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Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Improve Your HTML Email Template

How to Improve Your HTML Email Template

Email marketing has become a popular way to promote your products or services. The 2 biggest advantages of email marketing are it's cost effective and you can target people across the world. HTML emails are the most popular among companies that have email marketing. However, designing an HTML email template can become a challenging task. How well you can design a template, depends entirely on how skilled you are with HTML. You can also use readymade email templates that are available on the Internet. It is possible to improve upon these templates. However, make note of the following things, before you start on the improvements.

Stick to the basics

It is better to stick to Inline CSS. The thing is most people use Microsoft Outlook to read their mails, personal and professional. Hence, make adjustments in your templates accordingly. You should also keep in mind that online mail services like Hotmail and Gmail may not support HTML emails like Outlook. Your aim should be to send emails that look the same to all clients, online or computer based. Inline CSS is compatible with most major email clients. Utilize it for the background, color schemes, graphics, font types and size in your email template. 

Continue using tables for the basic layout

Retain tables in your template at all times; especially, if you intend to make some serious changes to the design. Like CSS, different email clients support tables differently. You should set all table attributes, at your disposal, wherever you can. Remember that nested tables are your best bet. When you add images to your template, you should use the background function on tables.

Test your template on a range of email services

Testing your template on different email services is very important and the most effective way to make improvements. Many designers and marketers spend loads of time to design the perfect web page. When it comes to emails, however, there is a certain amount of neglect. Like websites, it is very difficult to produce a template that'll look the same, across email clients. To make sure your email looks the same to all your subscribers, irrespective of the mail client or service they use, test it on everything you can find. Test your HTML email template in all major email clients and web based mail services like Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Thunderbird and Mac Mail. Last, the browsers your clients use also affect the appearance of your emails.

One thing that you can be sure about email campaigns is they are not easy to organize. The design and layout of your email is one aspect. At the end of the day, your reputation as a business and marketer depends entirely on how relevant subscribers find your email. 

Jamie Colbs is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( ) a leading Web and permission-based service for sending email newsletters.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

HTML Email - Why it is Better Than Text

HTML Email - Why it is Better Than Text

Plain text mail can have no pictures, colors in the text, different types of fonts, hyperlinks or other graphics. It is for these reasons that plain text mail falls short of what is required for the sender to prepare a dressed up mail. HTML emails and newsletters more than adequately fills the void that is made by the lacking abilities of plain text mail. When mails are prepared by senders, more often than not, they prefer to have at their disposal various features that will make the email more pleasing for the reader to view and more interactive for the reader as well. The HTML format gives senders the ability to express themselves by way of bulleted lists, emphasized texts, subscripts and superscripts, which all lend a helping hand to improve the readability of the mail. Many senders rely on these features when preparing mails to be sent out for the logical reason that they want their mails to look presentable enough so that the reader will give their mails a second look. The email should have some character so that the reader is more driven to read the mail. We can now enter the world of HTML email, which gives our emails the ability to advertise themselves sufficiently enough to warrant a better chance of a response.

To start with, we will look at the most basic advantages that HTML format has over plain text mailing. It enables us to use different colors, fonts, vary the type face size, and change the background which, as discussed earlier, plain text does not. This helps to make our emails more catchy and appealing yet not too ostentatious. In addition to enriching the text of the mail it helps us add sounds, movie clips, images and other features which definitely make the HTML email more fun and enjoyable to read and respond to. The use of multiple columns, graphics and different layouts give HTML newsletters the ability to grab the attention of the viewer. HTML email can use hyperlinks which allow the reader to go to various Internet sites to get more information than what is just given in the email itself. HTML email also has the advantage of offering marketing professionals a measuring tool. This enables them to see how many people have actually read the emails that have been sent by them and how many have clicked on the hyperlinks that were given in the emails. HTML email offers these wonderful possibilities which clearly optimize an email newsletter.

The debate about whether HTML email is preferred to text mail has been knocked about in different circles and Email marketing has been greatly ameliorated by HTML email. Emails that are used for the purpose of marketing products and conducting surveys among other things are just not as appropriate when sent in plain text format. Mails sent in HTML format receive a higher open rate because the senders can be creative with the body of the email. Email newsletters are gaining popularity and rightly so since they are cheaper to send principally because the sender incurs no print or mail costs. HTML email rather than plain text mail wins the battle here.HTML has won most of the time. Surveys show that HTML newsletters appeal to a greater number of readers than plain text newsletters. HTML format is here to stay and continues to do its job as the more capable cousin of plain text mail.

Jamie Colbs is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( a leading Web and permission-based html email service.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Building A Marketing Agency With Email List

Building A Marketing Agency With Email List

email marketing agency, mailing list lead, email broadcast software

If you have looked into email marketing, you have probably come across an email marketing agency or two. You may have even encountered the concept of email broadcast software and mailing list lead generation. But, if you are unfamiliar with the inner working of these strategies, they can seem very confusing. In this article, we'll take a look at each to determine how they work and how they can help grow your business.

Email Marketing Agencies
An email marketing agency can help you to design a direct email marketing campaign to promote your business and increase your sales. Though each agency works differently, most offer advice on mailing list lead generation, introductory emails, email design, email list management, sales promotions, and database marketing. If you need extra help, you be able to find an email marketing agency that can offer you email broadcast software to help you build, send, and track emails.

If you are unfamiliar with building campaigns and email strategies, an agency can offer you the information you need to become an expert on the subject. Most agencies will also provide you with marketing tips to help drive readers to your website and get them to opt-in to your email list.

The price you pay for these types of services can vary significantly. Unfortunately, so can the results. If you are thinking about hiring an email marketing agency, be sure to check their credentials, and ask plenty of questions about how their process works. You may also want to question why the agency stands out among their competitors. If they can't provide you with a good answer, consider contacting another email marketing agency that can offer you more.

Email Broadcasting Software
All companies should have the ability to communicate with their customers efficiently and effectively. Using email broadcasting software can make this a whole lot easier. With software, you can bring your email marketing management in house. This ensures that your email list won't get into the wrong hands, and you will not have to worry about unexpected and unfounded surcharges. Software can be used for newsletter distribution, email marketing, promotions, and much more.

Good email broadcasting software has mailing list creation and editing, email message composition tools, and professional email broadcast. Great email broadcasting software has everything mentioned in the previous sentence, plus data-processing tools, link and email tracking, a bounce-back pickup system, mailing list lead theft protection, an integrated sign-up page, and a double opt-in option.

