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Thursday, October 19, 2017

How To Choose The Correct Website Template

How To Choose The Correct Website Template

A web template is a layout structure used to separate content from presentation in website design and serves as a foundation in which to add your own scripts and databases. Web templates can be used by any individual or organization to set up their website by replacing all generic information in the web template with their own personal, organizational and product specific information.

Most website templates are available to download online for free, are easy to use and have fewer HTML errors that can mess up pages. Web templates also keep your website navigation and layout structure consistent and predictable. Website templates may however affect the usability and profitability of your completed website. A template is a design tool and may contain too many unnecessary images. Incorrect or confusing HTML Code may occur if there are no added comments for readability and this may ultimately hide your content from search engine spiders. The HTML toolbox may be used to scan the web template for coding errors and to establish the browser specific code.

When selecting a web template, consider the requirements and specific needs of your business. Examine the list of functions that the web template will provide, the technologies used to create the template, your knowledge of this technology and the necessity and frequency of updating the website. Website templates can be used to: display personal information as in a blog, sell products online, display information about a company or organization, display a gallery of photos or family history, place music files for play through a web browser or set up a private log- in area online. Some of the most common forms of web templates include:

CSS templates- A web template ideal for business websites with an attractive design, great functionality, easy to use and allows you to work with content and style separately,

Flash templates- A web template used to create impressive online portfolio and stunning interactive designs to showcase your photos, projects and other creative art works.

Flash animated templates- Using this web template you can create a live and dynamic website with minimum time, effort and expertise. With a combination of the flash animated header area and HTML body, you can update text and images regularly.

Flash CMS (Content Management System) templates- The admin interface of this web template allows you to edit and manage your flash website easily and in real time.

HTML templates- A simple web template with attractive layout and suitable for any business website. With a lot of space to insert textual content and represent your products and services this web template allows you to give consumers depth of information.

OsCommerce templates- Used to establish online shops and stores. Features include: integrated shopping cart, products catalog and payment options.

It is thus important to consider the features, functionality and technological components of each web template inorder to ensure you select the right template to suit your business or personal needs.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to Get Correct Violin Position

How to Get Correct Violin Position

Violin position and posture can be a little bit awkward at first. And to be honest, it is part of what makes playing the violin a challenge! The instrument does have a fairly steep learning curve because of little road bumps like this. But there are a number of good ways of short cutting through the confusion and getting to know correct violin position quickly and without practicing 5 hours a day. Here are some good guidelines to get your started playing violin with good position.

When you first go to play a note on the violin, you want to make sure that you are meeting a handful of very specific guidelines. These can change to a certain degree depending on what notes you are playing or what kind of angle you are attacking the violin from, whether it be with a staccato, spiccato, legato or ricochet bow stroke. Just keep in mind that these are only guidelines for basic playing with a standard issue violin bow stroke and nothing more.

Start with the bow at a clean 90 degree angle with the string. This is very, very important because of the way the bow runs along the string. The bow running parallel to the string simply causes chafing with the steel twine and will produce a very poor sound. Even if the violin string is just a little bit parallel to the bow, this can still cause problems. Be sure to eliminate this or you will get stung for it later on.

Your elbow should have a clean 90 degree angle as well, and the wrist should be straight. This obviously assumes that you are starting the note by playing at the middle of the bow, but we can safely do that for a lot of notes without limiting our ability to play them, in particular short notes. As the bow moves up and down, the angle of the elbow and the wrist should adjust accordingly, but the bow should never leave the 90 degree angle with the string no matter what violin position you are in. This will keep your sound and violin intonation clean.

And be sure to keep your left wrist straight as well. A lot of players will skew their violin position by drawing the wrist in close to the fingerboard and bending it backwards in order to get a close hold on the notes. This may feel a bit more comfortable, but all it really does is make it extremely difficult to shift. When you try to shift, your wrist and base of your palm will strike the body of the instrument, making it much more difficult to effectively shift and create smooth notes. So keep that left wrist straight, no matter what!

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