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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Now Extract Data From Websites Powered By Ajax Or Javascript

Now Extract Data From Websites Powered By Ajax Or Javascript
The extract data from web process is not new to many of us. At least all of us have had to do some copy paste functions or processes especially in college and even in business to keep our websites updated. In all this one would somehow wish that this process be automated because having to continuously extract data from web pages on a day to day basis is a psyche and productivity killer. True to our quests, extract data from website software suites have been created but on the other hand web programmers have stepped up their game to protect their sites from such software through techs like CAPTCHA and IP Blocking.
Another difficulty experienced by extract data from websites software or tools is that todays websites are dynamic - data on such sites keeps changing in a matter of few minutes. Most data extraction tools are not equipped to handle AJAX or JavaScript sites that consistently change in structure or format. These are key pointers that will help you obtain real powerful software to help you extract data from web pages of any type sporting data extraction free technology.
There are programming languages such as Perl and PYTHON that are very good for creating programmes to extract data from web due to their ease of access to web extraction tools such as XPATH. This, however, is only viable for persons with extensive knowledge in IT and even for such people it is still time consuming to generate code for the extraction process. As such it is only wise to save time and energy through pre-programmed software that will actually extract data from website in any format that you like and even at given intervals of the day.
Visual Web Ripper is revolutionary software that has and continues producing remarkable results for current users who need to extract data from websites continuously and from multiple sites. Visual Web Ripper has overcome IP blocking by being configurable to use external proxy servers or the TOR network. These two will work well such that the protected websites will be seeing different IP addresses and effectively your main IP address is protected. CAPTCHA websites are also well handled to ensure your all web extraction processes continue unperturbed.
For advanced .NET programmers this software has an API from where you can redefine the extract data from web pages fields so as to suit your needs. This capability notwithstanding, Visual Web Ripper is well able to efficiently and effectively extract data in its standard form. Go ahead and try Visual Web Ripper; you wont be disappointed!

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Outsource Data Entry Services and Reduce Costs

Outsource Data Entry Services and Reduce Costs

India is known for its efficient and cost effective data entry service companies. As the Internet is expanding its horizon, companies from all over the world are flocking to India and outsourcing data format jobs to different companies. There definitely has to be a strong reason behind the same. Every business needs relevant information and data from trusted sources at a nominal cost. Companies in India have made cost effectiveness their forte and thus offer the best services to their clients around the world at an affordable cost.

One of the main reasons for outsourcing these tasks to India is that you get the aid of extremely qualified experts at an exceptionally low cost. This services can very well be outsourced to India without you having to worry about the quality of work you will receive. The data-entry professionals in these companies are skilled in their work and can help you manage business related data without any errors. Their specialists are well equipped with the latest technologies, both in hardware and software, and thus they can offer you the best results.

The various types of data entry services that you can avail from India are offline and online entry, image entry, entry of e-books, surveys, catalog entry, entry of legal documents, entry of insurance claims, database entry, text entry, accounting, entry of manuals, PDF conversion, HTML conversion, XML conversion and many others such services.

This type of work is a critical part of every organization and has to be done cautiously. Therefore, before outsourcing your data entry services, check for the credibility of the company by reviewing its past records, and customers feedback. Outsourcing services can definitely help you reduce cost and allow you to use your time and employees for more productive work. Important thing is that even outsourcing needs proper care and verification so that you don't have to face any confidentiality and quality issues in future.

This article is written by Abhinav Singh and provided in courtesy of data entry, offering affordable data entry services.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

XML Data Conversion - Outsourcing Advantages Over Free Tool

XML Data Conversion - Outsourcing Advantages Over Free Tool

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. These days, every available digital document quickly became popular. XML is a standard way to represent digital digital documents. We often use digital documents.


There are several XML conversion tools available in the industry conversion to convert the document into XML format. But major obstacle in using this tool is the cost, accuracy and safety.


Accuracy: Although the XML document to be converted to higher precision, because we need accurate representation of our document in digital format or XML.


