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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Local Verses Hosted Exchange Server Cost Comparison

Local Verses Hosted Exchange Server Cost Comparison

Let's have a closer look at the breakdown of the costs of a local exchange server vs a hosted exchange service for an organization with 25 users. Please note that all pricing is for New Zealand in New Zealand dollars.

Hosted Exchange Costs


$ 100 one off per user cost to migrate all emails data to the new hosted exchange environment and setting up users new exchange email.

Monthly Cost

$ 23 per user per month, which includes spam protection (users can be added or removed as required)

$ 17 per domain per month, domain name hosting i.e.

So total first year cost for 25 users/email addresses is fixed at $ 9604 and then $ 7104 per year.

Local Exchange Server Costs

With a local hosted server the costs would hugely vary depending on whether you are going budget or purchasing high quality equipment and services. Therefore I have included a range, the reason being you can go cheap i.e. use second hand hardware, used a low skilled IT technician however these are false economies and it generally will end up costing you more in time and hassle fixing the shortcuts that were taken in the future.


A Server $ 4,000-$ 10,000

Backup hardware/software $ 2,000-$ 6,000

UPS $ 500-$ 1000 (stops your server being blown up with a power spike or power failure)

Microsoft Exchange Software & Licensing $ 6,100

Warranty $ 500-$ 1,000

Technician to setup $ 2,000-$ 6,000

Ongoing Costs

Backups & Restores $ 5,000-$ 10,000/year (1Hr/week either you or your staff charged at $ 100/hr)

SLA $ 500-$ 2,000/year

Fixed IP Address $ 240/year

Power $ 300-$ 400/year

Spam Protection $ 600-$ 2000/year

Domain $ 200/year

So total 1st year cost for a local exchange server setup will be between $ 22,000-$ 45,000 please note that does not include; technician time to perform updates, technician time to perform backups and restores when you or your staff can't do it, repair failed hardware, software upgrades or the fact that server hardware generally last between 3-5 years where you would have to go through the whole process of a new server and licensing expense again.

When you compare the costs over a 3 year period there really is no choice. To have a local server can vary wildly from $ 35,000-$ 75,000 whereby the cost of having a hosted exchange solutions for the same period will be fixed at approximately $ 23,812

(please note all costs are approximate, excluding GST and vary across different providers)

Dan Ballard is a Technology Writer and a IT Business Development Manager. He specializes in showing businesses and organization how to make the best use of technology.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing
Thanks to the internet and advancements in communication technology, organizing a seminar has drastically changed in the last few years. An online webinar is a seminar conducted online with the prospects attending the event from the comfort of their homes and offices. Opting for an online webinar over a traditional seminar offers much more than just convenience for the organizers and guests. The organizers are able to save a significant amount of money they wouldve spent in organizing a traditional seminar.
Webinars can be organized for a number of purposes such as marketing, introduction, product launch, education, and many more. Organizing marketing webinars is arguably the easiest way to gather desired audience for the promotion of your company and its offerings. The process starts with generating leads for the webinar. Based on the nature of your webinar, you need to find people who will be interested in attending the event. Leads for marketing webinars can be generated using social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
Once you have a list of the desired prospects, you need to contact them to inform about the upcoming event. The prospects can be contacted using a number of modes of communication such as e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. Once you have received the acknowledgements of the prospects who have agreed to attend the event, you can start working on the content for the webinar.
When deciding content for the webinar, try to be as clear and concise as possible. Prolonging a webinar will not only waste time, it may also lead to boredom for those attending. Try to design an interactive webinar that should welcome the participation and contribution of your guests. Ensure that the webinar ends with a question-answer session to let the guests clear their doubts if any.
Organizing a webinar is simple but needs great expertise to ensure the event is a success. If you are planning to organize a webinar but are unsure about certain aspects of organizing one such event, it is advisable that you avail the service of a professional agency having specialization in organizing webinars. A list of all such companies can be easily found using any popular search engine.

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher on the topics related to online webinar and Marketing webinars.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rapid Action Profits - The Low Cost Solution to Selling Digital Information Products

Rapid Action Profits - The Low Cost Solution to Selling Digital Information Products

You have done all the hard work in creating your own ebook and you've been looking for a way to get it out onto the web to start making you money

But you then ask yourself...

"What do I need to do now to actually sell my ebook online?"

I know exactly how you feel. Most of us have been there and the unlucky ones still are. Getting a new product ready to market is not that easy. There's a lot of things to think about when you want to sell a digital information product.

