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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Google AdWords Tips - How to Create Curiosity in Your Ads

Google AdWords Tips - How to Create Curiosity in Your Ads

Why do you want to create curiosity in your Google AdWords ads? The reason is simply because curiosity might be the most power driving force that almost nobody can resist. Curiosity can make people take action, not yesterday or today but right now!


Simply by asking a question, it will create a desire in people to answer. In this case, they answer by clicking on your ad. Also, when you use question marks within your text ads, your click through rates will usually go up. I have seen that happen to me multiple times across a few different niches.

Breaking News

Anything that sounds like breaking news can cause people to take notice. You always need to get the attention of others before you can persuade them to buy something from you or to take some form of action. Most newspapers, magazines & many other publications make a living by creating curiosity to make you buy.

New Discovery

It is only human nature to be draw to new shiny objects. Your AdWords ads are far from shiny since it is just plain text. How you can make your ad shine more than your competitors is to simply draw their focus on your new discovery. Nothing has to be really new, just make it sounds new in some way, shape or form.

Latest Events

If some of the latest events are related to the products you sell or the services that you provide, you can tie things up in such a way that you leverage on the latest events to attract attention then you divert that attention to yourself.


Curiosity is indeed a powerful persuasion weapon, to make it even more powerful, add some specific details or numbers to it. As you can see, this is very powerful stuff, do not abuse it or you will leave a bad impression in the eyes of your audience.

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