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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Estate Agency Displays ? Making Your Business Stand Out from the Rest!

Estate Agency Displays ? Making Your Business Stand Out from the Rest!

Let's face it; the global recession has had a significant impact on all of us in different ways. Nobody thought that the recession was going to be an easy ride, however, it has proved more crippling that we ever expected. With the Government's new initiatives already starting to take shape and come into force, we're all facing tough times ahead.

Although the global recession has been a damning time for all, it has however brought about many new opportunities. Look at the property market for example – prices have significantly dropped making it easier for first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder. Prices are still extremely low and it looks like it will be even longer than anticipated for house prices to start rising significantly again.

If your job entails anything to do with the property market, you will be fully aware of what changes have occurred since the UK went into recession. As you will probably agree, estate agents are currently being overloaded with work because of the significant amount of people looking to sell their homes. Although this may be viewed as unfortunate due to the fact that people are selling their homes in order to free up capital, this is clearly working in favour of estate agents. It is therefore vitally important at this present time for estate agents to be pro-active when it comes to marketing.

Estate agents have greatly changed their practices over recent years, many of which are utilising the power of the Internet to sell properties; however, traditional methods of marketing are still as important. As you will have probably already noticed, the number of estate agents who have estate agency displays in their windows is increasing.

Unlike traditional A4 pieces of paper stuck to the window with Blu-Tack, estate agency displays are ideal for drawing attention to properties. Estate agency displays are rotating electronic displays which are incredibly easy to change and have a double effect; firstly they stop people as they walk past, and secondly they entice people to enquire about properties which they are interested in. If you are looking for an effective marketing method with proven results, look no further than estate agency displays! specialise in commercial display signage including estate agency displays . We have more than 20 years experience in displays, digital media and lighting; visit our site for more info.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

10 ways to Market your Real Estate Agency on Facebook

10 ways to Market your Real Estate Agency on Facebook
I do presentations, seminars, workshops and training on Social Media a lot,
and there are always a number of questions about Facebook and how companies
and agencies can grow using Facebook. Here are 10 opportunities to take
advantage of that will help grow your agency on Facebook.

1. Create a Fan Page
This is the most obvious Facebook marketing tool for most companies and
agencies. The problem is that most Facebook pages are not very effective.
You collect "fans" (who are primarily your friends and not really your
fans anyways) only to ignore them. It can be a good idea to set up a fan
page and reserve your name (you need at least 25 fans to do this), but beyond
that, if you want to grow your agency with a fan page you need to have
compelling and consistent content and a clear call to action. Otherwise you
are wasting your time.

2. Creating a Group
Rather than just a fan page, consider creating a group for your agency, as it
can be broader and more overarching. For example, rather than requesting
people to fan Howard's Real Estate Agency, which is rather limited in its
appeal, consider starting Cincinnati's Best Real Estate Agencies as a
group. You will then be the connector for all of the real estate agencies in
the city. Sure they will talk about other agencies, but you will get the
benefit of awareness through bringing the community together and
facilitating. You can also periodically promote your own agency too.

3. Facebook Ads
Facebook ads can be a great way to grow your agency. Facebook ads have a
self-service mechanism you can use to set up and target your ad campaign.
Facebook ads are great because you can start with low budgets, analyze
results and make changes. Facebook ads also allow you to target based on
profile key words, so they can be more effective than search ads. Consider
promoting special services that your agency provides such as Tax Credit or
news on mortgage rates.

4. Facebook Events
Consider setting up an event on Facebook. When we had our launch party we
had almost twice the number of RSVPs through Facebook as we did through
EventBrite and non-Facebook promotion. Next time you are hosting a big open
house or event, consider creating it as a Facebook event to drive awareness.

5. Participate in a Group
Rather than create your own group you can find other established groups to
participate in. For example, if you are Howard's Real Estate Agency there
might be a group for Real Estate Agencies in Cincinnati or Cincinnati Real
Estate. You can participate in these groups to build awareness. Be careful
not to spam (it is annoying and unprofessional).

6. Participate on Other Fan Pages
Again, you need to be careful not to be irrelevant and spammy, and you
don't want to participate on your competitors' pages. However, you may
find it valuable to participate in other fan pages. For example, being a
part of a real estate fan page will allow you to see what consumers, who are
also members of the fan page, are sharing through links and comments about
what they are looking for or complaints, or agencies will promote their own
special services and events. This provides them with exposure to their
target audience beyond those who are already fans.

7. Link In Your Other Social Accounts
There are apps that allow you to link your other social accounts in to
Facebook including Twitter, SlideShare and YouTube. Share your other social
content on Facebook (where appropriate) to maximize value.

8. Facebook Apps
Consider creating an app for your agency. For your agency, an app where
people can share photos of their new homes or a map of homes on the market
might be beneficial for potential homebuyers. This is a great way to gain
exposure while proving something useful and fun.

