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Thursday, October 5, 2017

What To Know More About The Earth Summit 2002?

What To Know More About The Earth Summit 2002?

The Earth Summit, aka The World Summit on Sustainable Development aka (for those in the know) Rio plus 10, is the follow up conference from The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio, Brazil in 1992.

The theme of this summit is people, planet and prosperity and the summit is aiming to produce a practical plan for governments to work on and, unlike with previous summits, will be looking to do this in partnership with business, NGOs and civil societies movements.

So what is the grand plan?

We don't know yet but the summit aims to cover a very ambitious range of topics, some people think too ambitious and in this sense the summit may be setting itself up to fail.

In Rio, a plan of action was drawn up for governments to tackle urgent global issues in sustainable development- such as Climate Change, bio-diversity, health, poverty and corporate responsibility.

But Rio has failed to deliver on much of its promise and this summit presents a second chance for the world to get it right before it really is too late.

What is this Sustainable Development business?

Sustainable Development is one of those catch all terms that can mean everything or nothing. Essentially it's about balancing social, environmental and economic concerns so the interests of one are not furthered at the expense of the others.

It's also about ensuring the resources we currently use in industrial nations are not at the expense of poorer people and that developments must ensure the current gap between rich and poor is narrowed. The most accepted definition comes from the World Commission on Environment and Development, which defines sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What are the critical issues for the upcoming Johannesburg Earth Summit?

The summit is expected to come up with concrete and practical ways to achieve the targets in sustainable development that came out of the Rio summit. The plan is expected to include more imaginative and inclusive ways for governments to work in partnership with ngos and the private section. Kofi Annan (Secretary General, United Nations) has identified five priority areas for the summit to cover. These are water, energy, agricultural productivity, bio-diversity and health. Tied in with this is the overall issue of poverty reduction, seen as perhaps the most controversial area for the summit.

Poor nations, especially those in Africa, feel Rio and the priorities addressed since then have marginalized the issues of poverty, pointing to the fact that in the last 10 years the gap between rich and poor has widen. African per capita income in 1980 was 10% greater than it was in 2000 and throughout the world almost 1.2 billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day.

The other critical issues on the agenda include:

Energy and climate change

Education and literacy

Use of new technology and closing the gap between North and South

Corporate accountability



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Friday, September 29, 2017

Add Some Egyptian Earth

Add Some Egyptian Earth

"If a man finds a corpse for the first time (Without previously having found a corpse in the same spot, and without knowing that it was there) lying in the usual position he may remove it together with the soil it occupies. If he finds two, he may remove them together with the soil they occupy: Where is this law of the soil [a corpse] occupies to be found in the Torah? R. Judah said: The verse says, "You shalt carry me out of Egypt," [signifying] carry with me [some Egyptian soil]." (Nazir 65a)

Even though Jacob was never buried in Egypt, we can rely on this verse to support the law. (Tosafot Yom Tov in the name of the Rambam)

Perhaps, Jacob's request to be buried in Israel with some Egyptian earth was to indicate to his family that he would remain connected to them as long as they would remain in Egypt.

It is also possible that Jacob wanted some of the earth from outside Israel to be placed in his grave as a gesture to Joseph, whose mother, Rachel, was buried "along the way." This would explain why his request to add some Egyptian earth was only mentioned to Joseph, and not when Jacob repeated his instructions to his other children.

One of the members of my congregation in Saratoga Springs wanted to have her husband buried on their farm. It took a few years for her to file all the necessary paperwork and, after having me dedicate the "cemetery" according to Halacha, was ready to have him disinterred from his grave in Long Island, and rebury him on the farm.  She watched as I scooped some earth from his original resting place and wondered why.  I explained the law of "Tefusah," taking some earth from the original resting place, and that we were honoring the place that held him until he was buried in his permanent grave. She didn't respond, and sat silently for the entire ride from Long Island back to her farm high up on a hill near Saratoga. Once the crane lowered the concrete box into the freshly dug grave, she asked me for the container of soil so that she could pour it into his final resting place. "This earth is a symbol of his journey through life even after his physical death. Long Island wasn't a "holding space," it was part of his journey. Thank you."

Author Info: Learn & discover the Divine prophecies with Rabbi Simcha Weinberg from the holy Torah, Jewish Law, Mysticism, Kabbalah and Jewish Prophecies.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Google Earth Video Tour

Google Earth Video Tour

How to create a Google Earth Video Tour

Google's virtual globe software lets you do all sorts of cool things, from exploring shipwrecks to getting up-to-date weather forecasts. One of my favorite features is the ability to create and share video tours. If you've been on holiday you can use the software to relive your adventures, flying from location to location, and returning to all the sights you saw along the way. You can add descriptions for each place, complete with links and photos, and even record a narration to go with it - a bit like a director's commentary. Recorded tours can be saved in Google Earthy exported to your hard disk, emailed and shared online.

