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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How Can Blogging Get People To Connect On A Personal Level And Why Is That A Good Thing?

How Can Blogging Get People To Connect On A Personal Level And Why Is That A Good Thing?

Blogging Can Help Business By Getting Your Customers Connected With You on a Personal Level

Blogging can be an incredibly personal thing. A blog entry, regardless of topic, is going to be written with a different voice than any other type of web page. Blogging can get people to connect more on a personal level for one simple reason: blogs are personal in nature. 
Blogging started out as a way for people to share their thoughts on the internet. Now, businesses use blogs as well and though they aren't sharing their feelings, they are able to present material in a more personal way. Businesses that use blogs can post numerous different things to their blog; all of which can be toned down compared to a press release, sales pitch or formal web page. 
For example, a business keeps a blog maintained. The CEO adds to it at least once a month to just let everyone that reads it how the company is doing. People read this and feel a level of trust with this company simply because they are open about the company's prospects going forward. 
Blogging allows a business to create content quickly and, through subscription services, disseminate that information quickly to those that are interested. A new product announcement can be blogged about and will make it directly to those that are already customers and have an interest in that type of product. An upcoming sale can be blogged about so everyone can plan to check the site the day of the sale. 

As part of a business model, customer retention should always have a high priority. Blogging is a powerful way to help keep customers. By creating that personal connection with the customer, the business has created a loyal customer. 
In times past, this was the corner stone of every face to face business. You would make friends with the owner of one store and continue going there, not even bothering to compare prices with the competition. 
The explosion of the web and the incredibly easy access to price comparisons has made customer loyalty an almost laughable concept for this modern age. Even so, if a business has few competitors, making that personal connection with the customer can yield not only a customer for life but also a customer that will tell their friends and bring in more business.
Finally, blogging and creating a personal connection with customers creates a customer base for the business that it can rely on more than the general web population. The strength of that personal relationship leads to years of sales to that customer with much less advertising money spent to get the customer to purchase. 

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