware that we are short of cash, somehow, some way a seller convinces us to spend what little money we have, and maybe even more?

The question now stands: How do these sellers persuade us and use it to their advantage? And, more importantly, can WE acquire this influential skill and use it to our OWN advantage?

Do not be surprised with what you're going to be able to learn next. The truth is, hypno mind control is mostly just about word play. We have given such a mystical and high regard to this concept that we have overlooked the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it's nothing special at all. It may be true that sellers undergo trainings to make them more effective at persuasion. But at the end of the day, sometimes it is just about how one uses his or her words.

As I've mentioned, a successful salesperson is the perhaps the perfect example of an ordinary man possessing hypno mind control abilities. If you own a land line phone, you have probably received a few sales calls from various appliance companies. They greet you with the most welcoming voice, but they make sure also that they sound firm and sure of themselves. As the seller introduces himself to you, you begin to think "Oh no, here's another seller trying to get my hard earned money." You try to sound disinterested and bored, attempting to send the message across to the seller.

However, after about a few exchanges of words between you and the seller, you begin to see the beauty of what he or she is trying to sell. You become more responsive, which is a go signal for any seller to continue advertising his product and maybe even offer an invitation to come over their appliance showroom. After a few more minutes in the conversation, you find yourself agreeing to buy their product! Or, at least, agreeing to go to their showroom and have a look at their products. Keep in mind: You didn't have enough money. Initially you were not interested. But, somehow, some way, he got you to say "I'll take one."

Effective sellers make things happen their way through words that encourage buyers to try their product. What they do is that they attack our subconscious - and they do their best to find out what you want or what outcome you desire. After asking a few seemingly non-intrusive questions, the seller pretty much has figured you out, your needs. He takes it from here by choosing a product that fits these needs.

And of course, after this, you take it from here and hand him a check or your credit card.

Yes, it's all about attacking one's subconscious mind. It's very difficult to attack one's rational, analytical part of the brain. The answer does not lie here. Rather, the secret to hypno mind control is going through things subconsciously. Take it from the best sellers in the world. They know everything about it.

Ready to unlock the secrets of Hypno Mind Control to improve your life? I reveal all the secrets you will need to know at

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wisdom Teeth Explained

Wisdom Teeth Explained
Most young adults become surprised at the emergence of their wisdom teeth and wonder why they hurt so much when they finally appear. Residents of Knoxville, Tennessee (TN) who are concerned about their dental health also look for answers to such wisdom teeth inquiries. Thankfully, professional dentists are available locally who can address their concerns and administer dental procedures to relieve some of the discomfort they may feel.

Wisdom teeth are medically known as third molars, and they refer to the last set of teeth to erupt from the human jaw (mandibular and maxillary). They are called wisdom teeth because they appear between the ages 17 and 25, a period when people transition into adulthood and therefore become more wise.

While the emergence of wisdom teeth may be uneventful for some, many patients experience considerable pain throughout the process. In some cases, the incorrect emergence of wisdom teeth can cause damage to the overall shape of a patients teeth and jaws. The collision between the wisdom teeth and the already existing teeth can cause severe pain to an individual, which is why consulting a dentist is always the best course of action.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, dentists can educate and guide patients through the different options for alleviating pain. One common procedure performed by a dentist in Knoxville TN, may be to extract the wisdom tooth. The process begins by making a small incision on the surface of the gums, removing the thin bone that caps the tooth, and exposing the top portion of the wisdom tooth known as crown.

When the upper part of the wisdom tooth is revealed, a dentist in Knoxville TN would excise it using sterilized tools specifically designed for dental operations. When the tooth is removed, the dentist makes a stitch to cover the empty space the excised wisdom tooth used to occupy. Local anesthesia is used for such procedures, ensuring that the patient does not feel unnecessary pain.

Extracting ones wisdom tooth without the assistance of a dentist Knoxville TN -licensed specialist is highly discouraged, because it might cause acute infection. Such drastic procedures should only be left to the professionals, so that patients can achieve the best results possible.

