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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Steps Involved in PSD to HTML Conversion

Steps Involved in PSD to HTML Conversion

As soon as you plan to enter into the online business, the first thing which comes into your mind is that your website should look different from those thousands of already existing on the internet market. As a website reflects the image and overall perspective of your business, therefore, it is necessary to make it in a way which could best express the objectives of your business and attract the visitors for further growth. You have to prepare a design which is generally prepared in a psd format and then comes the major task to be performed and that is to convert that psd file into html which enables your website to function at its best. However, conversion of psd into html is a highly complex process so you must take care of some important things to be considered. This article will guide you with the steps involved in the conversion of psd to html.

CLEAR SET OF IDEA: This is the step which will lay the foundation of success in developing a website. You should be clear with what exactly you want from your website. Whether you want to hire a professional service provider or want to develop it on your own. All these things should be decided well before you start with your business.

ANALYSE YOUR PSD: The psd format should be examined thoroughly with a deep analysis and understand the complications which may arise while converting it into html. All the steps should be arranged well like splitting mockup into html, adding css codes, header, footer and the images to be inserted.  

INCORPORATING PSD TO HTML:  The psd files are sliced into various layers using any of the image editing software. After finishing slicing, you can add or remove buttons, links and text boxes. Attention should be paid while integrating psd format into high quality and pixel perfect html codes..The coding and converting psd template into html will add up to its quality and make your pre-designed web template a unique one.

INSERTION OF CONTENT: The moment you are over with the slicing and incorporating psd to html you have to insert the content into the website. This is the another crucial task to be performed which requires a lot of skill. Make sure that the content which you enter into the website is short and precise and highlights the purpose of your website.

CHECK WITH DIFFERENT BROWSERS: After you are done with psd to html integration and customization, the final step should be to check whether your webpage is accessible through the different internet browsers or not.

However, there are still many things to be considered but it depends upon your need that what kind of website you are looking for and what methods do you adopt to develop it. It is advisable to hire a professional web design company if you do not have those technical skills because designing a website requires a lot of effort and technical knowledge and you can't risk your business for this. converts your design files from various common image formats (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI) into best quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML/CSS markup. Check xhtml.pixelcrayons for our PSD to HTML Conversion and integration such as PSD to drupal, PSD to Wordpress etc.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Facts About PSD to HTML Conversion

Facts About PSD to HTML Conversion

Often the designers find it difficult to convert their designs into HTML codes. The reason is simple; the language of a design and a web page is not the same. Naturally, it needs to be converted. Basically, there seems to be three options from which a designer must choose. Now, let's take a look at them.

The first option is code it yourself. Of course that is obvious. Also, it has certain benefits. When you are coding a page yourself, you have the freedom to choose the perfect appearance. So, you can keep on working on it until you are satisfied. In short, doing it yourself will give you the opportunity to make the conversion as you please.

However, there are two other options as well. One is to use different automated tools that will do the conversion and the other is to hire a company or individual who will provide service to convert PSD to HTML. Now, it is important here to look at the priority before taking the decision.

These days, the websites have really become an important entity and the design has become one of the most crucial factors in it. Naturally, the work of the designer has become more serious. This is why many experts believe that a designer should focus only on designing and nothing else. After all, the more you concentrate, the better your performance will.

But, then, this is an age of multitasking. This is why there is another group of experts who believe that a designer should have knowledge about PSD slicing and conversion as well. In fact, they go so far as to claim that a designer should know how to write content, do SEO and marketing of the website. However, design is certainly the most important thing here. This is what sets a site apart from others. It should be everywhere in the website, in its content, layout, graphics, concept and structure. In fact, this is one reason why a designer should know these aspects. For, the more he knows about these aspects, the better and more useful his or her designs will be.