Mailing List Lead Generation
If an email marketing agency or email broadcasting software won't bring you the leads you need, you can look into the many companies who offer mailing list lead generation. These companies can provide you with qualified leads that you can use to find new customers. However, you will want to be very careful. It is important to get leads suited to your business. If you can't turn the leads into customers, any work or money that you have spent will turn out to be a waste.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Email Marketing Strategies - Look No Further

Email Marketing Strategies - Look No Further

The biggest kept secret in internet marketing is how to reach as many contacts as possible in as little time as possible and for as little money as possible. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Well with effective email marketing strategies, it is really quite easy!

The Power is in the Numbers

Email marketing strategies will do you no good if you don't have prospects. The email leads you may generate from your landing pages or warm market contacts are simply not enough. If you want to see your profits explode, you need to reach a lot of people at one time.

Purchase email leads from a lead generator or from your email marketing solution. If your budget is limited, go for the lead packages that give you more for less. The quality of the leads is not as important as the numbers when you are first starting out.

Time is Money

Experts offer email marketing strategies for a million and one different business models and situations, but they all offer the same basic advice-automate! You can do this in two ways. You can opt for a large initial investment and purchase autoresponder software and a dedicated email server, or you can opt for a long-term investment and make low monthly payments on a complete, subscription based web solution. Either way, you will be saving tons of time by completely automating your marketing process.

The Rule of Fifteen

In sales there is a "rule of three"-you will get three nos before you get one yes. In email marketing, we could call it the "rule of fifteen." You will likely send out as many as five to fifteen emails before someone actually reads it and clicks on your link.

You should have at least fifteen emails in every series or email campaign. These emails are then sent out over a period of thirty to forty-five days. This way you are working those numbers and getting as many people as possible to your website.

I've created a Work at Home Program for anyone who would like to get excellent results in 21 days. This program is designed to help you start making money and earn more online quicker than you ever thought possible. You'll have a generously sized bank account in the shortest amount of time possible. You can find this plan at

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Add Active Subscribers to You List - Part 3 - Maximize Email Click Through Rates

Add Active Subscribers to You List - Part 3 - Maximize Email Click Through Rates

Once your email is opened you now have the opportunity to present your readership with some good quality content.  Most of the time you will want to capitalize on an active reader and have him or her click on a link in your email that directs them to a page on your website or blog.  The amount of people who click on your link compared to the amount that open your email is called your click through rate.  Maximizing your click through rate means more people will see your website or sales offer and more traffic.

You can complete this step concurrently with the previous step of analyzing your email open rates.  The process is very similar.  Firstly, look through your email inbox and take a note of the emails that you read and visit the links within.  Take a note of who they are from and what they are writing about.  Also take note of their style of writing - long, short, to the point, in stories etc.  This will form the basis of the style of emails that you will start to test with.

Again, I recommend you write and load your autoresponder with at least 20 emails. For best click through rates think about targeting your information closely to your subscribers needs and wants; you have to know your audience.  If you don't know your audience ask them what they want or ask them for their most pressing questions about your niche or topic.  I have found it better to write short to medium emails providing one or two tips rather than long theoretical articles.  Plus I always have just one link per email, just one desired action and no choices.

Once you have had at least 100 subscribers receive your first 20 emails you should look at your 5 lowest performing emails and change the content of that email.

Then after another 100 subscribers receive your emails check their performance again.  Continue to rewrite the 5 worst performing emails and you will notice your open rates will begin to rise.

Want more information on how to build your list into the thousands? Get my new List Building e-book

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing Strategies

Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing Strategies

If you are a savvy online email marketer, you need to include Social Medial Optimization (SMO) as a key ingredient of your email marketing plans.  Websites that now have a larger integration with social media are gaining huge popularity as their rankings grow higher in the search engines.  SMO is a unique marketing tool, offering you live, interactive methods to engage your audience daily.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) produces a great deal of popularity for any website.  Using online communities create an endless flow of digital chatter called viral marketing.  Viral marketing is where a website becomes popular through the buzz created by using blogs, emails, social bookmarking, videos, and photo sharing.  SMO is a powerful free tool when considering all the strategies you might invest in when building and boosting your own website traffic.

While preserving your current listings, SMO helps you gain more search engine exposure.  By using videos, forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can capture a larger number of organic SERP positions.  Every marketer's goal is simple; increasing website traffic – by pointing them to a customized and predetermined landing page.  Using SEO marketing will help you reach that goal effectively.  It is imperative to understand what strategies will work for you.  Here are some basic tactics to get you started:

Link Building with:

1. Article Directories.  Submitting articles to article directories is a great source when creating valuable backlinks.  There are several article directories that are frequented by thousands of Internet surfers.  Many surfers will click on your email or website signature when your article is read.

2. Forums.  Adding your backlinks to a forum signature when posting your responses is another way of getting your company noticed.  Do not market yourself on the forum.  It is tempting, but forum moderators constantly scan the communications for spammers, and will quickly blacklist you if they believe you are only joining for marketing purposes.

3. Blogs.  Blogs are one of the most popular tools, when integrating social media into your marketing strategies.  Blogs open interactive dialogues with your clients and prospects, enabling an honest exchange of ideas and thoughts.  Viral discussions are not only good for your company, but are picked up by the search engines creating backlinks back to your blog.

4. YouTube.  Sign up with YouTube for your free account today.  Make a YouTube video of either your products or services.  Advertise the URL on your newsletters, blogs, Facebook and Twitter account.  You can leave your website and email as your video signature.

5. Business Directories.  Add your business listing to the Local Business section on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It's free and the local business results appear first on the search results.

6. Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC is when you create advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.  The advertisements will appear under the sponsored results each time a user types in a key word that relates to the subject of the ad.  Advertisers only have to pay for users that click on their websites, explaining the name "pay per click."  

A Few More Simple Strategies to Add

Listen to what your customers and prospects are saying:  Communication is a vital key towards gaining business success.  Honest and useful communication helps establish, and grow your customer base.  Be an active listener.  When you are an active listener, you'll know the best method and way to communicate to each individual prospect or client. Good listening skills foster good customer relationships.

Keep up with the latest Internet digital chatter.  Do some keyword searches for your product or service.  Read the blogs, articles, and Facebook comments.  See what people are saying.  What makes them happy?  What are their grievances?  Always have the attitude to grow and adapt along the way.

Track your marketing campaigns.  Integrate tracking tools to monitor and measure the success of your social media optimization campaigns.  Create linking reports showing inbound links pointing to your domain and specified landing pages. Tracking your metrics is important when determining whether your SMO campaigns are effective.