For detailed information, please visit us at

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Candida Diet Explained

Candida Diet Explained

Yeast feeds of sugar, is the fact that all the sugar, but many fruits, sugar, bread, pasta, or white flour. Fortunately, there was alfalfa sprouts and a pair of white water, but there are some rules to be observed and to eat candida diet, which had formed the best chance of winning the disease.

There are actually many different types of foods you can enjoy a Candida diet. Concentrate on what you eat not what you eat can not help the experience much more fun to eat.

To kill, eat the yeast overgrowth, vegetables, little or no starch. Another way of looking at things, the choice to eat vegetables, low glycemic index. Rather, starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn, then green peppers, cucumbers, onions, cauliflower, or just a few.

Be adventurous and try new vegetables and learn to use in creative ways. Find recipes online from the candidates a way to incorporate these healthy foods to your diet related.

You can always satisfy your cravings for sweets, fruits such as apples, strawberries, kiwi and citrus fruits low in sugar. re-focus on low glycemic index fruits and avoid fruit juices, which are usually high in sugar. It is advisable to limit consumption of 3.2 servings of fruit per day.

You can search for the type of access to pay, choose protein sources such as meat, fish and poultry. "The best grill, roast or whites, or switch to olive oil. Want fried or coated meat in flour or bread crumbs to avoid otherwise.

Garlic is good food you can add a candida diet, a renowned healer and can strengthen the immune system, while the anti-fungal to kill fungal growth system.

to eat other foods and food supplements for a possible improvement Candida cider vinegar, olive oil, oregano, grapefruit seed, fresh lemon juice, pepper, flaxseed oil and fish oil.

From the perspective of everyday life and know what the menu, which are likely to continue to carry on candida diet. Do you have a dining adventure, and an arsenal of rules for Candida, so the menu to create interesting and colorful as possible. How to improve the symptoms of candidiasis, it is easier to match the way to a healthy diet.

For more information on nutrition, Candida, Candida Diet, dining, and regulations, visit Candida Solutions .

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Etom Explained

Etom Explained
Every industry has best practice methods, such as eTom (the enhanced Telecom Operations Map) - the most commonly business process guide in the telecoms industry. eTom defines the complete scope of business processes that a telecoms service provider should use, including the key elements and interactions between them.

eTom provides a consistent, solid structure for those working in telecoms, and gives a robust foundation for implementing company-wide discipline. It helps companies to create long-lasting end-to-end processes, allowing for cost and time efficiencies, and provides a realistic alternative to tailor-made applications.

The basic elements of the eTom guide are the customer (on the top level of the business structure); the strategy, infrastructure & product, enterprise management; and the operations (both equally important to the customer). This is usually referred to as the "value chain,'' and forms the basis of the framework telecoms companies should adhere to.

Each element has its own responsibilities. For example, the strategy, infrastructure & product covers the development and management of the service, resource and supply chain. The operations part includes the management of customer, supplier, resource and partner relationships, whilst enterprise management covers strategic, business, financial and risk planning, as well as the management of knowledge and research.

eTom treats each part of the framework equally, and expects those who follow the structure to do the same. Ultimately, eTom is designed to help telecoms companies improve their B2B and B2C relationships, in addition to generating new business, satisfying existing customers, and re-capturing lapsed customers. It exists as part of the TeleManagement Forum - a not-for-profit association that is part of an International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The framework has been praised for its effectiveness, and has been hailed as a "guiding light" in the use and evolution of the New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS), another essential part of the telecoms industry, and works highly efficiently in partnership with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

About the author: Adam Kelvin he is an eminent writer. He writes on business related issues. For more information on Business transformation he reffers you to visit

