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Friday, December 1, 2017

Difference Between ADD and ADHD

Difference Between ADD and ADHD

In a recent discussing concerning attention deficit hyperactivity disorder I was sternly corrected by a young women as to my use of ADHD to describe attention deficit disorder (ADD). She pointed out that women don't have hyperactivity, thus my use of ADHD was incorrect and that I should take some time to better understand the condition. I simply nodded and went on with my conversation. But was the young woman right or wrong in her assumption?
The short answer is wrong but to fully understand as to why we need to briefly explore the condition itself and its origins.
Conditions similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have been recognized since the turn of the century. But it wasn't until 1980 that the term attention deficit entered into our medical vocabulary. This term was defined as attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity. For many years the term stuck partly due to the prevailing wisdom that hyperactivity was more of an abnormally rather than a primary symptom.
As years passed research revealed that indeed hyperactivity was a major concern and thus both ADD and ADHD were used. Today the term ADD has evolved into a single term ADHD (AD/HD). So ADD and ADHD (AD/HD) are one in the same according to the American Psychiatric Association.
Up until recently there were some demographics thought not to have hyperactivity; specifically women. The story of women and ADHD is one that is constantly evolving. Not so many years ago only one in 10 cases were thought to involve women, today that incidence has tripled and likely will continue to grow as more research is conducted. Additionally women were thought not to be victimized by hyperactivity but it turns out that hyperactivity is not stranger to women; it only presents itself in different ways. An example would be that a woman would tend to talk endlessly whereas a man would be more inclined to act like he has ants in his pants.
In summary, ADD is an old outdated term that has very little relevance in today's medical lexicon. Sure, it is possible to have attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity but more and more men, women, and children are diagnosed with it than without it.
The most common type of treatment for ADHD is prescription stimulant medications. They can be very effective if the correct medication is combined with the proper dosage. While this is good news, they aren't without their share of side effects. For this reason many natural health minded individuals are choosing to give alternative remedies for ADHD a try. These all natural formulas are very safe and have shown to be effective across a broad age and gender demographic, and are option worth considering.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

How Video Marketing Can Make All the Difference For Your Website

How Video Marketing Can Make All the Difference For Your Website

When you are in a place where you are thinking about moving forward and turning your website into a moneymaking force to be reckoned with, you will find that you are going to need to turn your attention to video marketing. More and more people are realizing that video marketing is something that can really turn things around for them, but they might not be sure how to go about it. Take a moment to learn about all the important advantages that this sort of marketing can help you attain and what your options are going to be when you are thinking about moving ahead.

When you are looking at video marketing, you are looking at something that people cannot ignore. The truth is that when people are looking around online, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. They will be browsing pages fairly quickly and they will be looking for things that catch their eye. Experts say that people will spend less than thirty seconds on a page before they move on, and unless you can do something very impressive during those first thirty seconds, you are not going to get the results that you are after. Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be in this case.

Another thing that video marketing will do is that when you do it right, you can make sure that the people who are looking over your work will have a reaction to you. They are not just looking at your words, they are looking at you speak and they are looking at the way that you move. Essentially, you are giving them a face to connect with what you are offering. Think about the fact that people who would hang up on a telemarketer would likely hesitate to slam the door in the face of a door to door salesman. When they have a face to associate with your services, they are going to be much more apt to listen to you.

Also remember that video marketing is something that many people consider to be the next stage of advertising. If they see that you have a page that seems out of date or that lacks the things that they associate with modern pages and modern efficiency, you might find that you are going to suffer for it. Take a moment and really consider what your options are going to be and what you can do to get the results that you need. This is something that can make a huge difference in the way that you move forward so see what your choices might be.

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Ryan Wilson

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Difference Between Blog and Website

Difference Between Blog and Website

We all are familiar with the terms ‘website’ and ‘blogs’. We use these terms quite frequently almost everyday. But if asked what exactly is the difference between a blog and a website, most of us would struggle or even fail to give the right answer. Most of the people even think that a blog and a website are similar. This is far from the truth. So what exactly is the difference between a blog and a website? Read further and you will find all your queries answered.

A website is a group of different web pages which are used to gather or deliver information. Website can be an corporate, educational or ecommerce websites. A blog is solely meant to provide information. A website is generally formal in nature. A blog is an informal medium of conveying information. A blog is more like an online diary where a blogger can write about the personal interests, experiences and reviews. A website publishes only formal and official information. It is more difficult to change the content of a website as compared to the blog.