E-Mail Marketing Writer

Thursday, November 2, 2017

List Building & Email Promotion

List Building & Email Promotion

List building and Email promotions are two crucial factors for successful online business marketing. Building a customer database from visitors to your website is important, since these visitors were obviously interested enough to see what your website was about in the first place. Depending on how they found your website, they may have been interested in the product or service, but were not triggered to purchase.

If you offer a free newsletter or other promotional bonus, you might be able to at least get an email address out of the visitors to your website. This is important because it gives you a method to send email promotions that may trigger a potential customer to purchase.

Since the visitors to your site are the most likely to purchase your products or services, it is just a matter of appealing to them by building trust and loyalty. Sometimes, this can be accomplished through repetitive, yet informative email promotions that are not invasive.

Research has found that 60% of Internet shoppers abandon their "shopping carts" before they complete the purchase. The large part of the reason may be that they did not trust the website or the online business enough to feel comfortable giving their credit card number. This may mean that website content needs to be looked at in order to find better ways to instill this trust. It is possible, with a few changes, you can increase your purchase completion rate.

Of course, past customers are the easiest list to build and email promotions to past customers is geared at discounts or coupons for future orders and repeat business if it is a consumable product. When it comes to list building for email promotion, you need to analyze the demographics and gear your email promotions to the classification of names on your customer or potential customer database.

Invite feedback from past customers. Invite questions from potential customers. Give them several methods to reach your company such as "contact us" links, toll-free number, fax number or physical address. These things make customer feel more trusting if they think you have a physical business and not a fly-by-night operation.

The other thing to remember is that your website needs to grab their attention within the first few seconds they view it. This is a good time to try to get very basic information to start your list building. Once you have an email address, you can start sending periodic email promotions, and as the potential customer gets to know more about your products and services, they are more likely to purchase.

Sometimes, things like free video demonstrations, conference training calls and product samples can trigger a potential website customer to sign up for your email promotion list.

The thing to keep in mind is that your website is the storefront for your online business and you have to get the customer to come into the store before you have a chance to sell them anything. Just like window shoppers, they will often come back at a later time to make an actual purchase. The key is to use list building and email promotions to win them over as a repeat customer and keep your name in front of them from time to time.

Learn List Building & Email Promotion with a brand new blueprint called Guru Domination Blueprint. This blueprint contains step-by-step list building strategies that can be used by anyone to build an enormous list in any niche with little time and effort.Which in turn will help you be able to dominate your niche just like the Guru's do.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Email Marketing Strategies For Starting Out

Email Marketing Strategies For Starting Out
Sometimes the benefits of email marketing are very different than anticipated. Most Web marketers comprehend the fundamental idea of e-mail marketing which is to e-mail promotional materials to a large group of Internet users to promote an interest in your products or solutions. This idea is simple for many to comprehend but sometimes there are added advantages to email advertising. This article will discuss the basics of e-mail marketing and will also explain how occasionally e-mail marketing can be much further reaching than planned. This additional reach can be either a positive or a negative depending on the high quality of the original emails and also the reactions from the original recipients.

Email advertising is really a very basic concept which is also very price effective. The general idea behind e-mail marketing is that an email is sent to an e-mail distribution list and these emails are intended to create an interest within the products or services offered through the originator of the email. In theory this idea could not be simpler but email advertising can get considerably more complicated. 1 from the biggest complicating factors is the possible for the emails utilized within the advertising campaign to become viewed as spam by either the recipient from the e-mail or the spam filter provided through the Internet service provider. This possible alone creates a major complication simply because Web marketers have to create a substantial effort to assure their messages aren't trapped by a spam filter or immediately deleted by the recipients for appearing to become spam.

As soon as the e-mail messages get through towards the recipient, they have a small window of opportunity to make a good impression about the recipients and influence him to make a purchase or a minimum of go to the business owners web site. Supplying high quality content, keeping advertising subtle and at a minimum and supplying a clear call to action are all factors which can assist to obtain the message across and entice the possible customer to create a buy or a minimum of go to the website to research the products and services a little bit more.

As previously stated the goal of an email marketing campaign is to convince the e-mail recipient to either create a purchase or visit the website to obtain more info. When an e-mail recipient performs either one of these actions, it's considered a huge success. However, thanks to the power from the forward button e-mail advertising can actually be much more successful than even the company owner intended.

The excellent aspect of e-mail advertising is that when the e-mail recipients receive an e-mail which they think is worthwhile they are likely to make a purchase and might also forward the info onto a friend or family member they believe may be interested in this information too. The ability to forward e-mail messages has become comparable satisfied customers utilizing word of mouth to tout the quality of the items or solutions they received. However, the capability to forward a worthwhile email message is exponentially much more effective than using word of mouth to spread the word. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the original email recipient can forward the message to a number of of his friends at once. This can result in considerably much better results than the company owner had originally intended with no extra work on behalf from the business owners.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Importance of Hosted Email Over Webmails

Importance of Hosted Email Over Webmails

What is meant by hosted email? What are their uses? Very few people know the use of a hosted email. It is an internet hosting service which has the capability to run email servers. They are different from the normal email providers. The role of a hosted emails comes into play if you are into a small time business. Business transactions are commonly carried out through emails. People are worried about the security of their data and will take appropriate measures to protect it to the maximum. Put your mind to ease by using hosted email servers. There are many advantages by using them instead of the web mail servers.

Compared to IT firms, a small time businessman will not have time and resource to implement staff and to keep their email server organized. Under many circumstances the cost is an important factor. By using a hosted email you can cut down your costs effectively and at the same time manage your business deals with maximum security. It is also known as hosted exchange and is mainly run using a Microsoft Exchange back end server. There are striking two points which make hosted emails useful than web mails. They are;

• Internet is not required to operate email hosting servers.
• The budget is low compared to web mails.

Microsoft exchange is your client and you need not worry about the security of your data anymore. You can rest peacefully because all your data are being managed by efficient software. All the procedures in relation to the operating system are the responsibility of the software. They will manage the whole task in their own way which will help you concentrate more on your business. There are many companies which will help you in procuring all the information regarding a hosted email server. Hire a reputed firm to install the process into your desktop. When this software starts working you can find considerable difference in your monthly income.

Hosted email is useful and can help you in many ways. Make sure to procure the server from a reputed company. To extend your business and at the same time to control your expenses it is best to use a hosted exchanges server.

Nuage offers Essential Business IT on Demand.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Implementing a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Implementing a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

B2B Email Marketing is still considered a very effective marketing approach when creating a buzz about your company, product, or services. When planning any B2B email marketing campaign, several considerations need to be addressed.

