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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Top 10 earning web design sites

Top 10 earning web design sites

It is certain that earning money from web design is possible. Now millions of web designers worldwide are indeed making a nice living developing websites for their clients. Making money in the field of web design has much more profit potential than ever before. That's why the web design websites are undoubtedly developing strongly in most of the countries. Furthermore, some web design websites can earn thousands of dollars every month. Below is the list of the top 10 earning web design sites which were rated basing on advertising rates, affiliate sales, members, traffic etc.




Monthly Earnings: $ 5,000




Monthly Earnings: $ 6,000




Monthly Earnings: $ 6,000




Monthly Earnings: $ 7,000


Authentic Jobs


Monthly Earnings: $ 9,500




Monthly Income: $ 12,000


Freelance Switch


Monthly Earnings: $ 13,000




Monthly Earnings: $ 34,300


TutsPlus Network


Monthly Earnings: $ 54,000


Smashing Magazine


Monthly Earnings: $ 58,500


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top Ppc Management Companies Can Maximize Earning Potential

Top Ppc Management Companies Can Maximize Earning Potential
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has taken the advertising world by storm. If PPC advertising is not yet part of your marketing plan, you are several steps behind your competition. Imagine the amount of sales you could be losing to competitors who have embraced the benefits of PPC marketing and SEO.

Identifying Relevant Keywords

When you have identified relevant keywords for your PPC campaign, you will have to take into consideration the variations of all the keywords. There are singular, plural, location-based, hyphenated and abbreviated versions of keywords. Your keyword list will grow fairly quickly, which is why you can filter where ads are being placed by using negative keywords. After identifying keywords, try to bid for phrase, broad and exact match when it is possible. This will help increase the number of search impressions when choosing all three types of matching.

Make sure you understand how your target market uses relevant keywords. If you are targeting industry professionals, they may be searching for more specific brands or products. Your keywords should be relevant to the people you are targeting instead of the general population.

Landing Pages

Developing landing pages will significantly increase the success of your PPC campaign by communicating a targeted message to Internet users. If you are advertising a specific offer, product or service in your PPC ad, create a landing page for potential customers who are clicking on the ad to learn more. If your PPC ads lead to your homepage, potential customers can get frustrated when searching for the information they wanted to learn about. Landing pages will give potential customers the exact answers they need. If you are offering a new product, the landing page will incorporate text and imagery relating to the new product. If you are advertising special offer, the landing page should explain the details of the offer.

Testing PPC Variations

Continually change different elements in your PPC ads to better understand your target audience. Zach Hoffman, founder of, offers his insights, A top ppc management campaign will continually evolve. If specific messaging or keywords are resonating with potential customers, businesses can allocate more spending to these ads. If click-through-rates are not meeting your goals, it is effective to change the ads. After learning what works, there is action that can be taken. Hoffman continued, These lessons can also be carried over to a businesss organic search tactics by integrating top performing keywords into website optimization efforts.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

Location-based marketing is made simple with PPC advertising. Studies have shown that 80 percent of purchases are made within 15 miles of ones home. Your company can set the location-based parameters so you can monitor who is seeing your advertisement. If you are a local company, you can manage your advertising dollars by limiting your ads to your local markets.

The beauty of PPC advertising is that there is little monetary danger in trying something new. Imagine trying to fix a print ad in the middle of a campaign. It would be impossible, said Hoffman. PPC marketing is a low-risk form of advertising. If potential clients are not responding to keywords or offers, you can easily switch up the campaign.

PPC advertising is a great way to test messaging before spending significant advertising dollars on traditional media campaigns. If specific messaging draws customers online, it will likely attract potential customers who are seeing your print and television ads.

Budgets are always a concern when planning for new marketing campaigns. With PPC marketing, you can set the amount of money you want to spend. You can easily monitor the progress of your PPC campaign with analytical software. Having the ability to measure your ROI has never been so efficient.

The most important benefit to PPC marketing is customer conversion. The main reason for advertising is to drive sales. When you decide to invest in a PPC campaign, the benefits will virtually always outweigh the costs if implemented by an experienced PPC management company.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Earning Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Earning Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Some marketers do not succeed in using PPC campaigns and Google to earn money. Because they do not get the click through they are expecting for. Sometimes you can do everything right but still not drive traffic.
Sometimes Google will slap your site. One of the main reasons why is that your site is not relevant to your keywords and or to your product your promoting, and the market you are targeting. If your keywords are car insurance, auto insurance quotes, etc.. and your landing page is about selling Car accessories then you are going to get slapped which means your campaign will be cutoff and haunted. So make sure everything relates, the landing page, the product, the targeted market your selling to and the keywords.
There could come a time when you are in a market that is extremely competitive. If you're paying the minimum for your keywords, bidding lower than the competition then your ads will not show up in high page rank, and no one will see your ads. If you don't increase your bid you will be wasting your time. And if you raise your bid but your offer isn't good or sales copy isn't good then you will be wasting money. Everything has to be right to make money.
One other thing to consider about ppc campaigns is that you must do tracking and testing. Always test different headlines and different ads and see which ones work best. Also test keywords and track them to see which are making you money and which ones are losing you money. You can test the landing page (website), maybe change the headline there, or the color scheme or the opt in box, maybe change around the copy, whatever it takes to tweek and improve. You can and will make money with ppc and adwords if you do it right, dont just jump in and start spending money on keywords. Research, see what the competition is doing, come up with a plan, and make some money.
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