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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Essential guide to use a marketing recruiting firm

Essential guide to use a marketing recruiting firm

In today’s modern world, many organizations and job seekers use the services of recruitment agencies to save time and money. Recruitment agencies help to match employers with job seekers who fit their criteria. Looking for a new job can seem like daunting task. One effective method is to use a recruitment agency to help you. Recruitment agencies often have a great range of permanent and temporary jobs covering all industry sectors. They often have a selection of unadvertised jobs, as many employers will use an agency to do the work rather than advertise the vacancy themselves.

Marketing recruiting firm lay emphasizing on recruiting the best individuals for experienced marketing, advertising, interactive and communications professionals. They specialize in recruiting mid to executive level marketing, advertising, interactive and communication talent for companies which required filling contract, direct-hire, and contract to hire jobs.

Companies come to them because they have faith in them. A normal candidate who comes to give an interview in a company is not as trustworthy as compared to a candidate hired through the recruitment agency. Recruitment firms works on norms and parameters which judges the stability of the candidate. Prior to initiating the recruitment process, Marketing recruiter Chicago will interview you to determine what your background, goals, and requirements are. Previous experience and reference check ups shows the candidate seriousness and formal attitude.

Marketing staffing main task is to prepare the candidate for the interview. The skills of the candidates are checked. When a position requires the most highly qualified individual, a great deal of information gathering, planning, searching, and candidate screening is involved in the recruiting and placement process. For manager- to director-level positions, marketing staffing offerings includes the best search, providing companies with a risk-free way of hiring the best and brightest marketing minds. This will in terms ensures whether a candidate is fit for the profile or not.

If you are seeking a job and want to know which is the better option? These recruitment firms give you the better option. Filling an application form online or visiting directly to the marketing recruiting firms might be a suitable idea. From a more strategic perspective, marketing recruitment firms give candidates an idea of what the market is doing, what kinds of opportunities are available and what the trends are. They are therefore a useful source of information for career management purposes.

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3 Essential Marketing Tools That Every Budding Internet Marketer Must Have

3 Essential Marketing Tools That Every Budding Internet Marketer Must Have

Without these essential tools you will NEVER generate a recession proof income and will fail online.

Domain Name
Capture Page

Domain Name

Domain names are the unique word sequences that you enter in your address bar of your internet browser to visit a specific web site. For instance one of my domain names is This domain name is then used in a URL's (Uniform Resource Locator) to identify a specific website. A URL prefixes the domain name with "http://www."

You can purchase a domain name for just a few pounds/dollars.

Capture Page
A capture page is sometimes referred to as a landing page or squeeze page and it acts as the gate way to your business. Your capture page is the first impression that your visitor gets of you and what you are offering.

It is called a capture page as it captures the personal information of your prospects as they are prompted to leave their name, email address, maybe even their telephone number and other info. Some marketers ask for the best time of day to call or which country you may live in.

The sole purpose of the capture page is to provoke sufficient curiosity with your visitors that they leave their details. The prime objective is getting them to subscribe to your list, thus building your database. This can be achieved by providing a compelling script that answers a specific question that your visitor is looking to get answered. This is referred to as a problem statement.

Examples are

How To Get Out Of Debt In 7 Easy Steps
How To Generate A Recession Proof Income In Any Economy

Evidence shows that it takes between 7 and 13 communications before someone buys from you. Most people need continual encourage and reassurance before they hand over their cash. Your job is to turn that interest into a sale! This is where an auto-responder comes in.

So What Exactly is An Auto-Responder
An auto-responder is a system that automatically sends out an email or a series of emails to your database, referred to as your list. I'm sure you have heard that term "The Money Is In Your List", well it certainly is, and an auto-responder is what helps you manage and utilise that list to maximum benefit. An auto-responder acts as your database.

The emails that your auto-responder sends out can be personalised with the persons name. This makes your messages more human and therefore they are more likely to get read.

There are two main ways to use an auto responder.

Use the follow-up message facility
Send broadcast messages / newsletters

Or a combination of both.