Without a Vision, Campaigns Perish

Any successful campaign needs to have a well thought plan of action. What are the goals of your campaign?
· What businesses are you targeting?
· Who is your audience?
· Do you know your competitors, what they are they doing, and why they are successful?

Direct email targeting is effective. When specializing in a type of industry or product, you will need to look at the types of businesses, their size, and their location. Think of a business as a prospect with its own unique characteristics and demographics. You cannot send out the right messages and offers to those people who will not benefit from its purchase. Taking the time to research your perfect audience will bring a guaranteed return on your investment.

Use your competitors' knowledge for your own advantage. Your competitors, like all other marketers, are using social media tools for their power and effectiveness. Get on their websites, blogs, and forums. See what they are talking about - what issues they deem important. If your product or service is not considered a type of specialized niche, you will have to see what gaps are in your competitors' products or services, an area that you can fill, an area that may be unrecognized and neglected. Utilize your email marketing campaigns to distinguish yourself from the crowd, beyond the act of pure competitiveness.

· Do you have the right resources?
· Have you built a solid email database list of interested prospects?
· What is your bait? - What is your hook?

Every strategy and marketing mix needs the right foundation. What are your available resources? Do they fit your marketing mix and strategies? One of the most important foundations for any business, service, or campaign is your in-house database lists. Every email marketing campaign needs a starting point of reference. Client lists, newsletter subscribers, and prospects, that have opted-in, or have expressed a genuine interest in furthering their knowledge of your company, is worth more than gold.

Build your e-campaigns on specific demographics and behavioral statistics. Every response and outcome of your email marketing campaigns is another step and opportunity to closing the gap between you and your recipients, as you collect the data needed to build accurate and specific behavioral patterns. That type of data can only be obtained with the help of good email campaign software; which enables you to track every campaign from start to finish. Smart marketers adapt their campaigns according to the facts and stats they receive. People are not the same, and their lives are constantly changing. Many people marry; move, change jobs, and have children. Life changes paralleling new priorities and different needs. Information and services that may have been relevant and meaningful before may not be anymore. Make sure you are maintaining an accurate database, applying the appropriate updates and changes. Having too many of your email campaigns returned, bounced, or trashed, can unfortunately lead to the label of spamming, culminating in unwanted results.

A call to action must be compelling. How will they benefit from clicking on your call to action? Offering free rewards is effective. Giving away eBooks on relevant topics of interest, free software, newsletter subscriptions with coupons, anything, and everything that you are convinced is meeting some relevant need. That is why you need your campaign results to guide you. Finding out what people want, is always the key. Be consistent in providing value at all times. It is your prospect's perception and opinion not yours, that you need to address.

Make it Simple, Easy, and Worthwhile to Know You

Whether joining your newsletter, watching your video, or clicking on your call to action, make it easy for your prospects to find you and communicate with you.

· Your call to action needs to be clear, precise, and easy to follow.
· Your signup page should be visible, not overwhelming them loads of personal questions.
· Always have a recognized name and company in the sender's address box. No one today opens unrecognized email.
· Make it easy for them to unsubscribe, do not hold prisoners.
· Your landing or squeeze page should always match your email campaign's call to action. Do not leave them wondering what you are talking about, or where they should click.
· Your recipients should be able to contact you. Have a clearly defined contact link within your campaign.
· Your content must be engaging. Relevant information should be in the very first paragraph. Few people read an entire email campaign.
· Monitor inactivity as well as activity. Knowing why people unsubscribe is vital when looking to audit your own campaign strategies and presentation.

Email Marketing - Nurturing Client Loyalty

It is a fact that it is easier and more cost-effective to get repeat sales from loyal clients, than to pursue new prospects. A business is not built on impulse purchases. It is constructed and developed with loyal clients - repeat buys, and viral campaigns stemming from compliments and satisfaction. Household names do not happen overnight, nor are they obtained from quick sales schemes.

As you climb up a ladder systematically, step-by-step, to reach a destination, you must climb the ladder to success in much the same way. As no one wants to fall off a ladder, no marketer wants to invest in campaigns that are not built from the right foundation.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best Practices For B2B Email Marketing

Best Practices For B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing differs from B2C email marketing in a few crucial ways; your content has to be professional, persuasive and straight to the point because most recipients of B2B email marketing want to know why you are communicating, why it's important and what they can get out of it.

Similarly, your email tracking and analysis should be focused on leads and forwards, not open and click-through rates. This is because B2B email marketing is targeted at generating additional email subscriptions from the campaign, and isn't entirely dependent on hard-selling or directing recipients to appropriate links.

Here are some best practices for B2B email marketing:

• Know who you are emailing: simply by looking at a business's website can tell you how they like to communicate and likewise be communicated with. Tailor your emails to specific businesses and you are more likely to see results.

• Know how to reach their level: it sounds obvious, but your From name is more likely to resonate with a CEO if it is from a CEO. A From name who matters tends to correspond with an email that matters.

• Know how to get their attention: most business executives are run off their feet, so your email has to persuade them to give up at least a minute of their time. Make sure your subject line is catchy and your opening paragraph keeps them interested.

• Know what looks good: testing your emails across a variety of mailboxes (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc) and operating systems (Windows, Linux), making sure your formatting is correct down to the finest detail, and getting on top of spelling and grammar, is the first step to getting your email read and read again.

• Know how to get to the point: an abundance of B2B email marketing is now received on mobile hones, so content that is short and sweet has a better chance of being read than a long email without a clear call to action.

• Know when to sell: resist bombarding your recipient with deals, promises, customer testimonials or pricing information. B2B email marketing is different from B2C email marketing because the recipient is a business, not a consumer.

• Know what they want: remember that B2B recipients aren't spending their own money, so offering them perks that they can't use (such as coupons and discounts) isn't going to work. Try offering them access to VIP networking events, where anyone from the business can attend and the worth extends from gathering contacts rather than expendable items.

Ryan Owen Gibson is a copywriter for Design Logix, a full-service web agency providing dedicated web hosting, web design and email marketing solutions.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Online Marketing Tips - 6 Email Strategies

Online Marketing Tips - 6 Email Strategies

The internet has a fairly vast system in which you can market yourself or your company's product. It is crucial, however, in any case to follow the basic principles attached to these strategies. Online marketing through email is one route many use to get the word out about their business. The six important steps to achieving success are as follows:

1. Be yourself. Do not settle for following strict templates or talking about things like you don't care about them. Show a little personality and don't be afraid to enjoy what you're putting into it. People will respond positively if you create an environment that they will want to keep coming back to.