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reflexology Explained

Reflexology Explained
With so many subsidiary and option remedies accessible to us these days We thought it may be significant to discover many of them additionally. Alternative remedies are identified as any therapeutic process that, 'does not fall inside the sphere of conventional medicine' - but so many are getting common location that we desired to discover out more about them.
Many alternative therapies are already extensively utilized and accepted to have some constructive outcomes when utilized in association with conventional medicines. Yoga for-instance is still considered to be an alternative therapy, although it has years of convention behind it and few would recommend that it might be anything but constructive. Other option therapies however, for example 'Crystal Healing' or 'Iridology' may be less extensively accepted.
Over the coming weeks we are going to take a fundamental appear at various alternative therapies and share our findings with you. Please note that we're neutral in our view on this kind of therapies and our findings will be shared simply out of interest's sake.
Never replace conventional medicines with option or complementary therapies and always check with your physician prior to trying any option or subsidiary treatment! It should not be presumed that option or gratitude therapies are usually safe or free of side effects.
This week we have decided to appear at reflexology.
As per to the Reflexology Association of Canada, reflexology could be defined as;
"A natural healing art based on the principle that you will find reflexes within the feet, hands and ears and their affiliate locations within zone associated areas, which match to every part, gland and organ of the physique. Through application of pressure on these reflexes without the use of tools, crmes or lotions, the feet being the primary area of application, reflexology relieves tension, enhances circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas from the physique."
Reflexology therapy comprise of applying stress to specific stress points, usually within the ft, to be able to stimulate circulation, disperse accumulations of substances such as uric acid and calcium or to remove 'energy blockages'. In theory this practice can promote healing for the client. It is said that if any irritation is knowledgeable in a specific area of the foot that it might be a give away sign that there the client has a issue relating to the associated organ or region of the physique. For example, the sciatic nerve is believed to be represented by an area on the heel from the foot.
Individuals who try reflexology often describe it as a very relaxing experience although it might be difficult to prove the effectiveness of this treatment and it ought to only be regarded as a complimentary treatment after taking your doctor's advice. It is not recommended during pregnancy - or for those with thrombosis, severe circulatory conditions, osteoporosis or advanced diabetes.

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Enfranchisement Explained

Enfranchisement Explained

No one wants to experience financial difficulty. However for flat owners in the UK it can often be the case that a short period of financial difficulty can result in a long term financial gain.

Why? How? What? Where? When?

If you lease your property you need to get familiar with and learn the knowhow about enfranchisement. This is the correct term for the process by which you buy the freehold on your flat from the landlord. If your flat is part of a block then you are unable to do this soley, you must have the support of your fellow flat owners and this is referred to as 'collective enfranchisement'.

When you purchase the freehold you effectively turn your leasehold property, in which you are the tenant, into a freehold property. It is you - or a team of tenants - who are then the freeholder(s) and they consequently own the property and the land upon which it is situated.

One of the advantages of pursuing collective enfranchisement is that you and your fellow flat owners can manage your own block. So, if your flat is not well managed you can see how this can be of immense benefit and ease stress.

Nothing in life comes free and this includes enfranchisement on your leasehold home. It can also be a lengthy process. It is good practise to retain a specialised lawyer, who can offer you tailored advice. The Law establishes how much compensation is due to the landlord when you enfranchise so this is not an area where you haggle or pitch in your own ideas.

If your lease is less than 80 years you, as the tenant, will be required to pay 50% of what is known as 'the marriage value' to the freeholder. Remember that the less amount of years you have on the lease, the higher the reversion will be.

Your legal expert will sort all this out for you and smooth the path. You will also need to ascertain that you meet certain 'eligibility' criteria at the outset. The right to enfranchise isn't simply yours for the asking so check that your case is applicable before you begin. If in doubt, ask your solicitor for advice.

Short term pain may yield a high dividend of long term financial if you find things difficult, repeat an old slogan to yourself: 'if it hurts a little, it's because it is doing you good'.

Bonallack & Bishop are a firm of specialised enfranchisement solicitors For expert advice on your right to enfranchise, contact them today. Senior partner Tim Bishop is responsible for all major strategic decisions, seeing himself as a businessman who owns a law firm. Tim has expanded the firm by 1000% in 12 years and has plans for its continued development.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Offsetting Explained

Offsetting Explained

By The Carbon Neutral Company |

Scientific consensus states that carbon emissions must be reduced by 80% by 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change.  Businesses have an important and essential role to play in meeting these targets and carbon offsetting enables them to play their part in the climate change battle.Â

Carbon offsets are credits for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions made at another location, such as wind farms which create renewable energy and reduce the need for fossil-fuel powered energy.Â

Carbon offsets are quantified and sold in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO²e).  Buying one tonne of carbon offsets means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been.  This could be, for example, a project to swap coal-fired power stations with solar panels or hydro power.  Carbon offsetting is often the fastest way to achieve the deepest reductions within businesses and it also often delivers added benefits at the project site, such as employment opportunities, community development programs and training and education.

