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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Search Engine Competition

Search Engine Competition

Can you create a content site and hope to get ranked in the search engines for any terms? This is a very hard thing to predict so at the moment this is just an educated guess, you won't know for sure until you actually build it, but you can get a good idea by looking at some of the keywords in your market.
The main keywords like 'dog training' in the dog training niche are probably going to be impenetrable, the sites on the front page for that term will have been around for a long time and had a long time to build up pages, authority and links.
So you remember we spoke about avoiding niches where there were just a few keywords available to you in the list? This is where that comes into play, pick some of the keywords with less searches, like 500 - 3000 a month, then let's look at them, remember you might need to dig deeper into your keywords and the Google keyword tool only shows you a few results, so keep trying and refining you searches to find more variations.
So take one of the keywords, let's say 'house training your dog' which has 2400 searches a month, 80 a day.
So type that into Google and make sure you get US results if you are not from the US by making sure you are on when you start.
Authority websites

Based on the research you did before, and you may want to do some more now as well, then what are the biggest sites with the most traffic that cater to your niche?
Look at them and see if they build a list of email addresses at all, if they have banner ads on their pages, if they have Google ads on their pages etc.
If they have any of that then in future they may become your best advertising partners, you can pay money to appear on their website and then it doesn't matter that they are top of the search engines and you aren't - you can effectively piggyback off that traffic and send it to your site, you just have to pay for it instead!
Plus if they are building a list of email addresses then you can offer them a JV where they send out a promotion to their list in return for any affiliate commissions from the sales generated.

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