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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Outdoor Digital Advertising - Stopping Destruction To Digital Signage Screens.

Outdoor Digital Advertising - Stopping Destruction To Digital Signage Screens.
Outdoor dynamic signage is utilizing awesome systems to sell and increase branding for any number of firms.

Branding is moving away from printed posters or even newspaper print, but a simple flat panel screen Television along with a fundamental media player is being deployed to seize your eye with jaw dropping impact.

Out of home dynamic signage is in every shopping centers, airports, ferry terminals and transit hubs. Even small businesses are using them to sell their products in store and strengthen sales.

Out of home electronic marketing is a marketing solution that can promote or enforce you brand every second of the day, so is the expenditure worth it? Well it certainly is as many advertisers are employing this method to get their marketing point across, now using new equipment you can broadcast your advertising to local mobile/cell phones ideal for messaging to local people.

Outside electronic advertising will replace previous promotional methods within the next 3 years this is the motivation why many broad sheers have gone on line, so they can advertise for customers but the return on investment is very poor compared to open-air digital advertising.

Outside digital advertising - defending your investment

Outdoor dynamic signage is fitted outdoors, nevertheless we are all conscious of how fragile the monitors are, if you have ever had an LCD or plasma display, you will know they are noticeably thinner than CRT screens and the slightest bang can smash the screen and render the TV ineffective.

Have you ever asked associates and family about their new flat screen TV when they have infantile offspring, you will see that a plasma or LCD television is easily smashed; this could be from your child's favorite gadget or a gaming consoles handset accidentally hitting the screen.

Now a commercial screen that is used for dynamic advertising can cost in excess of $ 2300 per monitor so protection is a requirement, if not it is quite senseless in deploying the costly displays if they are not protected.

Now envisage the dangers when you put a commercial monitor outdoors, you have the probability some hoodlum will through a rock or stone at the display and if it hits the Monitor, you are sure to have an pricey replacement cost, however on the other hand if the display is protected in an LCD enclosure, this will offer all the protection required, principally if the unit is fitted to a wall high up at say 12 feet from the sidewalk.

Outside digital advertising protection with an LCD enclosure

Sunlight Dilemma.

There are several challenges to watch for, first there is the sunlight if the screen is placed too near the front of the enclosure the heat build up will over a period of time start killing the pixels in the screen making the screen crash before it should.


An LCD enclosure must have a UV filtered viewing window; this will filter out most of the destructive UV rays that kill the pixels and another point is the display must have a minimum of 2" gap between the TV and the door if not this gap will trap the heat and it will not dissipate.

Vandalism Dilemma.

When you leave out-of-doors digital advertising unattended in isolated environments, there is an enormous chance they will get smashed if there is no protection.


An outdoor electronic marketing enclosure offers special solutions against vandalism, ordinary units that are designed to be installed from ceilings or high up on walls, keeping all the hardware out of arms way, stopping vandals from spray painting the monitor.

Then there is the locks, look out for outdoor dynamic marketing enclosures that are fitted with high security door locks as most manufacturers fit ordinary locks that are easily accessed by a screwdriver.

Let us think about the viewing window, now when deploying digital out-of-doors marketing solutions in volatile areas you need to also upgrade the viewing window thickness, look for a company that provides these in a variety of thicknesses up to and including " (19 mm).

Over the past 21 years the author has created a range of outdoor digital signage protective enclosures and founded LCD Enclosure Global who are the leading manufacturer of LCD monitor enclosures, they also offer anti vandal Lcd monitor enclosures that provides all the protection and security needed for outdoor use, this range of monitor enclosure is perfect for home use too.