2. Make sure that your initial preparations are small. The little things can be difficult enough to manage, so make sure that you build a foundation on these before you branch out into more grand territories. This is achieved through creating an exclusive group of people you can trust to do business with.

3. Pick a vendor that you can trust. It is a basic concept but picking the right or wrong one can change everything in online marketing. Give your email recipients quality products, preferably products you have tested and liked. If you were impressed with the product then you can promote it honestly.

4. Stay compliant. Do not frustrate people or they will give you a bad name. Allow people to unsubscribe easily (and make sure it goes through) and only use addresses that people have submitted. Do not steal email addresses!!

5. Offer incentives to your customer. Because operating a small business allows you to have a different relationship with your followers (unlike a large corporation making an offer to the masses), offering something free of charge serves as a quality compliment to them.

6. Once you have everything together, the most important key to online marketing through email is to actually get the word out. Once you have created any amount of buzz, there is a short period of time that you have in which you can email your list of people before they forget.

Email can be the most successful way of online marketing if you go about it the right way. The possibilities are endless if you have a winning attitude. Be professional but don't forget to have fun. At the end of the day, it's your project so do what makes you the happiest and you will always find success!!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Top Ten Tips for Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

Top Ten Tips for Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

So here are the top ten tips for successful email marketing:

1. Professional Looking Template - Instead of sending out a generic email, take time to customize your template to reflect the colours, fonts and other branding elements of your business and website. Using the same email template for your messages will help the recipient recognize your firm and generate feelings of trust.

2. Personalise the Email - Use the recipient's name in your message whenever possible. Something as simple as customising the email in this way can make the recipient more likely to read through and act on your message.

3. Compelling Subject Line - The two second rule applies here - the recipient will scan the subject of the email and decide whether or not to open and read the communication. Therefore make the subject line as compelling as possible.

4. Email from a Person - Make sure that the email is from a person or firm name and not from an email address, this adds to the personalisation aspect of the communication and adds to the likelihood that the email will be opened and read.

5. Write Engaging Content - Ensure that the content provides a value proposition or presents a current issue and asks the recipient a question where a response is expected to generate involvement.

6. Click throughs to your Website - Wherever possible the ability to drive recipients back into your website from a link for more information, or to engage the recipient is the major benefit of using an email communication.

7. Call to Action - Each email you send should spell out exactly what you want the recipient to do. Make links obvious and call attention to any special directions you are providing. And it's okay to be repetitive when it comes to the call to action - include it toward the top of the message and mention it again at the end.

8. Sign your Email - Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails, as it's one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic to your website. This signature should include your personal details, your company details, and an unsubscribe link. You can use your signature to link back to your website, and even to other services.

9. Regular Send and Despatch - When sending an email to your subscribers, always make sure that it's sent on the same day, at the same time. For example, every Wednesday at 3pm. Your subscribers will come to "expect" your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day at the same time, meaning that they want to read your content and are generally more receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include.

10. Measure Results - You must be able to track who has opened your email communication, and better still to know who has clicked through on one of the links that direct the visitor to your website for more information or to complete a call to action form. Measuring which news items generated the most interest will help you to refine future communications.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The key benefit here is that any newsletter or email communication that you send will be an effective marketing tool for your firm. It should, of course, keep clients up to date with key information, promoting your firm as knowledgeable and strong on client relationships.

Email Marketing builds Customer loyalty

Building continued loyalty of existing clients cannot be taken for granted, particularly as your competitors become more aggressive in their marketing techniques. The newsletter is a way of retaining an existing client during times when that client is not using your service.

Please let us know if you found this article on Email Marketing of interest by contacting Peter Bowen at First One. Peter Bowen is a seasoned SEO Marketing specialist who has been involved with the internet since 1994 when he won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for developing an online internet shopping mall. He has developed software for learning and now concentrates his efforts on helping oth

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New Google Wave Will Change How We Email, Collaborate, Blog and Share Documents

New Google Wave Will Change How We Email, Collaborate, Blog and Share Documents

I recently watched a Google presentation video about a completely new technology/platform that Google Labs have been working on called Wave. From what I saw this will change how we use email how we communicate and how we collaborate.

First up is the email application, and I use email here as a very loose term. Email will no longer be the email that we know. Instead it will be a complete communication tool. As you type your message to the recipient of your choice, if you so choose, the recipient will be able to watch you type in real time. Now stop and think about that. I didn't say that once you hit the enter or send button the recipient will see your message, I said as you type the recipient will see your message as you type in real time. Now of course this is dependent on both parties being signed in and online simultaneously. However if one person is online and the other is not then as soon as the recipient signs in they see the message (Wave) and any additions or revisions that the sender may have made.

To take it a step further you will be able to add more people to the conversation simply by dragging them into the conversation window. Once the 3rd or 4th person gets dragged into the Wave (that's what it's going to be known as , The Wave) then that person or persons will see the entire conversation beginning to the present. But to take it even further anyone coming into the conversation will be able to literally replay the conversation from the beginning so that they get the whole message in context. Another really cool feature is the ability to respond to a comment or sentence within the message. So in other words lets say that within the message somewhere in the 3rd paragraph is a reference that you would like to respond to. You can enter a response directly below that line as opposed to the end of the full conversation and again the message will be see immediately or upon signing in.

Adding images is also innovative. If you were to drag images into the Wave then anyone who is online that is part of the Wave will see them immediately. The thumbnails will actually pop into the Wave before the images are even rendered on the screen that they were entered on. All in all pretty awesome. You can also extract the images or for that matter portions of the conversation to share with others without sharing the entire Wave.

This next feature blew me away. If you decide to you can share the Wave or parts of the Wave on a blog something akin to Google Maps API. The difference here is that if if someone makes a comment on the Wave that was embedded into the blog, it will also go directly to the Wave that is going on within the application and conversely one can respond to the comment from within the Wave and have the comment be published on the blog. You can also then continue the conversation within the Wave client or the blog or both. All of these features will also be available on an iPhones app and the Android all working together in real time.

There is a lot more that I can write about but I fear I may lose you or get boring. So why don't you go ahead and watch the Google You Tube video directly below this post for the rest of the story. I hope that you have enjoyed this and found it to be informative. If you did please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this new upcoming Wave.

