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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hypno Mind Control Explained

Hypno Mind Control Explained

A stark example of people who use hypno mind control is - to no surprise - sales persons. What makes the most amazing sales people in the world succeed? What is it in them that makes clients want to get to know more about the products they sell? When you decide to buy a car, how do you choose which car to buy, given hundreds of available brands and models? Why is it that even when we are fully aware that we are short of cash, somehow, some way a seller convinces us to spend what little money we have, and maybe even more?

The question now stands: How do these sellers persuade us and use it to their advantage? And, more importantly, can WE acquire this influential skill and use it to our OWN advantage?

Do not be surprised with what you're going to be able to learn next. The truth is, hypno mind control is mostly just about word play. We have given such a mystical and high regard to this concept that we have overlooked the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it's nothing special at all. It may be true that sellers undergo trainings to make them more effective at persuasion. But at the end of the day, sometimes it is just about how one uses his or her words.

As I've mentioned, a successful salesperson is the perhaps the perfect example of an ordinary man possessing hypno mind control abilities. If you own a land line phone, you have probably received a few sales calls from various appliance companies. They greet you with the most welcoming voice, but they make sure also that they sound firm and sure of themselves. As the seller introduces himself to you, you begin to think "Oh no, here's another seller trying to get my hard earned money." You try to sound disinterested and bored, attempting to send the message across to the seller.

However, after about a few exchanges of words between you and the seller, you begin to see the beauty of what he or she is trying to sell. You become more responsive, which is a go signal for any seller to continue advertising his product and maybe even offer an invitation to come over their appliance showroom. After a few more minutes in the conversation, you find yourself agreeing to buy their product! Or, at least, agreeing to go to their showroom and have a look at their products. Keep in mind: You didn't have enough money. Initially you were not interested. But, somehow, some way, he got you to say "I'll take one."

Effective sellers make things happen their way through words that encourage buyers to try their product. What they do is that they attack our subconscious - and they do their best to find out what you want or what outcome you desire. After asking a few seemingly non-intrusive questions, the seller pretty much has figured you out, your needs. He takes it from here by choosing a product that fits these needs.

And of course, after this, you take it from here and hand him a check or your credit card.

Yes, it's all about attacking one's subconscious mind. It's very difficult to attack one's rational, analytical part of the brain. The answer does not lie here. Rather, the secret to hypno mind control is going through things subconsciously. Take it from the best sellers in the world. They know everything about it.

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