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Friday, November 3, 2017

The Best Calendar Layouts For Everyone

The Best Calendar Layouts For Everyone

Here let me give you a couple of the best calendar layouts that almost everyone should be able to accept or like.

What are the best calendars that sell effectively to almost everyone? When printing fundraising calendars, deciding on a layout that is applicable to all is important, since you want to sell them to the widest range of people as possible. Keep in mind that not all layouts will attract every person who sees your fundraising calendars. All you can really do is use the calendar layouts that have the best look that everyone can accept. So, let me give you a couple of the best calendar layouts that almost everyone should be able to accept or like.

• Simple table – On the basic side of things, one of the simplest and still widely accepted calendar layout that sells today is just the simple table layout. This is basically your simple flip-out wall calendar with a calendar table for each month. It can have a special kind of border, with special date markets for major events, and most of the personalization comes from the color scheme, font style and small graphics. This is a cheap, functional and very practical fundraising calendar layout that definitely sells. So always try this as your basic layout first.

• Extended date tables – Now, just an improvement on the simple table layout above, we have the so called extended date table layouts. These are the calendar layouts with the tables slightly larger to accommodate other kinds of information. Some of these calendars have more specific themes that of course require those extended tables. They can be scheduling calendars meant for people to actually write on the calendars to make notes. They can also be just special theme calendars with extended table designs that use popular trends. You can use this calendar layout if you want to be “in” with some of the design templates out there, hopefully helping you be more competitive in the calendar market.

• Top picture, Bottom table – Now, here is the classic wall calendar layout that everyone really likes. In this calendar layout, we have usually a picture above which changes each month, while at the bottom of course you will see the date table. From supermodel calendars to gadget calendars and P.R. calendars this is the most common and perhaps the most popular calendar layout still in use today. Everybody can handle it, and it can easily be posted in wall for decorative as well as functional purposes.

• Greeting card layout – Now, for your desk, or the desk of a loved one, there is also the so called “greeting card layout” for color calendars. This basically has the picture image at the right or left size of the color calendar when presented. Just like a greeting card, they can open up to reveal the panels side by side, one with a picture and one with a date table. This is a great configuration for fundraising efforts on a budget, since this color calendar is smaller and can more easily be distributed or deployed.

• Desk calendar standee – Finally, we have the so called standee. This is a simple layout where a calendar is situated as a desk calendar with its own “standing device”. These are much smaller desk calendars with little to no images at all. If you want to sell more functional color calendars to businesspeople and other professionals this is the best choice to get almost all of them to buy your fundraising calendars. So make sure you learn from other prints like this.

Great! Why do not you try out these interesting new calendar layouts? Good luck!

Margarita Webb is a web designer expert working in a fundraising calendars printing company. When not busy on her own site she can be found writing about calendar layouts and post it online.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Free Vs Fee Paid Survey Sites - What Everyone Needs to Know!

Free Vs Fee Paid Survey Sites - What Everyone Needs to Know!

Online survey takers in genuine websites make money almost everyday just by answering simple survey questions. Marketing research companies give out millions of money each year to participants and persuade them to continue providing their opinion and feedback.

Then there are those sites that cost a fee to join. Where do they actually fit in? We will get to that later.

When you happen to come across these and decide that you want to dive in, your first objective will be to get your hands on to a database of "good" surveys to register with. About a quarter of surveys available on the net actually offer a decent amount for your completed surveys. To start earning, these kinds of website are ideally what you need to get you going.

However, these so called good surveys do not really advertise, since there is no need for them to do so, which makes it all the more difficult for people to find them. "Bad" surveys, the ones that either pay low or worse, not pay at all, are ironically the ones that are very easy to find. Companies behind these kinds of sites have no option but to pay low to compensate for the number of people that they have to pay.

On the other hand, paid survey sites maintain this so called database of "good" surveys, hence, the need for membership fee. This one time small membership fee grants a participant access to the database. Because you are buying this access from them, as opposed to survey makers paying you, chances of getting your money back with profit is not bad at all.

However, low paying survey makers try very hard to persuade people to join in, enticing people with money which a lot, if not all, cannot resist. The fact is that they make a lot of money by getting paid by survey makers and then paying very low to survey takers. Luckily, there are signs that are very obvious to us.

In a summary, what you need to do first and foremost is watch out for "bad" paid survey sites. If you are unsuccessful with any of these free site, the second thing that you need to consider are those paid survey sites that applies money back guarantee.

Here is a free Top 7 List of Paid Survey Sites to Answer Surveys, paying -5 for each survey taken.

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