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Email Campaign Management Myths

Email Campaign Management Myths

Apparently there are many different email campaign management myths. For some reason or another, myths have been circulating and many small businesses and individuals end up avoiding the use of email campaigns. However, marketing by email is one of the most cost effective ways to find new prospects and make more sales, so it's important to clear up these myths so your company can get started.
Email marketing takes too much time - One of the largest reasons that people don't participate in running their own email campaigns is how time consuming they have been led to believe it is. But actually, with all of the tools for email campaign management today it's quicker than it ever has been before. You'll be able to create, manage and optimize your campaigns in no time.
Email marketing costs too much money - There's no business out there that doesn't cite saving money on expenses as an important to do. However, email marketing doesn't have to break your budget. Many popular email service providers start their services at $ 10 or $ 15 per month. Additionally, most offer free trials that allow you to check out their services ahead of time to see if you like them and want to stick with them.
Email marketing is too hard to learn - As with any other kind of skill, you will need to learn through trial and error when it comes to email marketing. But that doesn't mean that it's overly hard or complex. It's actually pretty easy to get a hang of once you know some basic guidelines. The more you get involved the quicker and more effectively you'll learn email campaign management.
Email marketing just isn't worth it - Yes, there's a lot of SPAM out there and it can be hard to keep your messages out of the SPAM filters. But there's a lot of "SPAM" in all other communication channels as well. These are all the print, TV, radio, direct mail, telemarketing and so forth messages that people receive without prompting and aren't interesting in. So really, email marketing isn't any different in this regard. Studies routinely show that email marketing produces the lowest cost per acquisition of a new customer or a new sale than any other form of advertising or promotion.
If you listen to all the bad things that people said about running email campaigns, you'd never want to become involved. But your business can effectively use email campaign management once it knows the truth. The only thing holding you back is your willingness to get on the saddle and give it a try.

For more great resources and best practices visit Succeed @ Email Marketing for a comprehensive email marketing guide and everything you need to know about successful email campaign management.

Sign-Up Forms and Email Marketing

Sign-Up Forms and Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful channel, delivering marketing and advertising emails in promoting products and services of any size business, while developing their market share and ROI online.  Email marketing is just about the most dynamic method for marketing on the Internet.  Sending out customized content that engages its recipient is powerful and effective.

Creating an effective sign up web page needs to be a high priority on the agenda of every email and Internet marketer’s lists. Every single online website visitor and guest becomes a potential opt-in subscriber.  Your sign-up forms give the marketer ample opportunities to attract, appeal, and capture the interest of another potential prospect, converting them to a satisfied customer.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

1. The Perfect Location

Never make consumers search for a registration page. Place it in every vantage point all-around your website. For ideal visibility, place it towards the top right side of the page.  Place your sign-up forms on every page, especially your landing and homepage.

2. State your Privacy Policy

Assure your users that you will never sell or share their personal email addresses.  Create a short policy statement about the use and intent behind collecting their email addresses. Reaffirm you purpose and commitment to use the email addresses for the sole reasons mentioned.  You can always add a link at the end of the statement, giving them a more detailed privacy declaration, if you wish to add more content to your statement.

3. An Equal Exchange

No one wants to give away their personal email address without expecting something in return.  You need to use a little sales persuasion making your offer worth the exchange.  Provide a brief summary of what future communication would contain. Explain the benefits the recipients will derive.  Create a bit of excitement about the offer. Make it positive - but keep it honest.

4.  Email Marketing Frequency

Always let your recipients know how often they will be receiving your communications.  Successful email marketing is all about achieving expectations. If you don't meet or go beyond expectations, you lose the recipient. They might even report you as a spammer.  Adding an upfront promise of your email frequency is a crucial consideration in that promise. You don't need to give a precise timetable. But subscribers appreciate knowing if they will be receiving daily, weekly or quarterly communications.  They do not want to be overwhelmed with too many emails.  Your message frequency should be at intervals that your recipients appreciate.  Don't make them sorry they signed up.

5.  Clarity

Avoid complicated words that may sound really sophisticated and web savvy, but leave your users bewildered.  Make the sign-up process simple, easy, and clear.  Do not use words that most users are not familiar with.

6.  Provide Useful and Relevant Content

Make sure that what you are providing them is relevant and useful.  Doctors use their newsletters to inform people about medical updates, new surgeries, treatments, and offer suggestions of better homecare.  Whatever your niche, profession, or field, you have an audience needing advice, tips, and “how to instructions” in every field.  Sending information that will benefit your recipient, automatically benefits you.

7.  Give your Prospects a Voice

When you ask your prospects for their comments or suggestions, you give them an opportunity to start an honest conversation with you.  Implementing those suggestions, if relevant and practical, shows them you are serious about their opinions.  Take the time to thank them as well.  In a world filled with billions of digital conversations, it is nice to be recognized and treated as an individual.

8.  Don’t Create Suspicion

Do not ask for too much information.  Only ask for the basic information you need and will use.  Asking for someone’s work email, cell, and fax number is not appropriate.  Building customer relationships and gathering vital demographics takes time on your end, and trust on theirs.
Many email marketers never realize that their sign up forms are actually another great marketing tool and strategy.  Collecting live email addresses from interested opt-in prospects, can be the start of creating a lifelong customer and repeat purchases necessary for any size business to grow and remain solvent in today’s precarious economic climate.

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Google Wave - Replacing Email

Google Wave - Replacing Email

Vic Gundotra, Vice President, Engineering at Google began the proceedings of day 2 at Google I/O on an excited note - "Yesterday we promised you a surprise and this morning, Google would surprise you" The day ended with a continuous applause towards this product named Google Wave which is slated for a widely awaited release in one year. Google Wave is the brainchild of two brothers Lars Rasmussen and Jens Rasmussen along with Stephanie Hannon, who are the same people behind a widely acknowledged application known to all of us by the name of Google Maps.

What is the Google Wave Revolution?

Google Wave is all about objects called Waves and Wavelets. Google hopes that this technology would change the way people communicate and collaborate over the internet. Google believes that Google wave would be the next biggest thing after e-mail was founded forty years ago. What are all these objects named as waves and wavelets all about?

Is Wave going to become as synonymous as what Windows became in the 90's?

Waves are centralized communication objects that can be manipulated by any number of users from any location at the same time. The big buzz word that industry watchers predict would make Google Wave a success is its real-time capabilities. Done with the Definition, let us get into the intricate aspects of what has come to be known as the Google Wave Technology.

Email is by far the most popular way to communicate over the internet and was invented more than 40 years ago. There were no instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, project management solutions, in-browser communication clients, media sharing sites and collaborative editors back then. This led to e-mail becoming a separate entity, which happened to carry on for forty years. But now Google has decided to integrate every other technology that came later with what we call as e-mail in the best possible way, thereby making a giant leap ahead. Techies and evangelists say that is fine, but they instantaneously pop up a question- What is new with this?

