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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Success Training Stories - Crater Creators

Success Training Stories - Crater Creators

It was a beautiful summer day in Colorado Springs. The mountains behind us and the grassy fields were in front of us. The breeze was even exceptionally calm that day. It was the perfect day for us to jump out of an airplane for the first time.

We had just completed over two weeks of vigorous and thorough parachute training. We were told that the United States Air Force Academy was the only jump school in the country that the students jumped free fall on their first jump. All the other jump schools in the country required a static line, where you don't pull your own rip cord to open the parachute. Even though the training was thorough, it was also fun. The jump masters loved calling us Crater Creators.

As we were waiting to board our jump plane for our first jump, the USAFA jump team launched out of their airplane and put on a show for us. I'm sure the idea was to inspire us. Unfortunately it didn't work this time. One of the guys who had hundreds of jumps under his belt landed right in front of us and broke his leg! Not a confidence builder, but up we went anyway.

The experience was awesome. It actually doesn't feel like you are falling. The jump masters were on the ground with scopes watching and grading our performance. What I had not prepared well for was hitting the ground. Oh, we had trained well from high platforms, but when I hit the ground it literally felt like I had hit a truck. Later I was to find out that I had broken my clavicle and the size of a deep bruise on my hip/buttocks was enormous.

When I went to get my evaluation I was VERY motivated to see what the jump master would say. I was upset to hear him say that I had a good jump and a perfect landing! Ouch. I was so hoping he would tell me what happened. The thought ran through my head that if that was perfect, I would not survive the next schedule 4 jumps to earn my wings.

After asking around for a while, I got my answer. I had missed one critical piece of information in my training: When you are approaching the ground as you are falling towards the earth, IF you pull down on the cords hard right before you touch down, it slows you down. I was hitting the ground at approximately 25 miles an hour. No wonder it felt like a truck hit me. When you pull the cords it slows you down to 10 - 15 miles an hour.

Even though I was more nervous the 2nd time out of the plane, the next 4 jumps were great - even with the broken clavicle and bruises. (I didn't tell the jump masters about that - I wanted my wings!)

Insight to apply to life and business: As you grow your business, it can seem like things just aren't building right. There is much to learn. As you continue to press towards the mark, you will discover the tips and secrets that will propel you to success.

One possible application: Many people try to do a home business without an effective contact and communication software system. This is a huge oversight.

Curt Johnson, or Coach Curt, is doing full time missionary work in part fueled by the residual income developed in the network marketing industry. He rose to the top of two different companies and is a good friend and upline mentor of Ann Sieg. He is available for mlm success training, mlm coaching, and also promotes powerful tools that can enhance any network marketer's success while developing multiple streams of income.

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