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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why You Need to Add Social Networking to Your Company's Marketing Mix

Why You Need to Add Social Networking to Your Company's Marketing Mix

There are many mediums available to get information to your customers and prospects but one form is quickly pulling ahead in terms of usage and relevancy.

By now you should all be familiar with social media. It is quickly becoming more relevant as a means of connecting with friends, family, business contacts, and yes customers. Sites like linkedin, facebook, digg, twitter, and youtube give us the ability to create an enormous flow of information and interactivity between large groups of people. They allow us to reconnect to people who we haven't been in touch with for years or form communication lines with brand new contacts.

We can post videos about events pertaining to our personal lives or our companies and products. They give customers a means of communicating with you - a place to leave comments make suggestions, fill out surveys, etc. It's important to engage your customers and the social networking sites give you the opportunity to do just that. It gives your customers an opportunity to feel like they are involved and are part of what’s going on with you. Your customers can join your network, subscribe to your blog, follow your feed, etc. It gives you a way to be communicating with them 24/7.

Want an example? OK. Let’s say you just released a new product. Of course you’ll still be utilizing your current means of promotion such as postcard marketing, television or radio ads, print advertising, etc. But if you’ve built up a significant social network you can blast this information out on your lines and it can create a viral effect. Invite the people in your network to repost the information through their networks and within a few hours you can reach thousands of people who you would not have otherwise reached.

Here are some numbers to give you a better picture of what’s going on with this medium.


More than 120 million active users, Facebook is the 4th most-trafficked website in the world.


more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.


global visitors to Twitter rose almost fivefold to 5.57 million in September from a year earlier, according to Internet researcher ComScore Inc. in Reston, Virginia.


MySpace has more than 110 million monthly active users around the globe. 85% of MySpace users are of voting age (18 or older). 1 in 4 Americans is on MySpace, in the UK it’s as common to have a MySpace as it is to own a dog.

With millions of people waiting to connect with you there is no reason not to tap into this resource. Especially if you consider the fact that it requires only an investment of time. So get on there and post those videos, product brochures and feeds. Connect with your customers and make some new connections. If you put the time into it you will see the results.

Ray Boucher is the creative director and principal of inthinktive an advertising firm located in Dunedin Florida.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Should Price Be Your Company's Deciding Factor When Looking For Seo Services?

Should Price Be Your Company's Deciding Factor When Looking For Seo Services?
In the event you run a business online, you know that your website should be an integral part of your online strategy. Though there was a time whenever you could basically put up a static site that never adjust, this is something that you wouldn't wish to do nowadays. Remember that a lot of people today are seeking solid up-to-date info and if they don't obtain it at your web site, you may bet that they can search for one of your competitors and eventually buy from these people. That said, you might possibly be a bit reticent to look for SEO services.

There could be numerous reasons for this, one ofthese is undoubtedly the cost. According to the kind of services you will need, it is possible to find it firms that are willing to supply you with the benefit of their experience, but in a regular retainer. I remember seeing a company charging $ 12,000 30 days with a minimum of 1 year agreement. In short, you could be worried that the price is often more than your budget can afford.

Having said that, you also wish to make certain that your sole reason for hiring a particular organization is not that they're less expensive than their opponents. As with any purchase, you wish to ensure that the services which can be on supply are compatible with your short, method, and long-range enterprise goals. When it comes to your company even though everybody is trying to find ways to help make things just a little bit far more inexpensive, you don't need to sacrifice top quality just to save a bit of funds. And take into account for a moment what a reputable organization can do for your on-line presence, it need to grow to be clear that this just isn't something you'll wish to give up on.

Some thing you want to take a look at when selecting between a couple of organizations are things like how great they're in taking search engine optimization concepts as well as bring them into a level that you can understand. This is important because everyone's had technical men and women attempt to explain things to us that really clearly we didn't realize. No one likes to feel stupid. If the corporation you are looking in takes the time to explain not just what they will do but invest terms that you can understand and explain the benefits, then it's definitely a company that bears partnering up with.

1 closing thing to take into consideration of course is whether or not you feel comfortable with the organization in question. In case you get home from the initial ending up in the feeling that there's only some thing not quite correct, you might want to reconsider and continue your search. Ultimately, obtaining and partnering up with all the proper organization for the organization doesn't get down to how significantly they charge and yes it never should certainly.

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