How does wave differ from email?

Email essentially mimics snail mail where we write a message and send it to one or more recipients. Email can also relate messages into inter-conversations or threads. Wave by contrast starts out with a conversation as a lightweight tree structure of messages with a set of users participating in the conversation. Instead of individual messages sent back and forth, it consists of an entire conversation object as a shared object hosted somewhere. Users who participate can open up that wave (shared object) work with it, add something and exit. Every wave is stored in a centralized location and is accessible to all the users who have the permissions to use it and multiple users can update a wave at the same time concurrently and every user involved can observe the changes being made in real time.

Scenarios made possible by waves:

Scenario 1: You get an email with three questions or topics that it is concerned with.

Via Email: You hit on reply, read the mail back and forth and reply everything in a single message or otherwise you would edit the email you get by copying the questions that were asked, paste them in your reply mail, edit them again and paste in individual answers near each question and then you send it.

Wave: Since in a wave everything is a shared object, you open the wave as a centralized message and there is no specific editing required as you can type anything at any location of the message in the wave and you can close it.

Scenario 2: When two users are communicating online. (2100Science likes this!)

Via Chat: You send a message to a user called Mr. X and then you wait all long while he is typing your reply. This is just the usual way of chatting that we all know of.

Wave: While chatting, you don't need to wait until the other user types "enter/return" to receive his message. So you won't have to wait all long, staring at blinking messages that show that Mr. X is typing. What happens is real time communication. So every letter that is typed by a person is seen in real time by the other person just as if he is sitting beside you and watching your own chat screen! No enter-and-wait business.

Big Picture: Now the bigger scenario is that, this kind of real time communication is not just limited to typing or chatting but also to any other work that is being done together. Everything is real time and multiple people can work together. Everything like blogging, coding, chatting, authoring, designing, painting, social networking, studying, content developing, researching, media sharing, project developing and anything and everything you can think of doing online can be done together by multiple people with all of them being able to collaborate, add, delete and update a work/tool in real time without any conflict or concurrency problems.

Embedding a wave would change the way we use the web:

Waves come with a feature that they can be embedded on any web page with utmost ease. Once a wave is embedded on a page, authorized users can come together and discuss or work with that page. Waves can be embedded on Orkut, Twitter and Facebook and on any other page you would like to have your wave embedded into. A wave embedded on Orkut can be accessed both by your non-Orkut contacts and the Orkut contacts that you have. The creator of the wave does have full rights to grant access to the users he would like to work with. Google provides the developer community with a set of Embedding API's for working with their tools in order to provide a smooth platform for allowing the embedding of waves in various software products and web services. Google wave also allows for embedding of multiple waves on a single page and provides a search panel which can be embedded using the Embed API to allow users to search from a collection of waves provided on a single page. Example: Users can use an embedded wave to change a caption in their blog without actually visiting the blog. In short, waves allow for live editing and live authoring of content all over the web.

Heck a lot of freedom gives way to dangerous collisions?

When multiple users from multiple locations are allowed to edit the same piece of work at the same time, won't it cause collisions and unwanted mishaps with the data involved? Google Wave has an answer to this and considers the following features to be an important driving force:

Playback: playback can be used to see the order of edits of every user involved for the sake of accountability and everyone on the wave can see who did what. The changes are very specifically displayed and are even highlighted with different colors and comments so as to make things easy. The playback is provided with a slider which can be used to go through the history of any wave. Specific playback features are also available and they allow for focusing on the history of just one paragraph or only one user's versions.

Fresh Wave: When a team is done with working on a wave and decides to publish the work with all the latest versions collected from the users and integrated into a single version, Google Wave allows for the operation in a click of a button through a feature called Fresh Wave.

Google Wave comes with a set of inbuilt algorithms and protocols that work in the backend to allow for real time usage, concurrency control and collision prevention measures. The demo at Google I/O showed four people editing a document at the same time. One person worked on italicizing while the other took on underlining at a concurrent timeline. One person was able to zoom a Google Map, while the other was able to explore it at the same time.

Some more amazing features

Wavelinks: Wavelinks allow for interlinking of different waves and come with a feature where we can pick up waves and drag-drop them at required locations.

Context Sensitive Spell Checker: Google wave comes with a one of a kind spell checker that detects and corrects errors based on not just spelling and grammar, but also takes into account the contextual usage of every word.

Example: "Icland is an Icland", was corrected in a contextual manner into "Iceland is an island".

"Bean so long" became "Been so long", and "been soup" was corrected into "bean soup".

Google says that the context sensitive spell checker is based on state of the art language processing techniques where it also takes into account a language model while matching the used words with the verbal databases.

Link Checker: Link checker automatically checks for the validity of a link before turning it into a hyperlink.

Client Side Extensions: Google maintains and works with all the internal API's but has put all the external API's into the public domain, thereby allowing for developers to develop exciting extensions that are based on Google Wave technology.

Example client side extensions based on Google Wave technology

Polly the pollster: Polly is an extension that was created based on Google Wave technology, and it allows for collaborative creation and filling of forms where one user can fill a question while another fills another question while a third user creates options, all at the same time thereby terrifically increasing the efficiency and throughput of the work involved.

Twave: Twave is an extension that integrates waves to communication systems like twitter thereby allowing for collaborative communication into twitter directly though Google waves. The twave terminology would now probably sound like- 'Twave reply got tweeted by tweety in twitter'!

Linky: Linky is an extension that adds links automatically while we type after validating the link for authenticity.

Searchy: Searchy is an extension that lets you search the internet through the application and integrates the searched content into a specified wave.

Buggy: Buggy is an extension that allows us to interact with bug tracking software and easily administers debugging through multiple professionals thereby increasing efficiency and accountability.

"Federations" allow for Inter organization Google Wave technology, just like an Intranet

Federation is another new entity introduced by Google Wave Technology where it allows for any organization to build personalized waves and then allows it to give usernames to its users. These inter organizational wave systems also allow for real time concurrency control, collision prevention mechanisms and on top of it allow the organizational waves to be a specific entity where they are allowed to coexist privately among many other such Federations. All the waves in a Federation are made private entities and do not allow outsiders to access them.

Google Wave is completely Open Source and has been completely built with Google Web Tool Kit that lets developers to write html5 applications in java and automatically translates them into html, java script, CSS, or as required by the web browser.

