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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2011 China Electronics Industry Summit

2011 China Electronics Industry Summit
Next year will be held January 9-10, "2011 China Electronics Industry Summit", is this session of the Beijing Book the highlight of all activities, from the topics and speaker line-up will be the scene of view, this is a real sense of the e-book industry summit. Similar forums in the past is different is that the summit is not only gathered so many HW terminal operators and technology providers of hardware, but also attract a large number of Gucci outlet often overlooked in the past content providers peace summit Taiwanese, especially those with a large number of traditional publishing high-quality content resources providers, this summit is not only concerned about the electronics, more concerned about the book.
The two-day summit is divided into four of four themes, namely, Present and Future of China's e-book industry, digital transformation of traditional publishing strategy of choice, e-book market, distribution problems, as well as e-books and other copyright tangle. Reporter learned from the Summit Organizing Committee, the summit will focus on five major focus.
How the Chinese book market collapsed?
U.S. e-book market in 2010 has reached 10 billion U.S. dollars of the scale of the mass book market has accounted for 10%, and increased to 50% within five years. The scale of the world's electronic reader the second in China, but not only electronic books, tiny e-book market, basically the whole e-book industry did not start Gucci outlet online in the impasse, the crux of the problem and where is? Momochi Academy of newly published research by several Ph.Ds this is known as a professional research team, spent nearly a year, which has been systematically studied, the results of their research, "2011 Report of the Chinese book industry" will be in the published on the summit. It is reported that they proposed a simple framework and full explanatory power: why the United States can be interpreted as e-book industry so successful? Why the Chinese e-book industry is so intertwined? E-book industry, but also how the Chinese Bureau of suggestions broken, and the future of China and the world to make e-book industry outlook and forecast. This should be the first rigorous study on the e-book industry, concerned about the books people would like to preview.
Dangdang eBook distribution platform to become a boss it?
As we all know, Amazon is the largest U.S. book sales platform, accounting for more than 70% market share of e-books. China's e-book platform, who is the boss? China is the original Amazon Amazon or Amazon Knock Dangdang China? Dangdang just in the United States, to enter the market before Dangdang high-profile e-book market, the CEO of any pro-Li Guoqing, general manager of digital publishing. Li Guoqing, the summit will serve as guest speakers. As China's largest e-commerce book sites, e-books in China next year Dangdang industry is how to layout? E-book industry in China What is the role?
At the same time, traditional bookstores also like finding a place in the e-book distribution pattern. In fact the traditional bookstore market opportunities in the e-book is far less pessimistic than imagined, the largest U.S. bookstore chain Barnes & Noble's electronic bookstore NooK super-company market share than Apple's iBook is also high. Chinese version of the Association Deputy Secretary-General Mark K. Huang, Xinhua Bookstore, the largest Phoenix, Zhou Bin, president of Xinhua in Hong Kong and China market and opened the first e-book, the Xinhua Bookstore - Zhang Jian, Asics Shoes director of information Winshare will share their ideas.
How to quickly complete the traditional publishing digital transformation?
The rapid development of the United States a successful e-book experience is that traditional publishers have mostly completed the digital transition quickly to keep up with the rapid development of e-book market. Langdon and other major publishers such as e-book income this year has reached 10% of its GDP. E-book market in China is an important reason for the deadlock digital transformation of traditional publishing house far behind, how can we accelerate? How to choose transformation mode and path? How to use technology to promote effective change? Publication Management Division of GAPP Oh Sang of the Shanghai Century Publishing Group President Chen Xin, CEO Hefei Peng Cite Taiwan, China Science Publishing Group chairman Liu Jianyao, Commercial Press, general manager at Lee Hall, the king of CITIC Publishing House Bin, president of Shen Haobo sharpens iron culture, the world's leading provider of digital publishing technology such as PTC Wang Xia, Senior Manager, guests will focus on these issues.
Copyright knot how to crack e-book?
No country is more complex than the Chinese e-book issues, why technology providers peace Taiwan has spent so much money can not buy a decent eBook rights? Why does not the publisher of the Chinese as foreign publishers have most power out of copyright? Why is the introduction of Chinese books generally do not have e-book version of copyright? How to license and access to e-book copyright, senior expert on copyright, the Copyright Division inspectors and Publication Administration Xu Chao, Deputy General Manager of the Big Apple copyright Lv Guangdong, Wang Jing, general manager of the Phoenix Hachette, Kodansha, general manager of China Liu Yue , text book, co Zhang Hongbo, Yang Hongying super best-selling author will provide the professional interpretation.
Digital reading how the market upgrade?
Web-based and mobile digital reading is a unique digital publishing landscape is different from abroad, despite the rapid growth of the market hot, but they invariably encounter a problem that bottlenecks and market growth ceiling, how to upgrade to better quality and more the larger the value of the reading market is the next challenge they face? Original literary Chinese largest book site grand Chinese Hou Xiaoqiang, CEO, China's largest base of mobile reading platform for mobile reading, general manager of Dai and Zhong, China, Xiao Wei, general manager of telecommunications base Tianyi read how to think and respond?

