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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Differences Between Public And Private B2B Exchange

Differences Between Public And Private B2B Exchange

Businesses have the chance to determine if a private or a public exchange suits their business needs as well as their budgets. A public B2B exchange may be cheaper of the two as well as having well defined standards and procedures. Since a public exchange is open to any business that subscribes to it, businesses have a greater chance to recruit new customers and retain them. The main concern regarding public B2B exchange is the security of the information shared as well as the antitrust challenges and the viability of the exchange.

Public / Private B2B Exchange - The Differences
For larger enterprises, building and operating a private exchange can work to their advantage as they also get to control the infrastructure. They do not mind spending tons of cash as long as the work process is uninterrupted and there is a marked improvement in the supply chain coordination. They design the infrastructure of the exchange, and provide training to their staff as well as business partners effectively reducing operating cost, saving time and labor and ensure proper distribution of workload among its customers.

Some companies use both exchanges to do business, while trading sensitive data, they use a secure and reliable private exchange and while selling commodities or buying them, they make use of public exchanges as well as scouting for new business associates in public exchanges.

Some businesses prefer private exchanges as businesses can deal directly with customers unlike public exchanges, which act as a middleman. Public exchanges are used to dispose of excess inventories. Public exchanges however significantly reduce individual connection charges linking a business to its associates. Another factor influencing preference of private exchanges is the fact that not many public exchanges are actually making money, raising questions about their viability. Public exchanges have become more industry specific these days.

Businesses fear to use public exchanges, as they fear buyers will force them to lower their prices, it is true in a way as customers can find businesses that offer them the products they desire at the lowest prices. Private exchanges are less prone to security breaches and help establish central control over purchasing procedures and facilitate internal connectivity and it provides a competitive edge to its customers.

Private exchanges and public exchanges each have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Public exchanges offer small businesses a chance to utilize B2B networking to coordinate their supply chain, reduce costs, reduce inventories and establishing new customers and help retain them.

Private exchanges do not compromise on security, are flexible, scalable, and reliable and give the business a competitive edge. They however are very costly to design and implement, take a lot of time to build and require extensive changes to existing infrastructure.

There are firms that sell their services as well as products to help run a business efficiently.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

What Are The Major Differences Between Static Websites And Blogs?

What Are The Major Differences Between Static Websites And Blogs?
Generally there are two types of website has been develops online.

1. Static web-site
2. Blog web-site.

Static websites are those where you would required to create every single page for your end user called as static webpage, these pages need to created individually basis and need to write with HTML or web suitable web-language for programming. To develop any static HTML webpage or entire website from scratch, you would need to use software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage where you can edit and develop page codes for browser. Some software developers still prefer to use notepad for editing/developing websites. HTML is simple web language, you can get free tutorial on w3c schools website if you are not aware of this.

Blogging platform is little bit different than static one. Regular bloggers would required to post content every single days so creating static pages for every post would be tedious work. Thats why CMS platform came in picture. Such platform like WordPress built with such way so that they get organized by dates and categorized with recent content posted by users with use of keywords and tags.

Static websites works with HTML other web language suitable for programming, to develop any static HTML webpage or entire website from scratch, You would need to use a software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage where you can edit and develop page codes for browser. Some software developers still prefer to use notepad for editing/developing websites. HTML is simple web language, you can get free tutorial on w3c schools website if you are not aware of this.
Blogging websites works on CMS (content management system) platform like WordPress. These types of platform have been developed from users point of view to provides simplicity and faster content uploading and updating features. These websites will work with permalink features in which you wouldnt require to develop multiple pages for your articles/content. It will create dynamic pages based on keyword or tag you allocate for your content.
Blogging website comes with ability to post content pages as homepage but you cannot create static homepage for your website instead of that you need to select any particular page to be static for your readers. You will find this feature under general tab of your admin page.
WordPress Widgets: WordPress become most popular for making blog website within bloggers, there are thousands of plug-in made by developers and makes it free for WordPress users. Plug-in is a short script written to work as particular function. This section makes WordPress simpler than any other CMS platform. You will find huge list of plug-in under WordPress plug-in WordPress directory, SEO pack, ping updates, xml sitemap these are few good one I always use for my own blog.
Search Engine loves unique and updated content than static one. Thats why they index blogs post often than any other static webpage. You must activate ping list for your blog. Ping list is the list of blog directories and search engines where your blog will get submitted for indexing. By default WordPress pings to pingomatic but you can also add multiple ping lists.

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The Differences Between Marketing Digital Products and Physical Products

The Differences Between Marketing Digital Products and Physical Products

There are two different types of products that are generally marketed online; digital products and physical products. Digital products are those in which the buyer downloads the product and typically consists of software, E-books and music to name a few. Physical products include items that literally need to be packaged up and shipped out to the customer. In Internet marketing, the marketer generally does not do the shipping, but instead, they promote an item from another company who ships the items once an order is placed.

Those are the differences that meet the eye, but there are other differences between marketing digital products and physical products, such as:

Since consumers cannot use, see or really test a digital product before they decide to buy it, the description needs to be accurate and the marketer needs to stand behind the product. A little more effort needs to be placed in drawing people into the product and engaging them to buy.
Digital products cannot be purchased in a store like some physical products can. With physical products, consumers can go to a store location at times and get a good idea for whether or not the product is right for them. The only way to know more about a digital product other than what the marketer provides is to ask people who have purchased the product before.
Physical products can be damaged in shipment and buyers tend to frown on poor shipping practices. The marketer should check out the seller's rating in all categories before they decide to market physical products from that retailer.
There can at times be several different versions of an E-book or several different books that provide the same type of information. Marketing a digital product that sets the marketer apart from the rest of the pack can help increase conversions.

Whether a marketer decides to market physical or digital products is up to them. Both have positives and both have negatives and each marketer is going to have his or her preference on whether they want to use one type or even both.

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