On the face of it you just need to create a sales site that will handle payments and automate the delivery of your product. But there are more pieces to a good sales system than most people realize.

There are so many things to think about...

Will your sales page convert?
How can you test it?
How do you set up a payment processor?
How do you set up a back-end product - or a One-Time Offer?
How do you protect your downloads?

And if you do finally make sales do you have a way to automatically add your new customers to your list so that you can sell some more stuff to them? After all, a list full of buyers is worth far more than a list of freebie seekers.

The trouble is, at the start you probably won't have a HUGE, responsive list to promote your products to so to speed things up you need to get some affiliates on board to promote for you.

There's no getting away from the fact that recruiting affiliates is the best way to leverage your time, and make more lots more money. All the top marketers do it so why not you?

But then you need to know...

How do you recruit and pay affiliates?
And what about JV Partners?

All this can be a little overwhelming to say the least!

To do all this complicated stuff you must have some kind of system that will automate the entire sales process and get affiliates and JV's to promote your products for you.

So what do you actually need to sell digital products?

Of course you can pay a couple of thousand dollars for Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing script which is a great product but a little pricey for people just getting started. If you do have your own products to sell and can afford it then I highly recommend that you buy it.

The low-cost alternative?

Rapid Action Profits, is an all-in-one marketing system that controls lead capture, split-testing, payment processing, affiliate payment, secure downloads, one-time offers, and much more.

This is a great alternative to the Butterfly Marketing script that won't break the bank and is used by many successful marketers, including me. It can do much of what the Butterfly Marketing script can do but without the high price ticket.

And the best part is that it's constantly updated with powerful new features to make it even better.

You can find out more about what Rapid Action Profits can do to help you sell digital products and how to make more money from affiliate marketing at

Commonly Made Adwords Mistakes that Can Cost You Money

Commonly Made Adwords Mistakes that Can Cost You Money

You can accomplish impressive things for your business with Google AdWords, but the key to success is being knowledgeable and gaining experience. You’ll find the entire range of experiences with Adwords, but the most dangerous phase is when you’re new and inexperienced. Things begin to change when you start making money with Adwords, and then you’ll slowly begin to have more confidence about what you’re doing. Your first campaign can feel intimidating because you’re spending money, but just follow what you’ve learned and go slow – work within your budget. Here are some common mistakes seen in Adwords, learn to avoid them and you’ll be better off for it.

When you’re working with your Google AdWords campaign, it’s easy to make a mistake after mistake. You just must learn and prepare for advertising with Adwords, and of course you have to really pay attention to what’s going on. But it doesn’t always have to end up with such mistakes. As maybe you can guess, there are very many marketers who are making excellent returns with Adwords. Profitable campaigns have longevity, they’re around for months and months – so study them the best you can. Look at at their ad copy, their landing page, etc. Find out who your main competitors are, and then learn from them as much as possible. You can be involved, if you can afford it, and while you’re going start noticing which ads tend to run all the time. Naturally, if a campaign is not profitable, the advertiser will not keep it running. It’s your call, but it’s best not to copy the ads directly, you can follow the general ideas covered in the ads. So this is one way to begin seeing positive changes in your campaigns and click through rates.

Displaying your ads through the content network of Google is another common mistake made by new advertisers. You will find that this network is made up of partnering websites that use a program called AdSense to show their Google ads. These un-targeted sites could prove very distracting for people viewing your ad. Even if you achieve a high click through rate you are likely to see a low conversion rate. So not turning the content network off will lead to large amount of money spend on ads, with a poor return on investment, which is the last thing you want. Tracking your ads can also be difficult, which means it is harder for you. So always remember to turn the content network off before you start a campaign. Focus only on the ads that appear in the Google search results and its partners.

If you don’t give much thought to your landing page, you are making another AdWords mistake that can hurt your campaigns. There always has to be a good match between your ads and the landing page that they point to. This is the thumb rule of successful AdWords advertising.

If you want your prospects to stay on your landing page and read it, it has to be closely relevant to the ad they just clicked on. If someone’s clicking on your ad, then he/she expects to find what they’re looking for. Aside from being relevant, your landing page should also be easy to read and uncluttered. Always remember that matching your ads and landing pages is an unyielding principle when it comes to AdWords. Those who violate this rule may get clicks on their ads, but will be disappointed with the conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid to use Google Adwords, just learn solid information about it, and then proceed with good common sense.

