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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Internet Marketer - The One Thing You Need To Create Passive Income and Earn Money Online - Pt 8

The Internet Marketer - The One Thing You Need To Create Passive Income and Earn Money Online - Pt 8

On our journey to become an internet marketer, so far we have explored the concept of niches, keywords and how they relate to the information people are searching for and I have shown some free, useful tools to explore the demographics of the buyers for that market. Put simply:
1/ Find a market that has buyers who are willing to buy to satisfy their needs.
2/ Know just who your buyers are. Age, income, education, interests.
3/ Create and/or promote a product which fills one or more of the needs of those buyers.

In this article we will be looking at two more ways to gauge interest in a niche. Just as computer memory is expanding exponentially, so are the possibilities of the internet. These changes occur every day and they are distracting from the focus to earn money online. Which is not to say that we should ignore the advances that are being made, but rather that we should be aware that not every new bright bauble is absolutely essential to our quest.

I have spoken previously about the many emails which find their way to your inbox once you commence to show an interest in making money online. Suddenly, offers of new, must have ebooks, software, concepts and loopholes appear like clockwork in your inbox. My advice is to find one person you find interesting and has a good reputation and receive his emails. Unsubscribe from everyone else. Believe me, if something revolutionary appears, you will hear about it.

These emails often set off an autoresponder series which sends you emails every few days. There is a marketing saying that the sale is not made until the seventh offer. Autoresponders are one of the ten or so major developments in the actual business of selling something to somebody in the last ten years. They allow marketers to present their offers to their double opt-in list over and over again. Without a doubt, emails to a targeted list, sell. So much so that it becomes statistically useful to work out how much each name on your list is worth each month. That reliable!

Like memory, emails have exploded exponentially. Seemingly an allegory to the old saying that "work expands to fill the time available".

Just quickly, there have only been around a dozen or so revolutionary developments in internet selling in the last ten years. In no particular order:
1/ Autoresponders.
2/ Online auctions, especially eBay.
3/ Paypal.
4/ Pay Per Click advertising.
5/ The rise of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter and their siblings.
6/ Blogs.
7/ DIY websites and shopping carts.
8/ Live chat.
9/ Streaming audio and video.

There may be others, but , whatever.

To further research into the market activity of a niche. Go to Amazon. Choose "books' from the drop-down menu and type in your niche and search. Check the number of results. Greater than 150 is encouraging. There is considerable activity in this niche. Now choose "movies and TV" from the drop-down menu. Once again check the number of results. More than 25 is good. If the niche meets either of these criteria, then people are interested.

One further site that gives an excellent indication of the activity and actual buying within a niche is eBay. To be banal, people are buying and selling on ebay all the time! What better place to use to gauge activity and competition? The difference is that this time we are going to type in a far more generic niche to get the most related results. So if your niche is mp3 meditation downloads, start with meditation to get a feel of what the market is offering and, most importantly, buying.

In the left hand pane of the screen, scroll down from "refine search" and click on "All categories". This will show you how many books, dvds, movies, television and downloads relate to your niche. Now go to sales and type in "completed sales" and scan down the list of completed sales for products relating to your niche. You can swiftly gauge how many sales are being made, what is selling and for how much! This sort of information is priceless, and crucial, when you begin selling or promoting your products.

Spend some time playing with these tools and analyzing the results to further refine your decision on what you are creating or promoting. Taking action is essential for the internet marketer. You cannot follow a plan without taking action. Without action you are just reading a novel and imagining being able to earn money online.

You need a plan to achieve your purpose. You need to take action on that plan. Get a plan. Follow it. 

Kindness is more important than wisdom.

Want to download a plan showing how to create a k per month income? Then visit: Free Internet Marketer Plan right now, and grab your 100% free report which shows you  step by step, exactly how to reach a cool k per day online, from the comfort of your own home. Martin P Kerrigan is an author, martial artist and successful internet marketer.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

AdSense Revenue - How to Earn Passive Income From Your Website

AdSense Revenue - How to Earn Passive Income From Your Website

Business people who own a website can make extra income through AdSense easily. If you own a blog or website, then starting AdSense program is not a difficult one, as you will already have some potential customers and would be driving traffic to sell your product. First you should create account with Google Adsense and get a code. Place this code in your website to get ads from google. Google divert the ads that are relevant to your content. When the user clicks this ad, you will get few cents. So, without putting much effort you can easily earn some dollars using AdSense.

How to increase your revenue using AdSense Program?

* Choose the right ad format – You will find both text based and image format in the AdSense Program. I recommend you to select the text based formats because text based formats can be customized easily. You can change the color, size and font style easily and give unique look to your text format ad which is not possible with imaged based one. Text based ads will get more response as the text will match the content of your website.

