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Monday, November 13, 2017

Can Deck Lighting Add Value?

Can Deck Lighting Add Value?

So you have worked hard to make sure that you have the perfect deck in your back yard or even in your front yard which will allow you to host parties and other events at your home. Having an excellent deck is a great way of showing off a home to any of your possible visitors but when those visitors come and stay after the sun has gone down it is crucial to make sure that you have the proper deck lighting to prevent any potential injuries.

There are so many choices when it comes to deck lighting that you can choose from today but the determination of what you'll actually get will be a cross between what your budget is and what your needs are. All too often home-owners go out to buy a simple floodlight which is way too bright to hold any type of the events in the back yard. These types of lights are actually for keeping the yard well lit but when it comes to having people on your deck in the evenings, these type of lights will actually make it harder for your guests to enjoy the party.

As a result it is just as important to make sure that you have an alternative form of deck lighting which will allow you to host events without making any of your guests uncomfortable. But once again in order to find the proper fixtures and bulbs that you will be using you'll have to figure out how much you're willing to spend on the purchase.

You also need to realize that proper lighting is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of your residence. A home that is well lit is a deterrent to any possible break-ins. Of course this does not mean that a robber will not attempt to break into your home, it does mean however, that they are more likely to choose your neighbor's home over yours simply because everybody can see them when the lights are on.

Some folks overlook the importance of their gardens when they're selling their homes. Creative deck lighting schemes incorporating solar garden lights can add thousands of dollars to the value.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Outdoor Patio Lighting is a Great Way to Add Your Personality to Your Deck

Outdoor Patio Lighting is a Great Way to Add Your Personality to Your Deck

The warmer months are coming, and now is the time to start considering what you will do with your patio or garden area's outdoor patio lighting. Lighting your outdoor area will let you to stay out on your patio long after dark, and you will enjoy your outdoor living area that much more.

More than just a few simple solar lights are involved in lighting your patio or garden. Technological innovations and modern styles and designs have given outdoor lighting an entirely new look.

The great thing about outdoor patio lighting is that you can be creative. There are no rules and you have an amazing backdrop to set the lights against: the outdoors. Candles are a great addition to any lighting scheme. Not only do they set the mood, but they are also very affordable.

If candles are included in your lighting, you should enclose them in glass fixtures to prevent their flames from being snuffed out by evening breezes. Mason jars are unexpectedly charming and work well. You can create a lovely illuminated focal point for your patio table by placing three or four candles in a rectangular glass vase.

Torches can be used as an alternative to candles. Some use oil as fuel while others provide a place to insert a candle. They work well when placed along a garden path or around a patio dining area.

Citronella oil torches can be used to keep bugs away. If you want a different source for your lighting, try installing some patio fixtures or lamps. You can provide your guests with an unexpected touch of atmosphere by removing your standard patio light and using an outdoor lantern in its place.

The outdoor patio lantern will provide the additional benefit of being pleasant to look at even during the day. Keep in mind that it is best to keep your lighting as warm as possible. This means you should use bulbs that have a warm tone. Warm lighting will keep your outdoor area cozy and comfortable for your friends and family.

Bringing some of your inside lighting outdoors provides another option for outside lighting. If an awning covers your patio dining area, bring out a few table lamps from your home and place them on tables near the patio. Floor lamps can make the atmosphere quite cozy. Always make sure you are using electric outlets that are suitable for outdoor use.

You can have an electrician install these for a very low cost. You can also have an electrician install dimmer switches. This will allow you to control the outdoor patio lighting as the night becomes more dark. As you can see, outdoor lighting can be fun, inviting, and affordable with a few simple touches.

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