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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Secrets of DVRs

Secrets of DVRs

A DVR is an acronym of Digital Video Recorder and it is in its simplest form, is a VCR replacement box. A DVR records the same analog video camera signals, not to a tape, but to a computer with hard disk-based storage. Recording with a DVR allows for better video quality capture than older VCRs and provides exponentially more video storage space. The video can be retrieved faster because the computer can find, manage and replay video clips instantaneously. When a DVR is connected to a network, users can view live or recorded video from any computer that has access. DVRs offer all of this improved functionality and conveniently require very little user intervention.

Don’t be lost in the world of CSI and be realistic in your expectations of a DVR. These expectations include the following features: recording when detecting motion, internet connectivity which includes remote viewing and playback through a web browser, central monitoring software to allow several DVR's to be monitored locally or remotely, and face detection, detecting missing or unattended objects, and many more.

For these reasons, DVRs have proliferated, and the continuing evolution of video management is now tending toward completely digital systems. The goal is the establishment of a fully digital solution from the camera, at the edge of the network; to a computer viewing the video, located anywhere on the network; to a storage device that collects the data for retrieval and historical archiving. The advantages of an all-IP digital video system are numerous, including design, installation and overall flexibility.

When you choose a DVR, think of these points first:

1. Reliability and Value : As subjective as this is I think most will agree that a quality product, from a reliable name brand manufacture with a lengthy history in the security business, along with state of the art software designed for serious business security applications, and a reasonable price, would constitute good value.

2. Ease of Use: Being a PC Based Security Camera Solution the menu driven software must be easy to upgrade, maintain, and use. It also must offer an easier method to operate and have fewer potential hardware and software liabilities than the other PC based rivals.

3. Features: the offered features must include Hardware Image Compression, IP camera support, Point of Sale Integration, Access Control Integration, Online Monitoring, and even License Plate Recognition.

What are the major benefits of a DVR?

• DVR-based solutions are easily understood in design terms. The interface to the video management software is via the network and the DVR manufacturer’s software interface. Connections from camera to recorder are through dedicated cables; the design element simply ensures a cable route is available. In a technical sense, DVR-based systems are easy to deploy.

• Network design is simple; a single network connection point is required by the DVR with a single IP address for high camera concentrations. Network bandwidth is low and only used when the video is being viewed or streamed over the network.
• Most DVRs have a built-in browser so the occasional user can connect to live and stored video with software loaded on the PC.
• No network bandwidth is used when recording because the video is being transmitted to the DVR via a dedicated cable.
• Easy storage calculation for video.
• Easy deployment: many buildings have existing analog CCTV system infrastructure, such as coaxial cable routed to a central location.
• Easy expansion: software can be overlaid on top of the DVR infrastructure without equipment redundancy.
• Where video is required locally, a low-cost monitor can be connected to the DVR for viewing purposes.
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