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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Search Engine Market Domination

Search Engine Market Domination
How to dominate your market

Understand your customers searching behavior. Walking in their shoes, and understanding the dialogue the person searching is having with the web. Most persons are researching or looking for a problem to solve. If you understand what the problem is they are trying to solve (keywords and phrases) you can provide them with a customized solution to it (your landing page, websiteand ultimately your product).

Decide how you will track conversions. Often this is fairly easyit is when you make a sale. Other times it is trickier. If youre a real estate agent, youll most likely be tracking leads. Additionally, youll have to assign some kind of dollar value to that lead so you can determine how much advertising to spend in order to get it. Decide on autoresponders and set them up. Autoresponders are simply a way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects. Essentially its automated email. Do the keyword research. Think Hard on the core ones with a diverse group spy on your competitions using tools, use other tools to expand the core list. Group keywords by the conversation type (the potential customer looking for?) If youre a real estate agent, youre prospects will be having different conversations if theyre looking to relocate as opposed to someone already in your area looking to sell their house. Build landing pages on your site for each conversation type. You would want the two different potential clients above to go to two different pages within your site, because you want to highlight the different value propositions youre bringing to the tableto solve their particular problem. Set up your own blog. Set up your Adwords campaign using the keywords, groupings and landing pages. Monitor and testEVERY DAY.

Split test ads every day

Adjust bids every day. Get rid of non-performing keywords every day. As soon as a great money term is found, start to search marketing process for that term.Market 3-4 articles per week (or even more). Start blog postings on your blog and others. Answer posts on forums and yahoo answers. Move great money terms to Yahoo and MSN pay per click advertising engines. Rinse and repeat this process every 90 days! This probably looks overwhelming. However, if you know what youre doingits very straightforward. We can help. Check out our services to see exactly how. With just a bit of effort on your part, you can DOMINATE your market. Doing this effectively really is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Andits your competitors that will have the knife!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Search Engine Domination Learning SEO

Search Engine Domination Learning SEO

Simply put, if you have your own website, improving the visibility of your website to potential searchers is key to attracting more attention to the content of that website. If your company has one of the best-looking website in the world but no one gets to see your effort, it is for naught. This has led to the expansion of the Search Engine Optimization industry, or SEO.


It is therefore critical that a search engine should be able to direct searchers to your website without much hassle. There are a number of ways and tips to achieving this kind of status. For you to maximize your position in the major search engines like Google and yahoo, you have to understand that all they do is to provide their visitors with the best experience as they browse. They therefore go to the lengths of even tracking how often their visitors are interested in your website content and either upgrade or downgrade it according to the track results.


To improve the position of your website on the major SEOs, it's impetrative that you improve in the content of your website and give visitors a reason to prefer your site to other sites. Contrary to common believe that purchase of more advertising will make the SEOs give your website preferential treatment, the bottom line is improving the content that will attract the advertisers in the first place.


If your website has been running for some time now but you don't feel like it's getting the best from the search engines, it's time that you consulted a professional to work on it. Some of the things an expert should do to your website include developing more relevant content through reviews, improving your keyword search and training your webmaster in some of the tricks of the trade. In fact your keywords should be completely changed to see if the search rates increase.


At this stage, it is also advisable that you consider hiring a different webmaster to see if things can change for the better. With some search engines claiming that they can guarantee your website's position increase, the secret lies in having a better website that has viable content and of high quality. Remember that as you do the redesign there are other companies out there who are struggling to be ahead of you. Overdoing your competitors should be your objective.


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