* Choose a specific topic – Always choose a particular topic and create content on that topic. Before choosing the topic, get the popular topic through search engine. Once you got the topic that the users are looking for, you can start creating the informative content. The content should contain good amount of keywords. You should have sufficient knowledge in the topic you choose. You can generate more income if you choose a particular topic.

* Obey the Google Adsense rules – AdSense fetch you good revenue only when you follow the guidelines issued by google. Some beginners violate the rules and start clicking their ads by themselves. Google can clearly figure out the right and wrong clicks. There are other web developers who use software to click the ad. Google treat these clicks as invalid one and cancel your AdSense account forever. So, never try to click the ads in wrong way.

* Create multiple web pages – One of the easy ways to generate more income through AdSense is creating multiple websites. Google restricts you to hold single adsense account, but allows you to have multiple web pages. When you post minimum ads in a single web page, you will get more clicks on the ads. Your website will run very fast and users will not be disappointed. Google also insist you to post only limited number of ads per web page. So, visit other popular running websites to know how they have posted ads.

There are also other AdSense tips that can generate good traffic and good income. All the general strategies used to generate traffic to your website can be used to get clicks on your ads also. The information you provide in your website decides the traffic of your website. So, you should change the contents frequently. Research and provide interesting fresh contents to your audience. Google as well as the audience will be impressed with the site that offers new information.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Earn Easy Online Money With Blogs

Earn Easy Online Money With Blogs

There are numerous ways of earning money online and the most adopted and successful way of making money is by the mean of successful blog. People get confuse when they hear about making a successful blog. Because there are several factors that should be taken care in making a blog successful. People do always think that what they should write in their blog. For this, you need to carry out a comprehensive research in discovering those thing and stuff that is searched most online. You should always use those techniques that are utilized by the experts online. If means that you can surely attract a massive traffic to your blog if you are going to write about those topics that are widely searched by the people on internet. For example, you can write quality content on love or food that is searched most on search engines to draw massive traffic on your blog. But you gain this tact with the passage of time as you continue study the online readership trends. The most important thing that is used to enhance the readership of your blog is by the mean of rich keywords. It should be stuffed in a readable manner in order to provide the relevant information regarding the topic. You should always keep this fact in mind that there are numerous bloggers over internet that possess the blog of same niche and you should make your blog based upon one of those keywords that are searched widely for you niche.

The method of searching the keywords online is very easy. For this purpose, you can take the services of Google search and observe the millions of result links that are displayed by the Google. If you discover 2 million results then you can shrink it a little bit. If you are done with a keyword, then you can check its stability with the CPC column utilizing Google keyword tool. The factor that you should never neglect is the balance between everything that you are intending to maintain.

It totally depends upon your choice of topics that how you deal those topics that are widely searched over internet. Always write about those topics that you interest most as you will be writing well on that. But don’t forget to use the informative tone for your content and you will be getting massive traffic on your website. You can also use the tool named as search engine optimization for direct approach of searching users on search engines. You should provide the comprehensive information in your topic in order to provide the correct information.

You should always need to select a niche that ensures you a handsome profit and aid you in generating money from blog. It is a matter of fact that if you are intending to build a blog, do always have well established plan for that. The blog making process for the first time takes the overhead and you have to spend a lot of your time to attract the massive traffic to your blog. To make sure the regular visits on your blog, you can use the techniques like backlinking, link creations and article directories submission etc.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Earn Internet Cash Through Google's AdSense Program

How to Earn Internet Cash Through Google's AdSense Program

Google AdSense is a program that has been developed by Google. Here they undertake pay per click advertisements. That is once your advertisement is clicked you will have to pay for it. This is a very cost effective way for many advertisers. This has caught up the popularity chart in recent times.

In order to make business with Google AdSense you will have to have certain techniques. The content in your advertisement should be good enough to attract traffic. There are chances of your advertisement being totally ignored by the customer. So a good ad is very essential.

You will also have to deal with the numerous competitors that exist. In Google AdSense you are given the choice of around two hundred URLs. You can select the sites from where you do not want the ads to be seen on your web page. For this first you need to identify who your competitors are.

In the Google AdSense business, there is a lot of opportunity to earn some good money. This being a popular site also has the capacity to divert a whole lot of traffic. The payment is made only when the amount that is earned by you is more than hundred dollars. There are also forums of Google AdSense. You can check them out for any help if needed. There are many other programs of similar nature. Google AdSense has been doing good business in the past and has continued its run even today. It would be advisable to know all the pre requisites that are essential to do business with Google AdSense.

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Earn More From Your Site With Effective PPC Optimization

Earn More From Your Site With Effective PPC Optimization

As the Internet continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With the insatiable appetite for information and instantaneous reaction of the web community, it is more important than ever that content on a web site is reliable and relevant.

A website that has the ability to meet both of these requirements can realize much financial success. This doesn't come just from a large reader base, however. It also requires the usage of PPC optimization techniques that will generate the most revenue. Being able to provide quality links for a site's audience is one sure way to increase the effectiveness of pay per click marketing.

