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Friday, September 1, 2017

Controlling Access To Active Directory Objects

Controlling Access To Active Directory Objects
Windows Server 2003 stores a list of user access permissions, called the access control list (ACL), for every MCSE Certification. The ACL for an object lists who can access the object and the specific actions that each user can perform on the object. Windows Server 2003 offers a fine degree of control over access to a wide variety of objects. To provide a security principal with access to an object, you add the security principal to the ACL of the object. Then you can adjust the specific permissions that the security principal has for the object.
You set permissions to either Allow or Deny. Deny permissions take precedence over all other permissions. For example, if you deny permission to a user to gain access to an object, the user will not have that permission, even if you allow the permission for a group of which the user is a member. The object type determines which permissions you can select. For example, you can assign the Reset Password permission to a security principal for a user object but not for a printer object. For each object type, there is a group of standard permissions and a group of more detailed special permissions.
Standard permissions are the most frequently assigned. You can view the standard permissions in the MCSE Exams in the Properties dialog box for an object.

1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users And Computers. On the View menu, ensure that Advanced Features is selected. Right-click the object for which you want to view standard permissions and click Properties.

2. In the Properties dialog box for the object, click the Security tab. Click the appro?priate security principal in the Group Or User Names box to view the assigned standard permissions.
Important You must select Advanced Features on the View menu to be able to access the Security tab.
Table 9-3 lists the basic standard permissions that are available for most A+ Exams and the type of access that each permission allows.

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