Official Google Wave Links

Product home: (sign up form for notifications)
API Site : (API's and GWT)
Protocol: (hosts protocol drafts and whitepapers)

Praneeth Vepakomma (2100Science) -The Ultimate Source For Science & Technology Videos.

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Email Marketing Success is during the Details

Email Marketing Success is during the Details

It is no secret why email marketing is here to stay (seventy eight% of finish users have created an acquisition as a result of an email). What does stay mysterious, however, is the way to execute effective email campaigns that break through all of the "clutter" being sent today. Sadly for several email marketers, the task of emailing looks all too straightforward, and relatively inexpensive. For this reason, very little thought is put into planning the details of their campaign. And, one thing we tend to all grasp for positive is that the devil is during the details. Email is one of the most effective ways to remain "high-of-mind," even when your target is not yet within the shopping for cycle. Therefore, I provide the following email marketing tips and resources to help you be more successful: It's Perpetually About The Target Market: I know. This is often a no-brainer. However is it? How several of you have got received emails that have nothing to try to to along with your life or wants? You surprise, why did they send this to me? Your email campaign can be exponentially more successful if you're certain that your list is the right target market for what you're promoting. Furthermore, you may forestall list fatigue if you phase your list and run additional targeted campaigns to every section, instead of the same provide to your complete list. For instance, consider offers relevant to your customers only, hot leads within the pipeline, prospects who have engaged you in some way, suspects who are on your list, however have shown no activity, etc. Value-Added Content Is King: The simplest manner to confirm your email can be browse and your reader can respond is to incorporate worth-added content in virtually each email promotion. In fact, every company ought to have an email newsletter (even if it's fast tips or a single article) they send out every month. Then re-use this content in all alternative promotional email campaigns. Giving your email recipients info they'll use can build credibility around your company and its email efforts, ultimately improving your email campaign results. Deliverability Is the 1st Success Milestone: It's reported that 20% of permission-based mostly email gets blocked before even reaching its intended target. To boost deliverability, I advocate you: Perceive the triggers for spam filters: Deliverability of your email is of paramount importance to the general success of the campaign. Several companies and individuals alike are engaging spam filter software. Some tips to avoid the foremost common filter criteria embody: 1. Keep the subject line underneath fifty characters 2. Avoid spam filter "words" like, Click Below/Click Here, free, order, etc. 3. Never include attachments 4. Keep image links to a minimum-the additional graphics in your email, the upper the prospect your message will be filtered Monitor your hardbounces: Keep your list clean. The additional hardbounces you send to, the additional ISPs mark you as a "spammer." Send your emails with authentication: This is often how the ISPs apprehend you're who you say you are. There are three main ways that of doing this: SPF, SenderID, and DomainKeys. Avoid spam traps and blacklists: Spam traps are when you have an email in your list that has been specifically set up to find spammers. This email may get on your list in many ways in which (i.e. someone registers the e-mail to intentionally mess with you) and there is very little you'll do concerning it. The simplest way to stay yourself clean is to monitor the blacklists to confirm you are not on them (SBL or XBL (CBL + Blitzed OPM), SpamCop, NJABL to call a few). Legitimate emailers will find themselves on these list. The secret's being as responsive as you'll be able to to any activity there. Timing IS Everything: And though there are some nice studies on email response time and statistics, it really comes back to YOUR audience. You may wish to run some tests to find the simplest time for your email campaigns. For every check, examine open rates, click-thru rates, and conversion rates to work out your best "email window" and then execute your email campaigns during those times. This metric can shift with the wind though, thus persevere top of it and regulate your timing as necessary. Opt-out is NOT an Option: Make certain every email message includes opt-out language and links. This is not an option. If people need to unsubscribe from future email communication, you want to honor that. But, your unsubscribe numbers will be reduced if your emails almost forever embody the price-add content we talked about earlier. And if your distribution tool permits for it, personalize your emails (i.e. Dear name) for a better retention rate. There are many more techniques I've learned over the years, but follow the following tips as a checklist for your next email marketing campaign and you're sure to notice the difference! And, do not forget to TEST, TEST, and TEST again-before you send. An email with broken links or typos is a marketer's WORST nightmare!

Jeff Patterson has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Email Marketing, you can also check out his latest website about Skate Shoes On Sale Which reviews and lists the best lakai skate shoes

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Email Marketing Agency From Xpresso Marketing

Email Marketing Agency From Xpresso Marketing

Xpresso Marketing specializes in helping companies grow their business through dynamic email marketing. They offer email marketing solutions for small businesses. Xpresso develops marketing strategies that will strengthen your online presence and increase sales and referrals. Xpresso Marketing, an Email marketing Agency offers you a very cost-effective and timely way to reach your customers and prospects. With an effective email marketing program, you can build customer loyalty and brand recognition which will show up in more sales and referrals. For Opt in Email Marketing, there are some of the ways they help you build a strong and effective email marketing program. List Building that helps you build and segment your contact list for more targeted and effective email campaigns. Compelling Subject Lines that increase your email's open rate by writing compelling subject lines that clearly state the benefit for your readers. Value-Driven Content that is by developing and writing editorial content that is useful and timely, we help you increase readership and foster customer loyalty. Dynamic Design where your brand identity is carried through in the email design to reinforce your company's image and core benefits. They also maximize the use of links, to drive traffic to your website and social networks. Social Media & Website Integration which is to help build your contact list, we set up email sign up on your website, social networks and blogs. We also integrate social media into your email communications. Finally Delivery, Tracking & Testing where your emails are delivered and tracked using an email service provider. We also provide strategic analysis and testing to determine the most effective subject lines, email content and delivery times.

Xpresso help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow through effective email marketing. To do this, they create email communications that deliver value and consistently showcase your brand identity. This way you are always presenting a professional and focused message to your target audience. They understand the needs of small business owners and they know that they are pulled many different ways and as a result marketing plans can suffer. For small business owners that don't have the time to learn email marketing. We develop and manage your email marketing for you. This service program includes Initial Set-up with the Development of a comprehensive Email Marketing Plan, Development of an Editorial and Promotions Calendar, Constant Contact* Account Setup, Customized Email Template, Customized Client Contact Screens, Customized E-Newsletter Masthead & Template, Contact List and Image Uploads.

Xpresso Marketing specializes in helping companies grow their business through dynamic email marketing. They offer email marketing solutions for small businesses. Xpresso develops marketing strategies that will strengthen your online presence and increase sales and referrals. Xpresso Marketing, an  Email marketing Agency offers you a very cost-effective and timely way to reach your customers and prospects.

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