For a carbon offset to be credible it must meet essential quality criteria, including proof that it is additional (the reduction in emissions would not have occurred without the carbon finance), that it will be retired from the carbon market so it cannot be double counted, and that it addresses issues such as permanence (it delivers the reductions it stated) and leakage (the emission reduction in one area doesnâeuro™t cause an increase in emissions somewhere else).

What is the value of offsetting your carbon emissions?

Growth in the worldâeuro™s population and increasing consumption is expected to lead to a three-fold rise in energy demand during the next century, which is thought will lead to a 2âeuro"4º centigrade increase in average global temperature.  Scientific consensus is that we need to reduce emissions by 80% in the next 50 years to stabilise our climate and prevent unprecedented negative impacts on the economy and our climate.

Against that backdrop, any and every means to tackle climate change has to be embraced.  An offset-inclusive carbon reduction programme is an immediate and cost-effective way to meet stakeholder pressure by setting and meeting stretching carbon reduction targets, prepare for increasing regulation and mitigate future risks as carbon becomes and increasingly costly commodity.

Why do businesses offset?

Businesses choose to offset because they realize they are an integral part of any solution to climate change and they wish to prepare for a future where carbon is likely to be high cost and highly regulated.Â

In order for businesses to commit to and achieve significant emissions reductions, they need a robust carbon management plan which combines internal reductions with a carbon offset programme.  There are many changes companies can make to internal processes, behaviour and facilities in order to reduce their carbon emissions but there will always be things they canâeuro™t change because itâeuro™s essential to their business or cost-prohibitive to alter.  Carbon offsets enable them to take full responsibility for their carbon emissions immediately and cost effectively.  Carbon offsets also provide a critical source of financing for renewable energy and other emissions-reducing projects.Â

By offsetting the emissions they canâeuro™t reduce through internal change, businesses reduce their impact on the climate and help to finance important projects which would not otherwise be viable.  The atmosphere does not care where GHGs are emitted, nor does it care where it is prevented.  What is essential from the point of view of climate change is reducing the total amount of emissions.Â



How are carbon offsets guaranteed?

In order to ensure the quality and integrity of carbon offsets, a robust program of standards, verification processes and registries have been put in place.Â

High quality offsets are validated by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard, Climate Action Registry (CAR), Green-e and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Each of these standards has specific requirements to ensure the emissions reductions they generate are real, measurable, permanent and additional, i.e. they would not have happened without carbon finance.

Third party registries such as APX ensure that the offsets sold are retired in order to avoid double-counting. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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Chapter 11 Explained

Chapter 11 Explained

When a person or a business needs to file for bankruptcy protection, there are several chapters within the United States Bankruptcy Code under which the initial petition can be filed that will govern the subsequent proceedings.  While many people understand the basics for bankruptcy petitions that are more consumer-oriented and usually filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, many see filings under Chapter 11 of the code as extremely complicated and difficult to understand.

While a bankruptcy filing under Chapter 11 is usually a complicated matter, there are some basics that are not difficult to understand.  However, this is not a filing that one should attempt to take on individually.  You will need professional help in order to make sure that all goes as it should, so contact a bankruptcy lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation if you are having trouble meeting your obligations.

Basic Procedure under Chapter 11

Generally, a Chapter 11 filing is done by businesses, and this sort of filing is known as either a 'reorganization bankruptcy' or a 'rehabilitation bankruptcy.'  The reason for these labels is that a Chapter 11 filing basically gives the petitioner time to put together a plan that helps it get out from under the debts it cannot pay at the time of the filing and to one day 'emerge' from bankruptcy.