When it comes to creating a website, it is more difficult and takes more time. To create a website one needs to have a specific knowledge of html, php, xml etc. Whereas to create a blog is easy and simple. One can create a free or hosted blog with built-in templates. It can also be customized based on the need and preferences. Website development requires a huge amount of money. There are so many things to be done like domain registration, web hosting, content development etc. it takes only a few dollars to host a blog. You can even do it for free using some free blogging services like Blogger, WordPress etc.

Since blogs are personal in nature, they are not created with a focus on the marketing aspect. Thus, they are more vibrant in terms of design, content and layout. Websites are created with a specific purpose and are restricted in terms of design and structure. Websites contain less information as they usually describe the parent organisation. Blogs can be represented in many ways.

Blogs are dynamic in nature and are updated frequently. A website’s content is updated only if there is any change in the product or services. Websites have a one way communication as they only inform the visitors about a particular business. Blogs have a two way communication. Readers can read and give their feedbacks as well. Professional business website design is required to represent a business, however a blog can be designed simply.

Therefore, a blog and a website differ from each other in many ways.

Create a Search Engine Optimised Website and See the Difference

Create a Search Engine Optimised Website and See the Difference

It is the reality that all business owners agree to that when it comes to customers, you can never get enough. If there is an opportunity for you to gain more customers, then it is almost a sin for you to ignore it. If you are a business owner and this is how you think, then you are definitely in the right track. So how can you increase the market and demand for your products?

Well, by making yourself known to everyone. Whatever kind of service or product you might offer, some internet savvy person is probably looking for it right now. So what should you do? Why, you should take a step in the right direction and set up an online shop that is accessible by millions of people worldwide. Even if you aren't a fan of the internet, you should think about the possibilities that having an online shop could give. First of all, you would gain more customers. Second, you do not have to do all that sales talk. You can just let the product - or service - speak for itself. But if you don't have a website, then all your dreams of more customers than you could handle will surely crumble to dust.

So what should you do? Well, if you don't have a website, make one! Next, make sure that your site is pleasing to the eye and has all the necessary information. But if you think that's a lot of work, well, building a website is just the half of it! After constructing a website, you also have to properly market it. Make use of Search Engine Optimization. SEO, as it is properly known, is about knowing how to utilize the necessary keywords so that your website will be among the first ones featured when you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. But search engine optimization is not just about keywords.

It's also about knowing how to make proper links and so on. All of this is definitely hard work but you will surely have more clients in the end. Search engine optimization is no rocket science; it is simply time-consuming but definitely worth it.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

If you are wondering what the difference between Google Maps and Google Places is- here's the quick answer. The former is a mapping service to easily locate your local business with Google's online maps while the latter is a more detailed listing of your local business.


It is suggested that instead of just using the Google Maps, local businesses should opt for an optimized listing in Places.  It's a free service for local businesses to create their profile including all pertinent information necessary to attract your target market, get themselves listed and have their location marked on Google Maps service.


When you want to appear in the front page of the Google search engine when your target traffic conducts a local search, you should make it a point to have an optimized business listing in Places.  You will find it simple and easy to have your local business listed in Places.


An optimized listing in Google Places will go a long, long way for your business.  It is proven to be an effective traffic generator and the traffic that you will be able to get from Places is the kind that actually converts.  It helps to include as much as possible location specific information in creating your listing.


You also have to ensure that all the information you have included in your listing are accurate and reliable.  With an optimized business listing in Places, you are assured that every time an online user searches for products or services that are covered by your location, your business gets to appear on the front page at the top position of the search results.


Another difference between the Maps and Places is that the latter is an interactive avenue where your customers get to leave reviews about how satisfied they are doing business with you.  The more reviews you earn on your listing, the more favorable it is to your Google ranking.


One important aspect in using Google Places is for you to build your information based on the right keywords that your target traffic use to find your business online.  When you have identified the right keywords to use, you can now build your local business listing optimized for Places.


Are you spending thousands of dollars on your website and you are nowhere to be "found" on Google?

Download free Google Places video tutorial that will show you how to easily add your business to the Google Maps and Google Places Listings. Also, checkout our Search EngineMarketing services, it may be a great fit to you.