As far as the above mentioned options are concerned, the decision should be taken on the basis of the situation. After all, you have to consider the time you have in hands. Also, even if you have a deadline that seems to be far off, if you have a long queue of clients in your office, you will not get enough time. In short, you have to consider the time that you can give to the operation. Also, you must be sure about the quality; for it is no experiment for the client.

So, the idea here is to be flexible. You should act according to the situation. However, for that, you need to have certain qualities. To that end, you have to collect information regarding the conversion and keep yourself abreast with the latest developments. Also, it is useful to have a list of service providers ready and try them out to make sure you have the best vendors in your list.

Michael Dave is author of this article on Psd to html.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

XML Data Conversion - Outsourcing Advantages Over Free Tool

XML Data Conversion - Outsourcing Advantages Over Free Tool

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. These days, every available digital document quickly became popular. XML is a standard way to represent digital digital documents. We often use digital documents.


There are several XML conversion tools available in the industry conversion to convert the document into XML format. But major obstacle in using this tool is the cost, accuracy and safety.


Accuracy: Although the XML document to be converted to higher precision, because we need accurate representation of our document in digital format or XML.


Safety: Safe to convert documents must for any organization or individual, because these factors have been the future of the organization or company to decide.


Cost: The cost of converting XML is too low, as much as possible, because through this we can increase profitability.


Outsourcing data conversion, XML is a sensible option to satisfy all the conditions required for conversion. Outsource the conversion of XML to convert an offshore center will certainly benefit us all in terms of quality, safety, accuracy and cost.


There are several advantages of converting to XML and XML conversion outsourcing some of them are as follows:


* XML is the most popular options to publish documents on the Internet with the speed close to the earth.

* Convert XML to help reduce the need for storage space for documents.

* Outsourcing of converting XML to access the combination of the latest tools, technology and modern infrastructure.

* Cost-effectiveness is the most favorable in the document conversion to XML.

* Shipping converts XML documents during the period of time is another important positive aspect of outsourcing.

* Some subcontractor for converting XML files that 99.99% accuracy when converting documents.


The outsourcing activities after conversion methods proved unique by providing the best solutions for document conversion.


There are several kinds of tracking services, the trend towards outsourcing, including:



* PDF to XML

* Word to XML



* Doc or an XML document

* Text to XML

* Access to XML

* CSV or Excel to XML


Finally I can say that outsourcing is a great decision for accurate and high quality services to XML conversion rates cost.



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Friday, November 10, 2017

Psd To Html Conversion Methods

Psd To Html Conversion Methods
PSD to HTML conversion is indispensable and vital for a website. Without converting the PSD based design files in to a markup language, a website can not be launched into a browser. Therefore, it is necessary to convert PSD to HTML. Basically there are three ways to get this conversion done- manual, outsource and automated tools. Let us discuss about each method in detail.

PSD to HTML conversion done with the help of automated tools provides quick results, which is inexpensive. Most of the times, website owners prefer to get the automated conversion done to save both time and money. However, this type of conversion does not guarantee completely reliable and error free code. The code generated by a software may have certain errors. Now this can have a devastating effect on your website and business. Even a small glitch can ruin the functionality of your business web design and make your business suffer. Therefore, this method of conversion should be avoided.

Manual conversion is considered to be the best. It takes some time to convert each and every page of a site into codes manually, but it guarantees an error free website. Manual conversion also offers other advantages like W3C validation, cross browser compatibility, pixel perfect site, semantic coding etc. A professional and experienced coder ensures that your website looks as good as the original PSD design. There are many PSD to CSS/HTML conversion companies available who offer quality services at an affordable price. This method of conversion is highly recommendable. Before hiring a company, ensure that you check their credibility and quality of services provided by them. Only if you find them credible and reliable, you should hire them.

Outsourcing your conversion project is also a good option. This method is basically beneficial for companies with small budget. Outsourcing the project is cheaper and you do not have to worry about making space in your office for the in house coder. However, before outsourcing your project. Ensure that the company provides manual conversion and does not make use of any software. Outsource your project to a company which promises manual conversion only.