9. Facebook Connect
Facebook connect allows you to link with Facebook directly from your site or
blog. You can use Facebook connect to integrate with Facebook and gain
exposure and encourage your fans to share content on Facebook.

10. Facebook Widgets
Facebook has widgets that you can create and display on your blog. Widgets
are a great way to connect Facebook with your website and they are relatively
easy to install. This is also a great way to increase the number of fans
that you have.

Krista Neher ( has spent the last 10 years helping
business owners grow sales and get results with social media marketing.
Krista is an internationally recognized speaker, author, consultant and
professor on social media and recently published a FREE Special Report
titled, "The 7 Myths You've Been Led to Believe About Social Media
Marketing." For more information about Krista's speeches and training, visit
her website:

Monday, August 21, 2017

How to Start Your Own Real Estate Blog

How to Start Your Own Real Estate Blog

Real estate blogs are now a must have for serious real estate agents. Fortunately, they couldn't be easier to set up, and they're free! Many agents now use their blog as their main real estate site, saving them hundreds of dollars a year and avoiding the hassle of maintaining both a website and a blog.

Step 1: Plan it out. What areas and topics do you want your blog to cover? What would you like to name your blog? You want your blog to cover broad enough topics that you can reach new clients. But you don't want to be overly broad or you'll be competing against larger, more entrenched blogs. Also, the more you focus on a smaller area the more of a local expert you will appear.

For most small towns, consider a blog covering your entire region. If you are in a larger city, you may want to focus on that city only. It's not recommended to focus your blog on just one neighborhood, as it may be hard to consistently write new content if there is not that much news to report for that neighborhood.

Step 2: Sign up for an account at one of the major free blog providers, such as wordpress, blogger, or posterous. They're all very easy to set up, usually it is only a 2-3 step process where you enter you username and email address, then pick a name for your blog. And, of course, it's all free.

Step 3: Set up your blog. Before writing your first post, you should click on the "pages" section and edit your "about" page. You can also add additional pages, for example if you want to include a testimonials page or a local resources page. "Pages" are different from "posts", because a page is a permanent page that is linked right from you homepage, just as you see with regular real estate websites.

"Posts" are what you write every 1-2 days, which slowly move down the page as your write more. Posts are great for day to day news, and pages are great for permanent important information you want your visitors to see.

Step 3: Check out your competition. Type your area (ex "Boston real estate" or "Boston real estate blog") into Google, and read the top blogs that you find. That should help give you an idea of the type of content readers are looking for, Take your time on this step and really get a feel for the style of writing (short - lots of dashes - lots of line breaks) that people like on the internet.

Also see which posts get the most comments, and that will give you an idea of what topics readers care most about.

Step 4: Start writing! Blogs only work if you write several blog posts a week, at least 2-3. You won't see much response at first, but if you consistently write for 3-4 months you should start to see a few comments from visitors, and then it's only a matter of time until you generate your first lead from your blog!

Michael is an active real estate broker, and has both a California state salesperson's license and a California state broker's license. Michael is also the founder of My Single Property Websites, a simple, inexpensive marketing tool for real estate agents and writes on his real estate marketing blog.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Make Social Media Marketing Work For Your Real Estate Agency

Make Social Media Marketing Work For Your Real Estate Agency

Many real estate agents find social media marketing is not a very effective tool for them since they do not use it well. By learning how to make it work for your real estate agency, you can see an increase in your web traffic and potentially get more clients.

Facebook is useful, but instead of making a fan page for yourself, create one that is information focused and sponsored by your agency. You're more likely to get fans this way and more people will share your links to the information than on you alone. If you want to have one for yourself, just make a general page and not a fan page.

Videos and podcasts can also help you increase your value within the community. These short videos are useful to people and they can be important since it can help identify you as an expert in your topic. The more of an expert you are, the more potential clients remember who you are and will share the information to others. Always make sure that you have a link to your own website on every video and podcast that you have.

Use blogging to your advantage. You can add the videos to your blog which can make it more interesting to a greater number of people. Make the blog have useful content as well, since this can help you increase your web ranking and can make you more likely to have your name associated as the go to agent.

Useful content is so important to have on every post that you make because it gives people information instead of just an advertisement. This can also help make you known as an expert in the real estate business which in turn makes your posts more important to the people that need it. Search engines also use content to rank your web page on the results and you're more likely to get your links for your site shares which makes your web presence grow.

Back linking is also important because you're more likely to add traffic to your web sites with them. Add them to places like digg and Stumbleupon so that people can discover them and search engine spiders can find you easily.

Social media marketing is an affordable and easy way to get your agency to the public. You'll be able to allow potential clients to find you and gain a larger web presence using this undervalued marketing plan.

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