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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Finding Good Survey Sites Can Be So Much Easier Nowadays

Finding Good Survey Sites Can Be So Much Easier Nowadays

It's almost as if the good survey sites have mysteriously disappeared. The truth is that they're all still there, it's just getting harder to find any of them. In fact, most people "never" find them. They can all be found, though, and all it really takes is one very simple switch in how you are searching for good survey sites.

I will go ahead and break this down for you, because it's actually very simple. There aren't any complicated algorithms or anything like that. It's just one fast change. The change is needed because of how many people use search engines to look for places to do surveys. I will tell you this right now: It's a very bad way to find any of the good survey sites out there. The better paying places hardly ever show up in their lists nowadays. They are not included. The only places that come up in those lists are these newer types of websites that laugh all the way to the bank, because they keep most of the cash for themselves. They pad their own pockets.

We don't have to settle for that any more. I know exactly how to find so many of the good survey sites out there, which give absolute top dollar for their surveys. So, how is all of this possible, you ask? It's possible because of larger forums. They are the ultimate tool for getting the inside scoop about the best places. It's so simple, too. If you head on over to their archive section, you can instantly pull up tons of topics about surveys.

Once you have all of those topics up, which you can do using the handy search tool they have, just pick out a couple of the bigger ones. You just dive in and skim through a few of them at your leisure. You will bump into so much great input and inside knowledge, because people are constantly comparing the different good survey sites they've found. You get to figure out where guys and gals are actually being paid well and which websites always have high payments.

Finding good survey sites can be one of the easier things you ever do on the web today.

Here is a Top5 List of Good Survey Sites.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Digital Marketing Has Never Been Easier!

Digital Marketing Has Never Been Easier!
Ever dream about high website conversion ratios? Salivate at the opportunity to make a sale or pitch to a potential client? Or maybe, just maybe, you are intrigued with the opportunity at providing top customer service? is the solution for you at an affordable price that destroys the competition.

Interact with website visitors like never before to answer their questions and pitch them on your products at a personal level. Your great SEO skills and website design brought them here, now, just seal the deal via live chat and watch your business grow.'s easy software integration allows you to start using the chat software almost immediately. The platform can easily connect to Yahoo IM, ICQ, Google Talk and others with just a few clicks to allow a more convenient chat. Visitors can also request a transcript of the chat room session by entering their email address so that they may recall the details at a later date. is a hosted application (SAS software as a service). This translates into less usage of your hosting disk space, bandwidth, and overall server taxing. It also means that the software will be maintained and updated automatically by us - saving you time do increase your conversion and sales.

For those who use a blog platform, or an e-commerce application system to run the front end and back end of your website, has made it even easier to integrate the software directly with the your current platform - current supported platforms include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, and Magneto. Simple download the chat application from the website, log into your back end administration panel and proceed with the usual steps of installing a module. This will automatically add a live chat button to your website, all you have to decide is where in the layout it should go.

Other features include; visitor chat distribution to the next available operator, multiple language support for a global economy, customizable graphics and features to brand it your own, an intuitive administration panel, visitor mapping function and lastly, the platform allows an operator to have several sessions open at the same time to increase your efficiency and call rate per hour.

An amazing feature of the platform is that it allows the webmaster or chat operator to see real time visitors on the website and either initiate a chat window request manually or use the auto invite feature. This is truly a simple and easy to use website chat software that will allow you to increase your conversion rate quickly and steadily. What more could you ask for in a live help software?

Website chat software is crucial for your network of websites to succeed in todays social environment, partnering with at an affordable $ 4.99 per month with no contract per seat is a wise decision. Whats more is that you can use that one operator seat and software to operate multiple websites there is no need to purchase the software for each individual website.

Website Chat Software will allow you to turn your visitors into profitable customers with instant sales no more waiting and praying for conversions. We understand that your time is precious and we want to help you spend it wisely, so get to know your customers on a personal level and grasp onto this amazing Live Help Application to increase your return on your investment today. Better yet, provides a free 30-day trial of their software because they know you will love it and there are no strings attached (no credit card required for free trial).

Alan Jones currently manages the Marketing Operations of Provide Live Help ( ), the developers of a State of the Art Live Help Chat Software. Do visit us at for more information about our state of the art Live Chat Software.