Below is a brief look at the procedures involved with a Chapter 11 filing:

Initial filing - When a business files for Chapter 11 protection, the court will order that the creditors cease with collection efforts while the case is pending, much like in a consumer bankruptcy filing.
Disclosure statement - The filing party must also file a disclosure statement that lists all assets and liabilities as well as a plan for reorganization that details how the debts will be paid during the plan's duration.
Creditors' committee - When a filing occurs, the largest creditors are usually grouped into a committee that will vote on the reorganization plan.  If the plan is approved, the parties move forward under it.  If it's not, either the filing party must come up with a new plan, the creditors can come up with their own plan or the filing party can petition the court to 'cram down' their plan if it's reasonable on its face, and the court will rule on it.
Post-plan - When the court ultimately accepts a plan, the debts as constituted prior to the filing are discharged and the petitioner must make the payments proposed in the plan until the time has passed.  If the company does not pay under the plan, it opens up several possibilities for enforcement.

How You Should Proceed

Oxyhydrogen Kit Explained

Oxyhydrogen Kit Explained

If you are fretting about your gas consumption, stop right now. An oxyhydrogen kit can easily halve the quantity of fuel you inject into your tank. The average miles per gallon increase is 80%, but this can shoot right the way up to 300% with fine tuning. They are not my figures, they are official statistics from the Federal Bureau of Motoring USA.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that off the shelf kits are available, but they cost several thousand dollars and cannot be tuned to your vehicle for maximum returns on mileage. I suggest it is far better to invest in a manual (maybe $ 100), even if you end up paying your regular mechanic a couple of hundred if you don't have the time to fit it yourself.. The entire system materials only cost around $ 150.

The Science Behind an Oxyhydrogen Kit

It is a fact that close on 80% of refined petroleum used in an internal combustion engine is obsolete. Only just over 20% is used dynamically to propel your car. The remainder of it is either exhausted without producing any motive energy, expended as heat or simply used up when the engine is in motion and has no requirement for it.

An oxyhydrogen kit, on the other hand, burns slowly and as required, and has a combustion efficiency four times better than gas. Not only that, as HHO mixes with petroleum, it reduces heat and helps the petroleum burn more efficiently too. So it has a twofold effect: it replaces a proportion of gasoline normally used and makes the gasoline itself give a better return.

How To Build An Oxyhydrogen Kit

A professional guide will instruct you and take you step-by-step through the process of getting the best materials and how to build an oxyhydrogen kit. The best manuals will show you how to get the most out of limited space in the engine bay and how to fine tune the entire system on an ongoing basis. Tuning can make the difference between 25% savings and a massive 60% reduction in consumption.

The basic elements consist of a catalyst in a composite plastic housing, an amp control module, an ignition system, a bubbler, some hose and quite a bit of electrical wire (which is earthed for safety).

The components are wired together, in a very simple way if you are following good instructions. When the ignition is switched on, electricity is passed through the water in the reservoir which breaks down to its constituent parts as it comes into contact with the proton exchange module. HHO is produced and goes to the manifold and is used as fuel. No noxious emissions and better performance for half the money. An oxyhydrogen kit is as simple as that.

For everything you are ever likely to want to know about hybrid fuel, plans, kits, manuals etc., go to HYBRID WATER FUEL.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mediterranean Diet Explained

Mediterranean Diet Explained

There is no such thing as a single Mediterranean diet, because over twenty countries border the Mediterranean Sea. The food from Libya is very different from the food from Italy, but broadly speaking what is charecterised as the Mediterranean Diet does have certain similarities. it contains little red meat, lots of fresh fish, plenty of grains and pulses, loads of fruit and vegetables and the healthy oxidants that they contain and red wine is the alcoholic drink of choice.

Olive Oil

The main source of fat is olive oil, a monounsaturated fat, which comes from pressing the fruit of the olive tree. It is important for health because it does not raise the bodies' cholesterol level the way that saturated fat does, and better still it is thought to boost the good cholesterol in the diet. In general most people that live around the Mediterranean Sea eat more calories from fat than is generally recommended for health, most will eat a salad at least once a day and it will have a dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, or vinegar. They don't make a vinaigrette dressing they just pour the olive oil on the salad followed by the acidic medium. However most health experts and nutritionalists agree that having a diet high in monounsaturated fat it better than having a diet high in bad fats.

