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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Even Baby Business Builders Do Social Media

Even Baby Business Builders Do Social Media

What is social media? Basically, social media refers to places on the Internet where you can socially interact with people.

There are 6 crucial social media sites that every Internet business builder should frequent...if he/she wants to bring in the big bucks.

1. Blogs. As you know, a blog is like a website, but easier to do. Web sites are static. With blogs you post content and your readers can post comments right back to you. Ideally the two of you interact and get to know one another. A blog helps you grow your business by getting people to your main website...or to your lead capture page...or to your e-mail list.  Blogs done right pre-sell you as a kind of expert...well at least as a person who knows what they're talking about and offers value. A blog with a contact form will build your list and at some point get more people to see your business. Some of these people will join you. Eventually this means more bucks to your biz.

2. Bookmarking. Digg, with over 33,433,760 monthly visitors, is the largest of the bookmarking sites. You get to join for free, then when you come across fabulous information on the Net, you bookmark the link at Digg. Other digg-ers click the link, thus driving traffic back to it. Those who who want to make big bucks, mainly post links back to their own content...but they also bookmark links to the content of others.

3. Articles. You write a 300-500 word article on your topic of expertise and submit it to an article directory, like EzineArticles. Publishers pick up your article to reprint in their e-newsletters or ezines--which they can do if they include your bio info and link back to your blog, website, etc. More traffic, more eventual bucks for you.

4. Content sharing. You join Squidoo, for example, and you get your own soap box from which to shout out your info. Squidoo lenses are kind of like blogs, but much easier. Just about anybody can create just about any kind of lens...or page...and get people reading and following them regularly. You can even make money from your Squidoo lenses...but for the Internet business builder, the main thing is including links back to your centerpiece, say, your real blog.That's where more money will eventually be.

5. Social Facebook, Twitter.  Those who make it big in the social media world view these sites as huge fishing pools...where millions of people are heading, looking for ways to earn money on the Internet. The key here is to keep topics related to the value you offer in your business, as opposed to mundane, trivial topics. Instead of sharing the beautiful sunset you're watching, share what you might be doing in your biz, say getting ready to conduct a conference call--but also be friendly, authentic, helpful, offering value where you can, says Mike.

6. Video sharing. YouTube is the place to find  tons of videos on practically any subject. You, the business builder, can get out there. too. with helpful topics relating to your biz. There are many experts willing to teach you just how to do it. And if the idea of starring in  your own video makes your hair stand on end, there are ways to make videos off camera.

So...there they are...6 social media sites that even baby business builders can do!