Safety: Safe to convert documents must for any organization or individual, because these factors have been the future of the organization or company to decide.


Cost: The cost of converting XML is too low, as much as possible, because through this we can increase profitability.


Outsourcing data conversion, XML is a sensible option to satisfy all the conditions required for conversion. Outsource the conversion of XML to convert an offshore center will certainly benefit us all in terms of quality, safety, accuracy and cost.


There are several advantages of converting to XML and XML conversion outsourcing some of them are as follows:


* XML is the most popular options to publish documents on the Internet with the speed close to the earth.

* Convert XML to help reduce the need for storage space for documents.

* Outsourcing of converting XML to access the combination of the latest tools, technology and modern infrastructure.

* Cost-effectiveness is the most favorable in the document conversion to XML.

* Shipping converts XML documents during the period of time is another important positive aspect of outsourcing.

* Some subcontractor for converting XML files that 99.99% accuracy when converting documents.


The outsourcing activities after conversion methods proved unique by providing the best solutions for document conversion.


There are several kinds of tracking services, the trend towards outsourcing, including:



* PDF to XML

* Word to XML



* Doc or an XML document

* Text to XML

* Access to XML

* CSV or Excel to XML


Finally I can say that outsourcing is a great decision for accurate and high quality services to XML conversion rates cost.



Rita Thomson is passionate about to writing on data entry, data entry outsourcing, data conversion, data entry uk, data mining, data extraction etc.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Affordable Data Recovery Services in Delhi

Affordable Data Recovery Services in Delhi

It is really unimaginable to think that the world produces some thousands of Tera bytes of data every day but, hundreds of Tera bytes of the data is not backed up due to which there is estimated loss of billions of dollars. Though the backup process is easy and simple, we usually ignore it. For all those located in and around Delhi, it would be better to find out good data recovery services in time, than to goggling for ‘Data Recovery', 'Delhi', in an emergency situation.

There are many reasons behind data loss. It may be because of power fluctuations, virus/malware intrusion, hardware trouble or mishandling of data. Whatever the reason may be, valuable data is lost, and it further pinches you if it is the hard drive, the key component of your computer that crashes.

Recovering the lost data is very important, as in some cases it is very valuable. There are several advanced data recovery techniques and systematic processes that can be employed to recover the lost data. Thanks to all those data recovery services, that enable you to recover it.

For recovering the data, first, it is very important to know how the data has been lost, so that appropriate expertise can be employed to retrieve the lost data. To ensure the data to be recovered securely and without further damage to the rest of the data, it is always best advised to seek professional help.

There are many companies that offer data recovery services. But it is very important to choose the best service provider as your precious data is on stake. Stellar Data Recovery Delhi is offering data recovery services for the last 16 years in USA, Europe and Asia. The company has well equipped Class 100 Cleanroom with the best in-class capabilities and practices to recover any data. Over the years, Stellar has been securely and successfully recovering valuable data from virtually any kind of data loss situation such as: from logical errors due to accidental formatting of hard disk, accidental deletion of data even from recycle bin/sabotage, data lost due to a virus attack or accidental re-partitioning to physical problems due to mal-function of read/write head assemblies and PCB/Logic Board failures.

The company has service centers in all major cities of India. You can reach them in Delhi on the following addresses:

NehruPlaceOffice -205, SkipperCorner,88, NehruPlace, NewDelhi

Connaught Place Office - Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 502, 5th Floor,Mercantile House-15, K.G. Marg, Cannaught Place, New Delhi

Stellar Data Recovery Delhi is the foremost provider of high-quality data recovery services to handle all types of data loss situations.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to resolve 'Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)' PowerPoint 2000 error

How to resolve 'Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)' PowerPoint 2000 error

