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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Choosing Employees For Promotion

Choosing Employees For Promotion

When promoting your Employees, it's a standard operating procedure to look for someone who has persistently exhibited the qualities of Leadership. The best advice is to just stick to the basics, as everything else can be learned.

Does your prospect for promotion has a "Leadership Attitude - an atttiude of appreciation, consideration, and respect for others?" Does your prospects have strong self-control? Is Confidence an issue? Can they take constructive criticism well, while applying it on the job to improve their performance? Does he/she arrive early and stay late? Are your prospects open and eager to ongoing change in your organization? You should take the above into consideration when choosing an Employee for promotion. Ask yourself these questions, ponder them, and then make your decision based on your professional feelings of each question. You must remember that "You can teach a person to do anything; however, you can never teach them how to have a pleasant attitude!"

An Employee who takes the initiative to get things done without being told to do so, is a great candidate for promotion. You also want someone who doesn't mind being cross-trained into other departments. You want an Employee who doesn't gripe about last minute decisions. Your promotion prospect should support the evolvement of the organization and commit to ongoing professional development and leadership training. He/she should be able to delegate without timidity, but also be firm and fair. A self-stater is one who follows well, and leads even better!

An Employee who can get the most productivity out of other Employees on their same level, is a prime prospect for promotion! Sometimes, you'll come across a charismatic Employee who just naturally brings the best out in most people. Why wouldn't you promote this type of Employee? An Employee who appreciates other Employees whom they work with, and recognizes and acknowledges that the tasks on the job can't be effectively complete without the team working harmoniously together, is a perfect prospect for promotion!

If you stick to the basics in choosing your Employees for promotion, your decisions shouldn't be too daunting. Experience isn't everything in Leadership. A great self-starting, motivational, and eagerness to perform the job assigned attitude are the basics in what's necessary to lead Employees effectively. The rest can be learned!

Dr. Monica Burns-Capers, Ph.D Is A Featured Expert Writer, Organizational Management & Behavior Consultant, and President-CEO of Monica Mi'Chelle Communications: A Professional Writing and Management Consulting Practice. and

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