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

"panda" Turned Out To: Local R & D Team Of Growth - Oscilloscope - Electronics

"panda" Turned Out To: Local R & D Team Of Growth - Oscilloscope - Electronics
A complete design team surgeon from China, specifically optimized for the Chinese market to meet the local test and measurement needs world-class performance Oscilloscopes How R & D come from? With the Tektronix "Panda" series Oscilloscopes Are more and more attention of correspondents and Tektronix Development Center of China's elite team of intimate contact, to explore "Panda" oscilloscope interesting people and things behind, listen to R & D engineers from the line the most sincere feelings.

Chance to share the "Panda" series oscilloscopes development process? Why the name "Panda"?

Tektronix Development Center in China started in 2005, our corporate culture driven by engineers, so special attention to the construction team of engineers. After 5 years of development, engineers grow. With many companies in different R & D in China, our engineers have complete autonomy, the definition of product from concept to production the entire process, not only provides support for entry-level products, but also bear the next generation desktop family of devices based R & D work.

Research began that year, "Kung Fu Panda" The film swept the world, the film's protagonist is a very cute panda, willing to use their abilities to help others. We hope this new scope, the world-class products more user-friendly image is passed to all users. "Panda" is our internal development code, when in the market, it follows the name.

Panda oscilloscope TDS1000B-SC is completely developed by the China Centre for eight core engineers responsible for developing the implementation. Tektronix has available before the decade is still a popular TDS1000 Series oscilloscopes, "Panda" series is based on the development of this product on the part of the function is optimized and improved, to be closer to the needs of Chinese engineers. We do a detailed needs analysis, determined to increase the functionality, under the coordination of the project manager to determine the framework, software and hardware engineers to complete the development of rigorous testing to enter the final production processes.

New "Panda" series which features added? Is how to meet the needs of Chinese engineers?

First, we increased the support of the Chinese panel. And customer contacts as well as in universities and Cooperation Found that the large number of young engineers in China, a survey showed that 44% of Chinese engineers between the ages of 20-30 years. Oscilloscope menu option there are many terms, often stands for the young engineers and students in school, understanding and learning of English abbreviations to time some of them, while the Chinese are more easy to them quickly get started. Chinese panel therefore decided to provide support.

Early in development, the availability of the Chinese team had differences with the panel. Because for many years, has been familiar with the environment and terminology in English engineers, the English panel more in line with their usage. How to balance the needs of all the engineers? We finally decided to offer Chinese language panel, while providing an optional menu of Chinese and English. And this approach not only to take into account the characteristics of the Chinese market, but also does not limit the product range in the local market.

Color display is another important function. Not only because of aesthetic considerations, in the two channels when the input waveform, with different colors show different channel waveforms, more convenient for users. In addition, we also made a USB interface to a large degree of increase.

Readers can share and interesting story development process?