A presentation with visual aids is quite persuasive and helps you to deliver your message, ideas effectively. To help you create impressive presentations laden with various visual elements, MS PowerPoint application comes really handy. Presentations can be saved as Web pages and uploaded on Websites without much hassle. But, at times you might encounter few issues while opening the presentations saved as Web pages. You might also experience various error messages while modifying or editing the text. Such symptoms usually come to surface when a PowerPoint presentation becomes corrupt or damaged. In corruption scenarios, you might also end up losing important information. What to do? Well, you can bank upon a clean and updated backup copy of the presentation and restore the inaccessible information. However, if there is no backup available, you should consider employing a  third-party PowerPoint Recovery software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have a Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 custom slide show. It has been saved as a Web page. One fine day, when you attempt to open it to do some modifications, you might not be able to do so and additionally, you will receive the following error message:

"HTML Import Errors
Problems came up in the following areas during load:
Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)"

Since you are unable to open the HTML presentation, it has become almost impossible for you to fetch or modify the information stored into it.

The above behavior and error message can be encountered in the following conditions:

•If you have created a custom slide show in PowerPoint and it uses a particular slide more than once. In such cases, the duplicate slide is falsely referenced in XML.
•Another reason could be corruption. You must be dealing with a corrupt PowerPoint file.

The presentations created from custom slide show including the same slide more than once cannot be opened in PowerPoint 2000. If the issue is erupting due to corruption, you must gear up for PPT recovery.

Corrupt PPT files can be repaired and recovered using a reliable third-party recovery software. Such PowerPoint recovery applications apply improved algorithms and recover damaged presentation files without modifying the original data.

I am Laren Daniel, professional author writes articles for Software handing issues such as file corruption, application malfunction and provides informations regarding best recovery softwares to recover ppt.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Data is in - Matt Leinart is a Bust

The Data is in - Matt Leinart is a Bust

The term bust is thrown around too often in professional football.  So many high round picks do not pan out that labeling all of them as busts would completely negate any value given to the word.  But when a Heisman Trophy winning QB from a prestigious college program is chosen in the top 10 picks overall and is flat out released by the team that drafted him just weeks after being named the starter in his fourth season, then the word bust applies.


After initially starting for the Cardinals in his second season 3 years ago, he eventually lost his starting job to Kurt Warner.  Given how Warner would excel in the desert leading the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 2009, it is tough to begrudge a player for serving as his back-up.  With Warner retiring this offseason, Leinart was slated to be re-inserted as starter.  However, after a few preseason games, it appeared that he had learned nothing as Warner's understudy.  His reads were poor, he was slow to react to NFL defenses (even vanilla preseason sets), and his arm strength (which has always been in question) was shown to be woefully lacking


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt responded as most responsible coaches would - he moved Derek Anderson (who has played better) to the first team and announced that the starting QB was now an open competition.  This did not sit particularly well with Leinart.  He demanded a trade.  Why shouldn't he?  Because he has done so much that he deserves to be handed a starting position.  Only he doesn't.  He's done absolutely nothing that entitles him to being the starter unless he is clearly outplaying his competition.  The competition's reaction to Leinart's demand?  A collective yawn.  Nobody made a decent offer.  This led to Leinart just being released and signing with the Houston Texans and being placed on their THIRD team.


The funny thing is this:  Leinart's best shot to eventually start was to stay exactly where he was at.  As of today, one could make the argument that Derek Anderson is the worst starting QB in the NFL.  His career in Cleveland ended as a flat out disaster.  Anderson will throw interceptions and will eventually get the hook from Whisenhunt if he falters.  In Houston, Matt Schaub is well entrenched as the starter.  Outside of the possibility of injury (and Schaub is a bit prone to missing time), there is zero, zilch, nil chance that Leinart will take the starting job for him.  For now, the former USC star can be put firmly in the pile of irrelevancy.


Can Leinart's career be reclaimed?  There are QBs who have fallen farther and eventually emerged out on top.  None other than Kurt Warner was unheralded coming out of small Northern Iowa and actually spent time in the arena league before eventually finding success with the St. Louis Rams.  Even then, it was only an injury to starter Trent Green that gave Warner his chance to prove himself.  But right now, an unhealthy ego and sense of entitlement prevent Leinart from being a guy who can be expected to improve and become that player that many expected him to be.  That's a good recipe to be a bust.


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