You can get a free SEO book just for asking. Search engine optimisation Australia is important for increasing and enhancing your Web presence because the Internet is global

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cost Effective - Website Traffic Promotion

Cost Effective - Website Traffic Promotion

Every Internet business person wants to succeed. We've all heard about how easy it is to make money online. The truth is many people have indeed prospered but even more have failed miserably. Understanding Internet marketing is not much different from any other kind of marketing. Your business must be advertised. People have to read what your business is all about. The more difficult part is getting the facts to potential visitors. There is no way your Internet business can succeed without website traffic. Promotion of your products and services is paramount if you want a business enterprise that works.

Many of us have read about and heard about individuals who have made a huge success of Internet businesses because of the marketing strategy they use. Many of these individuals have not done it alone. They have taken the easy way and used the services of an expert. This is by the far the easiest and most cost effective way to get your Internet business known and thriving. It all comes down to website traffic. Promotion is the only way to get your business noticed.

A very good means is to use a strategy based on article promotion. This makes good sense because prospective customers want information. They want to read who you are and what you offer regarding products and services. If you think about it, the more articles there are about you, the more people you will reach. It is also important to know where to place these articles. All this is part of a strategy that can be implemented by an expert marketer to grow website traffic. Promotion of your business is a priority if you want to reach and attract prospective buyers. An expert will write the articles, place them and let the readers know where to find you. This is a deal that will save you money as well as make you money.

Jason L. Battye LOVES traffic --- online, that is. He is an author, personal development trainer, and an expert on traffic generation. Get free tips on website traffic promotion when you check out popular website ImproveYourIncomeOnline.Com today!

Full Cost Plus Pricing

Full Cost Plus Pricing

In practice cost is the most important influence on price. Many firms base price on simple cost-plus rules (costs are estimated and then a profit margin is added in order to set the price) a study by Lancelot gave a number of reasons for the predominance of this method.

• Planning and use of scarce capital resources are easier.
• Assessment of divisional performance is easier
• It emulates the practice of successful large companies.
• Organizations fear government action against 'excessive' profits.
• There is a tradition of production rather than of marketing in many organizations.
• There is sometimes tacit collusion in industry to avoid competition.
• Adequate profits for shareholders are already made, giving no incentive to maximize profits.
• Cost-based pricing strategies based on internal data are easier to administer.
• Over time, cost-based pricing produces stability of pricing, production and employment.

Full cost -plus pricing is a method of determining the sales price by calculating the full cost of the product and adding a percentage mark- up for profit. The full cost' may be a fully absorbed production cost only, or it may include some absorbed administration, selling and distribution overhead.

A business might have an idea of the percentage profit margin it would like to earn. And so might decide on an average profit mark-up as a general guideline for pricing decisions

This would be particularly useful for businesses that carry out a large amount of contract work or jobbing work, for which individual job or contract prices must be quoted regularly to prospective customers. However, the percentage profit mark-up dose not have to be rigid and fixed, but can be varied to suit the circumstances. In particular, the percentage mark-up can be varied to suit demand conditions in the market.

Problems with and advantages of full cost-plus pricing.

There are several serious problems with relying on a full cost approach to pricing.

• It fails to recognize that since demand may be determining price, there will be a profit-maximizing combination of price and demand.
• There may be a need to adjust prices to market and demand conditions
• Budgeted output volume needs to be established. Output volume is a key factor in the overhead absorption rate.
• A suitable basis for overhead absorption must be selected, especially where a business produces more than one product.

Google AdWords - How to Reduce AdWords Advertising Cost and Get More Clicks

Google AdWords - How to Reduce AdWords Advertising Cost and Get More Clicks

Google AdWords is a very effective channel to market a product or service. You will list your ads on Google and only pay when someone clicks on your ads. To list your ads on Google, you need to bid on keywords that are related to your business.

For some keywords, the cost per click is not cheap. This is the reason why some marketers shy away from advertising on Google. But, there are solutions to this. With effective Google AdWords management, you can reduce the cost of your AdWords campaign without getting lesser clicks. The question is: how do you do it?

First of all, you must understand that Google AdWords values a lot on relevancy. By increasing the relevancy of your campaign, AdWords will award you with a Great Quality Score. With this, you will pay lesser per click than your competitors. This means that with the same budget, you can now stretch your advertising dollars and achieve more clicks in return.

To get a great quality score for your AdWords campaign, there are 4 important things that you must do:

1. Bid on relevant keywords. Do not use keywords that are generic and irrelevant to your business. People that are typing these keywords are usually not very targeted and therefore will not be interested in what you are offering. In this case, you will get a lot of impressions but little clicks. This will affect the CTR of your campaign and your quality score.

2. Increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your campaign. With higher CTR, you are telling Google that your campaign is relevant to what people are searching for. With this, Google will award you with better quality scores. One tip to increase CTR is to write compelling ad texts. Also, always split test your ad texts so as to achieve the best possible CTR for each ad group.

3. Group your keywords into relevant ad groups. Organizing keywords into the right ad groups can really help you to achieve better quality score and CTR. For example, if you offer air conditioning services, keywords like air conditioning servicing and air conditioning repair should be in separate ad groups. Although the meaning of these keywords are similar, it is best to separate them into different ad groups so as to achieve higher quality score and CTR.

4. Use relevant landing pages. Point your ad text to relevant landing pages. Do not point all ad texts to the home page. If need be, create unique landing pages for specific keywords to increase relevancy.

By following these tips, you can achieve higher quality score and CTR for your AdWords campaign. With great quality score, the cost per click will get lesser and your budget will get you more clicks.

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency providing Google AdWords Advertising service.

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Implementing Low Cost Web Design and SEO - Websites For Small Businesses

Implementing Low Cost Web Design and SEO - Websites For Small Businesses

Gone are the days when web design was costly and you had to carefully consider your options before taking your business online. These days, finding low cost web design solutions for your business needs is very easy. One just needs to look in the right places and not only can one get a nicely designed website for cheap, but one can also employ some basic search engine optimisation techniques to get the website traffic and visibility.

The First Step

Before hiring a cheap web design firm, one should know exactly what it is that they are offering in their low cost package. Do these services suffice for your needs or do you need something more? The right questions to ask your potential design company could be-

1. Experience - Like any other firm, it is very important to inquire about the experience of the firm in the web design industry. Technologies are changing rapidly and these days, web design technology is at its cheapest. Working with an experienced firm will save you from getting swindled.

2. Previous work - Look into the previously designed websites. Are these websites good for the money spent on them or are they just 'spammy'? A website conveys everything about your firm so you want a web designer who can translate your core business ideologies and services onto simple web pages.

3. Can the firm provide custom web design - if you want to build a brand, can the firm use your existing logos, colours and graphics on a website? If not, can they create these? Look for such additional services as these help enormously in the long run.

4. Number of pages/ Content - Content is the most essential part of your website as it showcases your products to your customers, highlights the importance or usability of your company and can also push your business up against your competitors. How many pages of content will the firm also provide?

The Next Step - Low Cost SEO Packages

After getting your website all ready to be promoted, the next vital step is to look for an affordable Search Engine Optimisation firm - one which can promote your newly created online presence to the right audience without charging an arm for it. This part of your online campaign is as important as the website itself because if your website does not receive any traffic, then it is as good as dead. Do how do you look for a reliable person?

Freelance websites can be a rich source of hard working professionals who can satisfy your website marketing and promotional needs because -

1. Most of them are the work-at-home- type so you can negotiate for a reasonable price.

2. These freelancers can be contacted for trouble shooting or other queries as when required without setting up time-consuming appointments. This will save you a lot of time and consequently, money.

Evidently, combining low cost web design and a compatible cheap search engine package for excellent results is not difficult if done correctly.

Cost Effective SEO Packages

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Low Cost Campaign For AdWords - 3 Tips For Successful Google AdWords

Low Cost Campaign For AdWords - 3 Tips For Successful Google AdWords

Why you will fail without them.

There are millions of people online these days that are trying to sell their product or service. The real key to their success is to get targeted traffic to their sales page. Because you can have the best product or service but if no one knows that you are there to see your product or service. Then your business is sure to fail.
Here are 3 tips for having a successful Google AdWords campaign.

1 - You need to use very specific key words for your topic or niche. Because if you are just using general terms then you will not get the targeted traffic that you need to purchase your product or service.

2 - You need to optimize your web page that you will be sending people to from your AdWords campaign. You need the key words to be the same key words that you are using from your ad and the content on that page has to be completely relevant to your key words. This is really important because this is partly how you will get a better click through rate and a better click through rate means that you will pay less for your pay per click.

3 - You need to do split testing you do this by running at least 2 different ads for the same key words and then after you get at least 50 clicks you want to see which ad is doing better. Then you will keep that one and make another ad and try to make it better than the leading ad. Always keep testing and tracking this is extremely important for you to get a better CTR click through rate. Because that better your CTR the lower your cost of your campaign for AdWords.

Now get busy using these tips on your campaigns.

Want to learn how to set up a low cost campaign for AdWords

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