Depending on the requirement and limit of your budget you can choose a method of conversion for your website. Just make sure that you hire a reliable and quality PSD to XHTML service which guarantees good results within a stipulated time period. converts your design files from various common image formats into best quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML/CSS markup. Check for our PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS services.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

XML Conversion - A Facility to Boost Online Business

XML Conversion - A Facility to Boost Online Business

As world is becoming village, all business wants to be at global. This helps business to have larger customer base and bigger market. This is easily possible through online presence of the business. Website is one of the powerful ways to create online presence. This helps you to capture the global customers, but just website is not enough!!

One of my clients told me that he had got new visitors but his ratio of returning visitor was very low even though he keeps promoting new benefits/discounts to the customer. The reason is that old visitor is not getting any updates about the website's new offering/discounts. XML conversion can be the best solution for this problem.

XML is abbreviation of eXtensible Markup Language. This is compatible with most of the platforms. This contains precise information about your product or services. Searching becomes very easy and speedy. XML is having structured information which is very easy for search engines to read.

Most of the companies around the world providing below mention conversion services:

• Text to XML
• Word to XML
• PDF to XML
• Excel/rtf to XML

You can get various benefits through xml conversion:

• You can publish the data very easily with higher compatibility.

• You can capture old customer's attention by updating xml information.

• This format is easy to read for search engines so it helps you to boost you ranking in various search engines across the world.

If you want large amount of conversion, it is wise to outsource xml conversion. This allows you to have benefits like;

• Conversion Company can help you out through professional xml conversion.

• By outsourcing, you can save huge amount of cost accruing to the company.

• They provide such a good conversion accuracy that surpasses 99%.

• They do use the superior, automated system which can generate the result quickly.

• They deliver the output as per you specification.

So XML Conversion helps you to boost the customer retention ratio as well as ranking in search engines over the world.

Bea Arthur invites you on Data Entry India, which provides Data Entry Services, Data Processing Services and Data Conversion Services. They are having expertise in XML Conversion, XHTML Conversion, HTML Conversion and other data entry services.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Psd To Html Conversion Steps

Psd To Html Conversion Steps
The backbone of an online business is its website. It is the website which acts as an interface between the business owner and the customers. In fact, the number of visitors, sales and profit depend on the quality and design of a website to a large extent. Therefore, it is imperative to have a professionally designed website for your online business. PSD to HTML conversion is an integral and a crucial part of every website development program. A PSD or Photoshop format file needs to be converted in a markup language like XHTML, so that it can be placed in a browser. Without this conversion a website cant be launched in a browser.

Discussed below are simple steps involved in PSD to HTML conversion.

First of all, you need to get your facts right. Be clear about what kind of website you want and what all specific features you would like to have in it. This will help you to determine whether you need a professional web designer or not.

The next step is to analyze your PSD design. You should examine your PSD design thoroughly and understand the complications which may arise during the conversion process.
Make sure that you follow the right steps in a right order like splitting mock-up into HTML, adding CSS codes, header, footer and the images to be inserted.

After this, you need to incorporate PSD to CSS/HTML. Slice the PSD files into various layers using any image editing software. After completing the slicing, you can add or remove buttons, links and text boxes. Make sure that you integrate PSD format into a high quality and pixel perfect HTML codes. The right coding and conversion of PSD template into HTML will improve the quality and make the pre-designed web template quite unique.

Now you have to insert the content in the website. This is very crucial and should be done in a proper way. Add the precise and relevant content which highlights the theme of your website and conveys all the information about your products and services to the visitors.

Last but not the least, you should test your website with different browsers. Make sure that your website is accessible through different internet browsers.