1. To create a tour, fly to the starting point and zoom in until you're at the right position. Click the Add Placemark icon. A yellow pushpin will appear. Click and drag this into place. You can also manually adjust the Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates. Give the location a name.
2. You can change the pushpin placement icon to something else by clicking it and selecting one of the alternative choices. You can alter its color, scale and opacity, too. Google Earth also lets you use custom icons. Just click the button and browse for a suitable image file.
3. You can enter a description for the location, use HTML and add links. Style, Color lets you change the color, size and opacity of the label and icon. You can fine-tune the placemark's default 3D position, including its range, heading and tilt, under View. Click ‘Snapshot current view' to save it.
4. Click OK and the first stop on your tour will be added to the My Places panel. If you need to make changes, right-click the entry and select Properties, it's worth creating a folder for all the placemarks. Right-click My Places and select Add, Folder. Give it a name and description.
5. Drag the first place into your new folder. Fly to your next destination, create a Placemark for it, and save it to the folder. Repeat the process for your other stops. When you've finished, click on the folder. You'll see a little Play Tour icon at the bottom of the panel. Click this to begin your tour.
6. Google Earth will now fly you from location to location, pausing briefly at each Placemark along the way. A set of controls at the bottom left will let you pause, resume, rewind and fast-forward through the locations. You can also loop the tour. The controls will fade out of view when not in use.
7. Adjust the speed of the tour by going to Tools, Options and clicking the Touring tab. Use the sliders to change the length of time between features and the wait at each one. You can have Google Earth display a balloon showing information about each stop.
8. Click the 'Record a Tour' (camera) icon. This will open the recording tools. Zoom out of Google Earth to the 'world view', and then click the Record button to record your tour. Explore the first location, rotating around interesting buildings, and then click the next stop in your folder to fly there.
9. The Audio button lets you add optional narration. When you finish recording your tour, click the Record button again and Google Earth will play it back. If you're happy with the results, click the Save icon and give the tour a name and description. It will appear in the My Places panel.
10. To share your tour, right click it. Share/Post will let you upload it to one of the Google Earth Community forums. Just select the board you want, sign up or log in, and complete the post. Email will let you send the tour, as a KMZ attachment via Gmail or your default email program.

By: Francis David

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Uninstall Google Earth - How to uninstall Google Earth easily?

Uninstall Google Earth - How to uninstall Google Earth easily?

Most of the time, you may need to uninstall Google Earth if your subscription has expired or your current installation has gone corrupt. Due to a large number of products installed with MacAfee, sometimes it is difficult to ensure a complete uninstall just by using the normal uninstallation process. In this article, you will learn about the methods that you can use to ensure that all Google Earth components are removed from the system when you uninstall them.

Method one: How to manually uninstall Google Earth?

1. Close the Google Earth program running before removing the application. Any running application will not be uninstalled, because active processes cannot be deleted.

2. Browse the 'Start' menu. Find and select the 'Control Panel' icon.

3. Click on 'Add or Remove Programs' icon. This will open the list of programs currently installed on the computer. Scroll down the menu to look for the Google Earth application on the list.

4. Clicking on the list item will open the selected program's 'add/remove' options. Click the 'remove' button on the Google Earth product to uninstall. The process will start and as it performs, it will also show the progress of the uninstallation.

5. when the uninstall process is done, it will prompt the user to restart the computer. This is done so that the system registry may be deleted of the program entry.

Google Earth should now be uninstalled from your system after the reboot. If in case the system uninstaller was not able to remove it, proceed the steps below to automatically uninstall Google Earth from your computer.

Method Two: How to automatically uninstall Google Earth?

You must use the automatic removal process only if you are unable to uninstall Google Earth products using the normal uninstallation method. This process helps to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all associated entries.

1. To perform automatic Google Earth removal you can download the most powerful uninstaller.

2. In the File Download dialog box, select the Save button and save the uninstaller on the Desktop

3. Next, close all Google Earth programs running on your PC and double-click the.exe file to install the uninstaller on your computer.

4. Run the uninstaller and then click on "Force Uninstall" tab.

5. Locate the folder of Google Earth and then click "Next" to begin the removal.

By following the above several steps, all Google Earth components will be removed from the system after the computer restarts.

Do you want to uninstall Google Earth but have on idea? If this is the case for you , you should have a try with this perfect uninstaller. It will help you uninstall what you want within clicks and minutes.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Google Earth Map Shows Temperature Rise

Google Earth Map Shows Temperature Rise
A new Google Earth map highlights the devastating impact a 4C rise in temperature would have on different parts of the world.

The interactive tool, which was released by the UKs coalition government, aims to stimulate the debate on carbon emissions and climate change.
It comes after recent warnings that - based on current international carbon pledges - the earths temperature is set to rise by an average of nearly 4C, which could lead to sea level rises, forest fires and drought.

The online map shows how temperature rises differ drastically around the world. The poles glow red, with a potential rise of up to 10C, while northern Europe escapes with light orange 2-3C rises. Other hotspots including the Amazon rainforest stand out.

Climate change minister Greg Barker said: It does not make pleasant viewing and underlines the threat to human and national security if we dont act now.

Deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change. In just 24 hours, logging will release as much carbon into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York.

The good news is that steps to tackle deforestation are starting to make a difference. A recent report reveals global production of illegal timber has dropped by a 22 per cent since 2002 while Brazil, Cameroon and Indonesia, have seen levels fall by a huge 50 to 75 per cent.

It has been calculated that since 2002, 17m hectares of forest have been saved from deforestation, preventing the release of up 1.2bn tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

However, there is still a long way to go before countries achieve sustainable management of their tropical forests.

Andrew Skeene, of Global Forestry Investments, said: Our driving objective at Global Forestry Investments is sustainable forestry. Our intention is not only to be sustainable but also to increase the volume of standing trees, therefore making a positive impact on carbon offsetting.

Global Forestry Investments offer people the chance to invest in tropical hardwood trees. It is an opportunity to become involved with one of the greenest and highest performing commodities of the last 100 years.;,

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The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

Google has just introduced a 3D mode in Google Maps. To see these images, you will need a pair of old-fashioned red glasses, bring up the world in Google Maps, and click on the Pegman with 3D glasses on the left side of the screen. As far as we know, this feature is available anywhere in the world. Thanks to Google Maps by Microsoft, such beautiful sceneries as Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera, or Table Mountain can be seen directly by our eyes:


Eifel Tower in France


Pisa Tower in Italy


Taj Mahal in India


3D buildings in San Francisco


Grand Canyon in Arizona


High buildings via Google Maps


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