I personally have only one follow-up message in my auto-responder which goes out immediately that someone subscribes to my capture page. I then use the broadcast facility to send out time sensitive messages.

The reasons I personally prefer the broadcast method is it

Allows me to relate the message to a real time frame and to real events that may be happening in my life, business or in the world generally. For instance my business works 24/7 365 days a year so I make money while I'm away on holiday or travelling. When I'm away I send short email broadcast messages out to my list mentioning that I am holiday in x and that my business has still made me money on auto-pilot.
Another reason I prefer the broadcast method is I hate receiving emails on Christmas day and Boxing Day. Other people maybe offended in receiving messages on other religious events, by using the broadcast method I control when my messages go out.
I feel this method builds greater rapport with my subscribers

Many marketers literally set up their auto-responders from day one with hundreds of messages. You can set these messages to go out at predetermined internal. The first one will probably go out immediately the customer has taken an action, most probably after they have left their details at your website or capture page.

Auto responder messages build momentum and trust amongst your subscribers. I usually send 2 a week a maximum of five over a 2 week period. Some marketers send messages out every day, I just feel that is OTT.

One of the keys to successful in internet marketing is to continue to provide real value for your subscribers not just bombarding them with constant sales pitches.

When choosing an auto-responder I would suggest that you always use a recognised company. Two of the very best out there are AWeber and Get Response. I've always been with AWeber but I have used Get Response when helping team members so I can recommend either without hesitation.

What I would say is never use a business opportunity's own auto responder system. I learnt the hard way, when the company I was with disappeared - so did my list.

I hope this review of the 3 essential tools that all internet marketers must have was useful. The bottom line is without these tools you are dead in the water. A good Internet Mentor will steer you in the right direction on all essential internet matters.

Graeme Hoppitt is an Internet Mentor and true expert when it comes to recognising the very best business opportunities available on the internet

Friday, October 6, 2017

Essential Internet Marketing Strategy

Essential Internet Marketing Strategy

Hey there! I hope you're doing awesome these days.


Internet marketers like you and me are always concerned about the strategy we use to market our business. It's right that we should. Heck, without a sensible strategy, we'll be like driftwood, just floating along, bumping on rocks and getting hopelessly stuck. Your strategy is the roadmap of your business. It answers the question: How far do I want this baby to go?


Strategy is not your marketing. It's over and above it. Saying that a particular method you use to get customers to buy your product is your strategy limits it. That's just one part of the entire caboodle. Kinda like saying the keyboard is your laptop. Your strategy includes that and the purpose or value that governs your business. Getting kickass earnings while helping as many as you can with your product, for example, is your reason for being. Any and all action geared towards attaining that- an all-out advertising campaign, direct marketing, email marketing, phone marketing, promos and any all sorts of lead generation campaigns- are tactics that must be employed in conjunction with your overall purpose. They compose your overall strategy.


There is no one "perfect" strategy. It doesn't exist. Strategy, by its very nature, isn't rigid. It's flexible and ready to be overhauled and reinvented every time it ceases to work. Like any form of business that has to evolve with the times in order to remain competitive, your strategy must also be constantly evaluated to see if it is performing as it should. In other words, it must be measurable. If you have crafted a two year strategy for your biz, and three months in the running you find that it's not working for you, then you've got to be able to change it. If you've set your strategy in stone by burying your ass in some long-term legal deal with your suppliers, for example, you're in deep shit.


To make strategy-setting easier, you've got to work with information you have available. I'm not just talking about the volume of traffic you generate, click through rates or conversion rates, although they make up a huge bulk of that. When I say information, you also have to know at the outset how important a client is to your business and how often you want him or her to keep coming back for more purchases. Any strategy you follow should also take that in consideration.


That's why there's no "perfect" strategy. The type of venture you have, your purpose, the figures as well as any other factors you take in consideration, define your own strategy. You can't blindly follow any one strategy used by other successful companies cover-to-cover just because it worked for them. You've got to study it and compare if it's going to work with yours. If it needs to be tweaked a little to suit your needs, then by all means do so.


Take these into consideration before crafting any strategy for your biz. Then formulate one that rocks!