Website development is a very technical and complicated process. It is always better to hire a professional PSD to XHTML programmer who can deliver the best result in time. converts your design files from various common image formats into best quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML/CSS markup. Check for our PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS services.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

PSD to HTML Conversion Coding

PSD to HTML Conversion Coding

Every online business needs a good web portal for their organization. Web portal plays a major role because interactive, unique and attractive website is face of an organization. But every portal needs to be well coded by a web developer.  Most important task for a web developer is to convert PSD based web template into HTML. But, how to convert these PSD files to HTML. For this, there is a PSD to HTML conversion process. Some of the common steps involved in PSD to HTML conversion coding:

File Format: First and foremost task in PSD to HTML conversion process is to avoid any mess or avoid any kind of confusion. But why this confusion arises every time when conversion process takes place? There is one solution to this problem. For this, web developer has to create three separate files which are index.html (HTML codes), style.css (CSS styling codes) and reset.css (Reset CSS codes).

Slicing of a PSD file:  Slicing of PSD file results into various layers. You can easily edit the theme according to the need of your site because it is developed in HTML format. Once the changes have been made in the PSD file then you can save your files in the JPEG, GIF or any other compatible format.

PSD to HTML Conversions: After slicing PSD based web template, it comes to coding. Web Developer provides a perfect HTML codes bit by bit. Once this conversion takes place, it adds life to pre-designed web template.
Add quality content: Once PSD to XHTML conversion is over, a web developer has to add quality content, brand logo and has to perform certain activities to make a website more interactive and user friendly.

Testing: Most important step is testing of website in different browsers. Website should be tested by web developer in different web browsers (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome) to check its accessibility.

These are some of the steps involved in PSD to CSS/HTML conversion process for building a SEO friendly website. converts your design files from various common image formats (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI) into best quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML/CSS markup. Check xhtml.pixelcrayons for our PSD to HTML Conversion and integration such as PSD to Wordpress, PSD to Drupal etc.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to Setup PPC Conversion Tracking on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN AdCenter

How to Setup PPC Conversion Tracking on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN AdCenter

Conversion tracking is indispensable when it comes to constructing a thriving, profitable PPC campaign. Unfortunately, very few internet marketers really know how to set up conversion-tracking correctly. This article will explain to the reader how to successfully setup conversion tracking on the three major PPC ad networks - Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking With Google AdWords

When conducting a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, conversion-tracking is a tool that can be found in the "Campaign Management" tab. First you must create a new action (such as a sale or purchase or newsletter sign up or lead generation) then copy the code that AdWords provides you with and paste that code onto the page in which the completed conversion takes place (for example a thank you page). Now AdWords can determine how many of the hits that your website gets from AdWords ads result in successful conversions. This allows AdWords to be able to calculate the cost-per-conversion of your PPC ads - a very valuable statistic.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking With Yahoo! Search Marketing

With Yahoo! Search Marketing, the user has two conversion-tracking options - "Conversion Only" and "Full Analytics." "Conversion Only" shows the user only the cost-per-conversion statistic whereas "Full Analytics" shows the user much more information. To set up either of these options, the user must click the "Administration" tab, then click the desired conversion tracking option, then click the desired "Revenue Value Setting", then click activate. Yahoo! Search Marketing then provides the user with the tracking code which the user applies the same way as with Adwords above.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking With MSN adCenter

In order to set up conversion-tracking with MSN adCenter, the user must join Gatineau, MSN's PPC advertising analytics package. Like the previous two ad networks, MSN adCenter provides the user with a tracking code that the user puts on the page in which a successful conversion is completed. This allows the user to only view cost-per-conversion data, but if the user places adCenter code on every page of his or her website, more data would become available.