USB interface on the testing process is very interesting. Domestic manufacturers produce a lot of U disk, product variety, quality uneven. When we are in software testing, specially went to the market to buy a lot of kinds of U disks, one by one to do testing to ensure that most of the U disk can be identified. That period was particularly difficult, because often the problem is not the Tektronix software, U disk itself does not recognize the problem led to the situation occur.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Digital Book World Conference and Consumer Electronics Show: Past and Present

Digital Book World Conference and Consumer Electronics Show: Past and Present

A number of conferences dealing with electronic technology occur on a regular basis. Two of these are the Digital Book World Conference and the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Digital Book World Conference, a conference on publishing and digital change, is for all book-publishing professionals. This includes senior management, editors, agents, marketers, digital strategists, and others. It is unique in that it helps publishers address business challenges created by digital change.

The first annual Digital Book World Conference took place in New York City January 26-27, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Planners of the conference conceived the idea in June, put together the Conference Council in July, and drafted the initial program in August. They geared panels and talks towards the changing digital book business. It had three main themes: Evolving the Business Model, EBooks: Opportunity or Threat, and Marketing in the Digital Age. Topics discussed included management of digital rights, pricing of eBooks, and timing of eBook releases. The goal was to provide an outstanding program with expert speakers for attendees to takeaway practical ideas, and to include sponsors and exhibitors capable of offering appropriate tools for implementing the strategies individuals learned about at the conference.

Attendees were professionals from five continents representing more than 240 publishing companies including Digital, Barnes&, Crown Publishing Group, Google, HarperCollins, Macmillan, National Geographic Society, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, Random House, as well as many others. Individuals from all areas of book acquisition, production, and distribution were present at the conference. Among them were CEOS, Senior Agents, Directors of Marketing & Sales, Editorial Directors, Directors of Strategic Partnerships, and Directors of Digital Assets.

The second annual conference, Digital Book World 2011, coming up January 24-26, will again be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York City. The theme this year is Managing Risks; Seizing Opportunities. On Monday, January 24, conference attendees can participate in three-hour workshops in the areas of eBook Design and Production, Content Strategy and Transmedia Development, and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and Sales.

Planning for this year's conference is well ahead of last year's schedule. As they plan for the upcoming conference organizers need to predict what the relevant digital change questions will be and what will be relevant to the target audience of book-publishing professionals in January 2011.

The Conference Council, a group of about 30 made up of CEOs, representatives from large and small publishing houses, retailers, digital strategists, retailers, and independent leaders, will plan the programs and choose speakers who will address the relevant issues and problems that trade publishers are facing as they move into digital publishing. Not only is the technology of e-readers progressing rapidly, but e-Ink technology is improving alongside it opening new horizons for digital reading. According to the review "What's Next in e-Ink Technology", the new generation color E Ink products are certainly crisper and offer better resolution and color reproduction that anything else seen to date and we expect to see electronic ink begin to compete with LCD displays (Digital Book Readers).

Another conference, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) puts on this technology-related trade show, which is not open to the public. Attendees must have a professional affiliation with consumer electronics. The CEA reinvests all profits from the show. They go towards such things as industry promotion and services, technical training and education, development of engineering standards, and legislative advocacy.

Originally, in 1967, CES was held in New York. Then in 1978, it started being held twice a year. In 1998 the show once again changed and went back to the once a year format. The CES gained popularity in 2004 after Comdex was cancelled.

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, held January 7-10, had an attendance of more than 120,000. The most impressive e-book readers at the show were Skiff Reader and Plastic Logic Que proReader รข€“ touchscreen devices with integrated 3G. Also at that show, several companies announced 3D-compatible HDTVs and four companies announced standalone 3D Blu-ray players. Intel demonstrated a new Wireless Display technology (WiDi), and Motorola introduced the new Backflip Smartphone.

The next CES, January 6-9, 2011, will have more than 300 conference sessions covering every aspect of the consumer electronics industry. The full conference lineup will be available October 1, 2010.

Marco Gustafsson is author of articles about ebook readers, e-inc technology and e-books. For more information visit Digital Book Readers - eBook readers guide with reviews and secrets to choose a good portable e-Reader.

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