If you would like to learn more about Starting a Successful Internet Marketing business, then go to my site to get my free report called "A Simple Blueprint For Starting An Online Business".

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Search engine optimizing - Essential for a website

Search engine optimizing - Essential for a website

Previously it was not a big deal to run a business effectively but with the advent of technology it has become quite a hectic task to accomplish because now there is a trend of online business. Most of the people assume that just by owing a website on internet can make them earn more profits but you must know that without optimization a website can do nothing. Search engine optimizingis necessary for optimizing a website on search engines in order to get highest ranking because before visiting a website they check its position on the top ten ranking lists. Content of a website needs to be impressive and informative so that it can be appreciated by the visitors and above that keywords relevance is also an important factor. If the keywords are appropriate then it becomes easy for spiders to determine rank of a website.


Search engine optimizing is an essential need for making a website popular among the masses because it takes in to consideration all the important aspects required for enhancing the rank of a website. It should be done by an efficient professional so it is necessary for you to choose the suitable company for getting your website optimized. SEO New York is one of those companies which can provide best services to you for inviting prolific traffic to your website. Search engine optimizingis a tool for developing the standard of a website. It is not always true that all search engine optimizers charge a huge amount for providing their services as some professionals also avail their services at cheaper rates. Designing of a website matters a lot for its success as every visitor gets attracted towards it automatically. Themes of web pages should be in accordance with the aim of establishing a website.


Search engine optimizingis to be done in a way that should take a website on the top most position of ranking lists of search engines. Whenever an online user navigate a website in order to extract any kind of information from there then there are number of web pages which shows the required content according to the keywords mentioned by the user. So you must use relevant keywords for your website in order to make it convenient for spiders to find out the ranking for it. There are a number of companies who are concerned with providing best services for optimizing a website on search engine but if you want that existence of your website should be unique then find out the best one among all. You can log on to various websites which contain information about the services and charges of search engine optimizers working in well reputed firms.


It can be concluded from the above information that search engine optimizingis an essential requirement for inviting ample of traffic on a website. This technique is adopted to enhance the standard of a website in the ranking list of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. So what are you waiting for? Just go and consult an optimizer for your website.


James Taylor is famous Search Engine Optimization expert and he shares his knowledge on SEO. If you want to know about search engine optimizing, search engine optimization New York, seo optimization, search engine optimizing, SEO New York.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Google Marketing - An Essential Tip!

Google Marketing - An Essential Tip!

For any entrepreneur seeking to attract custom through sponsored adverts, the quality of the page to which the visitor arrives, having clicked the advert, is vital.

And it's with this in mind that we'll examine a couple of things which might help to increase your opt-ins and improve your return on investment.

The name of this subject is called Post Click Marketing and concerns what happens when a person clicks your Google ad. So here are 3 vital points to consider when creating your campaign.

1: Consistent Message.

Make sure that the message on the landing page matches the message on the sponsored advert. There's no point in having an ad which promises great mobile phone deals and then have the visitor land on a page which offers no clue as to what the deals are. On this landing page there should be pictures of mobile phones with verifiable deals for all to see.

2: Leave the Flash off the page.

There's nothing more frustrating and time wasting than a landing page which has a flash graphic which takes 30 seconds to load. The page might look fantastic once loaded, but you can be sure that the visitor isn't' going to wait around that long. So keep things simple and leave the flash for other pages.

3. Limit Choice.

Don't give the visitor too many choices on the landing page. Having clicked your advert, a visitor who is presented with a dozen links and numerous videos will quickly get frustrated and leave your site. The ideal approach would be to continue the ads message through to the landing page and present them with just 2 choices of what to do next.

An example could be a chocolate maker who's landing page offered two buttons one labelled Milk Chocolate and the other Plain Chocolate. Not only is this more visually appealing, but it will enable you to track what most of your visitors want.

Entrepreneurs, engaged in Cost-Per-Click marketing will want to ensure that they are getting the best possible return on their investment. And so they would do well to ensure that their landing pages employ the above tips.

Marc Francis is a wealth coach, author and television presenter who helps individuals reach their goals and create personal wealth. To find out more visit