I hope that this article has adequately explained to the reader the steps that you must take in order to successfully set up PPC conversion tracking for your website. If you are interested in exploring this topic further, I encourage you to visit the website It has a lot of free Pay-Per-Click articles as well as some interesting Pay-Per-Click Opportunities. It is also a good place to generally learn how to make money on the Internet.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

XML Conversion Services

XML Conversion Services

Extensible Markup Language, abbreviated as XML, is a simple, highly flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879).  Using XML, you can easily create common information formats and share these formats and data on the World Wide Web and Internet.  Flexibility, scalability and versatility are some of the advantages of XML over other web-publishing formats. XML conversion services play a vital role in content management and web development activities. With XML document conversion, you can convert many kinds of data into XML format – such as HTML to XML, PDF to XML, Word to XML, DOC to XML, Text to XML, CSV to XML, Database to XML, Microfilm to XML, and Microfiche to XML.

Outsource to a Dependable XML Conversion Company

Well-established businesses have unique requirement for XML conversion services. For those who are looking for fast, comprehensive and quality services, outsourcing would be a profitable option. Outsource your XML document conversion needs to an XML conversion company which can convert any data type, any format into XML format. You can increase your workflow by outsourcing your XML file conversion requirements.

Irrespective of the type of data or its format, an XML conversion company can convert it into XML format. Hiring a document conversion company ensures that you will have the support of a dedicated team of experts well-versed in the conversion process. A reputable company will have the necessary infrastructure, technology and processes to handle even the most complex of document conversion projects, with relative ease.

Data conversion professionals make use of the latest transformation tools and content analysis to provide you accurate XML conversion services at affordable costs. While carrying out data conversion tasks, these experts try to keep intact the original layout and all the formatting, fonts, tables, bookmarks, links, images, lists, headings, footnotes and other document properties in the file.

Advantages of XML Conversion Services

Reduces storage space requirements
Offers flexibility, scalability, versatility
Improves data efficiency
Data can be published very easily with very high compatibility
XML conversion solutions as per the client's specification
Optimum security of data
Hassle-free retrieval and archiving
Minimum turnaround time
Protect your data and prevent data loss
High transparency
Clean up data and get rid of redundant data
Ensured output accuracy of 99%

XML file conversion service is a great support for all business fields such as media, medical, technical institutes, commercial firms, educational entities, legal firms, financial firms and other large firms that have to deal with complex data conversion needs.


Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a leading XML conversion company offering fine quality XML conversion services at affordable prices.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages
Many e-commerce sites have hundreds and hundreds of product pages, but very poor utilization of what is actually a powerful search engine optimization, link building and sales resource within their site. The product page is the last point before a consumer makes the decision to buy, and just as in the atmosphere of an ordinary shopfront, purchasers are looking for very specific things. Even if your website has heavy competition for the particular products you sell, there are some fantastic ways to ensure that your website is the one that gets the clicks, and that people ultimately make the decision to buy on. And here's a tip - it has very little to do with whether your products are priced lowest.

Informative/creative titling
When people are flicking through newspaper headlines or blog posts, they use the title as the only indication of what they might want to read. The same is true of products in an e-commerce store. However, you do have be careful - a balance between precise description and creativity can be difficult to achieve. In search engine optimization terms, a domain with good credentials coupled with a precise match to a search term will get the closest to number 1 position. However, link building is also an integral part of search engine optimization, and people are more likely to link to creatively or compellingly titled items. Additionally, search engine ranking optimization is little value without associated conversions - you'll need to do some A/B testing using your web analytics package to determine which title represents the best balance.

In a physical store, customers can pick up a product, turn it around and check it out from every angle. The stores that offer the closest approximation of this on the web are often the ones that get the best conversion rates; people are inherently fearful of wasting money on a product that might not be appropriate, and extra visual information helps to alleviate that fear.
Additionally, if you do your own photography of in-demand and widely sold products, there's a likelihood that people will ask to license them; another platform to assist with link building and therefore search engine optimization.
Precise, functional descriptions

The description is the second most important part of your product page, after the images. Descriptions should fulfil several criteria for good search engine ranking optimization and link building potential, as well as for good conversion rates:

- They should include all of the important technical information that the packaging does

- They should include any information that people would usually ask a salesperson, if they were in store