When designing an approach to make the most effective use of pay per click advertising, keep the audience in mind. Web users who become annoyed or distracted by the use of advertising techniques on a website may stop visiting the page. In addition, the types of ads that are used on the page may offend or anger Internet surfers.

It can be a fine line in choosing the right mix of advertisers to include on a web site. The best way to approach implementing this type of strategy is to make changes slowly. Create some test web page layouts and try them out at different times. Measure the response of web users. Invite some regular visitors to provide feedback.

Another aspect to consider in an effort to improve the PPC optimization is to assess the revenue generated by the ads. There are a number of viable options to choose from in realizing profits from advertising. Quality advertisers and products will use fair market prices for allowing them to place their ads on popular websites. While there may be some lesser known companies willing to offer more money, consider the reputation of the organization. Does the mission fit in with the purposes of the website? Will customers experience a favorable opinion of the advertiser? These factors can affect the overall opinion of the hosting website.

Another critical aspect in a PPC optimization plan is the placement of the ads. To realize the best revenue from the pay per click ads, the page layout should allow relevant ads to stand out. Be cautious to not overpower the content of the page. Strive for an equal balance that will provide a positive user experience and increase the chances of the user clicking on the ad. Test some different layouts and see how the audience reacts. The main objective needs to be how the web user views the website.

Do you need help with your PPC campaigns? Be sure to visit my site to learn more about PPC optimization and making money from your PPC ads:

Friday, July 28, 2017

Use Google AdSense And Earn Money From Your Website

Use Google AdSense And Earn Money From Your Website

Have you ever thought of making money with Google AdSense? It is well known as  it is the simpliest method to earn real cash from your website.


What is Google AdSense?


Google AdSense is an ad revenue sharing program created by Google. No doubt you have noticed ads on Google's website. Every time you type in a search term. Google displays advertisers' ads on the top few positions and along the right side of your search results. Whenever someone clicks an ad, Google earns a fee.


Google wanted to increase their ad revenues, so they created the AdSense program. This program allows the same Google ads to be placed on your websites. Now when a visitor to your website clicks on an ad, Google will share a portion of the fee collected with you.


When your commissions reach or exceed $ 100.00, Google will mail you a check or direct deposit you earnings into your bank account.


Top AdSense earners pocket over $ 100,000 per year. Many modest websites earn $ 100 - $ 500 per month.


How do you make money with AdSense? Follow these key steps:

Research decent paying keywords.
Pick a theme for your website niche. One you enjoy.
Write quality SEO articles based on one keyword per article.
Get back links to boost your articles in the search engines.
Join Google AdSense program after you have some traffic.
Place Google ad code on each page you want to monetize.
Continue to create content.
Continue to get back links.
Bank your earnings.


Remember high paying keywords are usually high because of competition. Competition makes it harder to rank in the search engines. Find a niche with less competition and you will rank in the search engines sooner. Even if the keywords pay less, you can make money with AdSense sooner.


High traffic times any fee equals profit!


Your AdSense ads should be in the same font as your content. Choose the 336x280 or 300x250 ad sizes. Be sure your ad links are blue. Have one ad block above the fold. Making these changes doubled my AdSense revenue.


AdSense is the ideal way to monetize your content websites. You do not have to:

Create any products.
Stock any products.
Ship any products.
Collect any sales tax.
Manage any affiliate program.

Can you make money with Google AdSense? Of course! I do. So can you.


Larry Dickinson has created several businesses. Currently he owns and manages several websites including a great source for legitimate home business ideas and earning money online with Google AdSense.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What is AdSense Money? How to Earn AdSense Money?

What is AdSense Money? How to Earn AdSense Money?

AdSense is a highly popular and successful advertising application in Internet from the Big Giant Google. It is one of the most useful tools available on the Internet and a great number of people have started experiencing great success having uncover the secrets of how to run the program effectively. AdSense works on a pay-per-click method and let's webmasters place advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google.

You can find a good number of tutorials and introductions to AdSense and how to uses and optimize it to get the best results. It can take quite a bit of time to fully understand and start making a decent amount of money from it but with a little bit of investment in time and effort, AdSense has made a lot of people very wealthy. The amount of revenue generate from AdSense is basically calculated by the number of clicks times by the price of the click.

The first thing you need to do is have a good quality website. The more people coming to visit your website you have the more chance you have of generating a larger number of clicks. Google is also very good at taking care in making sure that the advertisements that it supplies to your website are relevant to the theme of the site.

You should make sure that any advertising banners are placed in and convenient location where they are easily accessible. At the same time, you must take care to avoid making them intrusive. To make more money, you can also target higher paid advertisements.

While earning money with AdSense is not actually difficult, making a good amount of money from it requires a degree of optimization and familiarity with the program. It is not a difficult program to use them if you are prepared to invest some time into it to maximize its potential.

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