Fresh fish, shellfish and oily fish
Ideally fish should be eaten three times a week and at least one of those portions should be oily fish, such as tuna, mackerel, or salmon. Shrimps, prawn and crayfish are higher in cholesterol the white fish, but they are have less fat and specifically less saturated fat than most meats and poultry. Fish can be baked, steamed or grilled for maximum health. Fresh fish tastes better when it is grilled with a little butter and served with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a little lemon zest. Haven't got time to prepare a fish dish, then make a huge bowl of fresh salad and add a hard boiled egg and a can of drained tuna in brine over the top and serve with a crust wholewheat roll for a perfectly balanced nutritious lunch. The fatty fish are all high in omega 3.

The Mediterranean diet uses salt but it also reduces salt by flavouring the food with fresh herbs such as mint, basil, parsley, fresh thyme, orange thyme and lemon thyme, oregano, chives and wild herbs such as marjoram.

Legumes, peas, beans, pulses
All the peoples of the Mediterranean use lots of beans, pulses and legumes. The Southern Mediterranean African make houmous, which is mashed chickpeas, with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and lashings of fresh garlic. Try it for breakfast on wholewheat toast, cut out the butter and just have lashings of houmous. Traditionally it is served for breakfast but with hot flat unleavened pita bread. The French add puy lentils to their salads. They are a small slate green lentil with a marbled effect of blue and they hold their shape during cooking. An example of a healthy lentil dish is given below.

Spicy Lentils


2 tablespoon olive oil
1 small red onion, finely chopped
1 yellow pepper, chopped
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1/2 tablespoon ground cumin
1/2 tablespoon turmeric
2 whole cloves
Seeds from three green cardamom pods
1 tablespoon palm sugar or light brown sugar
1 tablespoon ghee
1 fresh green chilli, finely chopped
3 tablespoons golden raisins
Zest of a small lime
1 vine of cherry tomato, chopped
4 ounces of cooked Puy lentils,
2 tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander leaves
pinch salt
lashings of black pepper


Heat the oil over a medium heat, add the onion and fry for 2-3 minutes, until softened. Add the yellow pepper and fry for a further 3 minutes. Add the spices, palm sugar, ghee, chilli, raisins, lime zest, toasted and chopped tomato to the pan and continue to cook for 5 minutes. Add the lentils, season and garnish with coriander leaves before serving.

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Online Marketing and Web Presence Explained

Online Marketing and Web Presence Explained

This opens up a world of potential clients. After all, people around the world can invest in a business even if they are miles or even an ocean away. The following are some ideas for those who want to dip their toes into online marketing.

The first thing to do is to develop some advertisements that you can use online. You can advertise on nearly any website or blog. Sometimes, you will have to pay to post a small advertisement or banner on a website whereas other times you may just have to agree to link the page to your own website. Explore different pricing options and think about the type of advertisement you want to run. Be careful, too, with the design of such images or ads: You want to catch the viewer's eye when he or she is scrolling down a page or clicking from page to page.

Next, remember to use social networking websites. People like to stay connected to one another in new ways. Social networking websites allow people to do everything from message back and forth to share photographs, music, and more. The best part is that most of these pages are free. Thus, you can sign up, create a page for your business, and get to marketing your group.

Remember, too, that you will need to establish a solid web presence of your own. This means developing a website that symbolizes or best represents your business or group's focus. Don't try and do this all by yourself. Often, it is smarter to work with a web designer who can craft a website that is not only beautiful to look at but also user friendly. If a website is cluttered or difficult to use, a person will simply click away and look at other groups. You want your blog or website to really be incredibly clear and easy to use so that you can keep viewers on your page for as long as possible.

Pay attention, too, to the language used on your web page. You do not want your mission, product descriptions, or advertisements to appear sloppy. This means that the language should be specific, catchy, not too long, and should be free from errors. Talk to loved ones, your staff, and to professionals before you post anything on the website so that you can be sure that it best represents your group. Every word and image counts.

Explore all of your options so that you know where and what to market online. The Internet is a powerful tool that you need to explore if you want to get noticed in today's day and age. This is an easy way to reach hundreds, thousands, and or even millions of potential customers. Be smart about this investment so that you get your money's worth when marketing to people around the world via the world wide web. an integrated web design and online marketing agency