- They should include an explanation of the benefits of this product

- They should include NO non-specific praise words - 'stunning', 'gorgeous', 'effective'

- They shouldn't mention the price - this should be displayed elsewhere, and people will either mistrust or skim over any discussion of how it compares to other stores
Include user-generated content

This can be comprised of ratings and/or reviews, and most importantly should not be censored. A single poor review in amongst five good reviews is actually worth more than those five good reviews ... because it helps people to trust in the neutrality of the reviewers.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

If you’re looking for some of the most targeted traffic on the net, then PPC and Google Adwords can help you out. So that’s what we’re talking about today, how to write stronger ad copy for better results. It’s not hard to make money online when you know what’s to be done.

If you’re not familiar with split testing, then you need to know that doing it will determine your success, or lack of it. But it’s not just testing in and of itself, you need to write good ad copy so your tests will be meaningful.

Even if your campaign is giving great results as of now, you should still keep testing to bring out better results. You must always distinguish yourself from your competitors. Perhaps you heard somewhere that you can do well, or get by, if you just look at successful ads and copy them. How is it possible to set yourself apart, and be unique, when your ad is exactly like someone else’s. Yes, learning how to write great ad copy can be done with the help of other ads, but you should never copy them outright. Of course you can always test it and see for yourself; nothing wrong with that. Of course you can be almost lazy and almost copy other ads word for word. It’s a gamble because it may decrease overall click throughs only for yourself. Unique ads perform better, but no matter what you can always do your own testing. Everybody wants to make money on the Internet but only those who take action can do it.

Your ad copy needs to include at least one great benefit because people want to know what they will get out of your product. So try making a list of every benefit you can think of, and then choose a group of the best ones to test. You need to offer the benefit that speaks the loudest to your target market. Don’t know the difference between features and benefits? No problem, go to Google and do a search on it and learn.

The Adwords ad copywriting tips we’ve talked about will only be as effective as you’re willing to make them; keep taking action and continuing to learn. The ability to kick-out great ad copy on demand takes work and effort, so do stick with it and eventually you will see results.

Conversion Tracking - Must for Google AdWords Optimization

Conversion Tracking - Must for Google AdWords Optimization
Google has been ruling the online marketplace; as testified by sheer volumes of search queries processed on the search engine everyday. Almost every web business caters to this website (and its numerous features) to better its prospects of driving traffic and earning profits.

AdWords, Google's Pay per Click advertising programme, has been touted as one of the most effective and successful ones in this field. It has features that ensure ease of operations for advertisers, irrespective of their knowledge of the domain. Conversion tracking is one such feature associated with AdWords.

In lay terms, it is the process of tracking conversions that are generated through your adverts placed on Google's sponsored sections. Conversion, on its part, happens only when a visitor clicks on your ad and eventually fosters a transaction on your website. The web page that describes a call-to-action phrase and entices users to 'convert' is known as the conversion page.

Each advertiser has a different way of denoting conversions for his business. For some it could be a lead or sale; whereas, for others it could be a sign-up or page view. However, every optimiser depends on the conversion tracking service to figure out the effectiveness of keywords or adverts used in his paid search marketing campaign.

The whole process of tracking is conducted with the help of algorithms designed by the search engine itself. Every time a user clicks on your PPC ad, a cookie is placed on his computer. As soon as he reaches your conversion page, the cookie is connected to that page.

By keeping a tab on this cookie, Google manages to track the activities of the user on your site. And, as soon as he completes the required transaction, Google records a conversion. Usually, these cookies expire in 30 days' time. Therefore, as an advertiser, you have to employ sound strategies for AdWords Google optimization in order to retain users and attain a high rate of conversions within that span of time.

You can ask Google to send the conversion tracking reports of your account through email or in a printable form. The only prerequisite here is an ongoing account with AdWords.

Author is working with ePurple Media an Internet Marketing Company offering a wide marketing services ie, search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, adwords google optimization, web development etc.