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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Common Pitfalls of an Internet Marketer - I Guarantee You Are Making These Mistakes Too - Part One

Common Pitfalls of an Internet Marketer - I Guarantee You Are Making These Mistakes Too - Part One

- Are you struggling to make an income online?
- Did you venture into Internet Marketing dreaming that very soon, you will be sipping margaritas in beautiful tropical beaches?
- Are you plain frustrated and angry at your lack of success?
- Are you wondering how others around you seem to be ridiculously successful?

Don't worry, I have personally faced many of the burning frustrations of an Internet Marketer. I used to work for 18 hours a day, toiling in front of the computer, buying the latest and greatest products online that promised me the moon and the earth.

What eventually happened was that I ended up losing a lot of money and to make matters worse, I was spoiling my health and I had very little time for my family and friends.

What's worse, I became more and more frustrated, irritable and angry.

If you are experiencing the same problems and frustrations, it is time to look at what you are doing.

1. The Next Shining Thing: This is a common problem that many Internet Marketers face. When I first started out, I used to constantly buy products- one after another without giving much thought as to whether I really need the product or whether it would suit my business model. So before you even think about buying the next product ask yourself- "What can I do with the products and course I already have?"

2. Time Spent in Front of Your Computer Means Nothing: One day, I sat down and noted the actual time I worked. I was shocked to see that I really worked for only 15 minutes even though I spent as many as 16 hours a day in front of the computer.

Did you know what I was doing for the rest of the time?

a. Browsing through forums
b. Reading ebooks
c. Watching video tutorials
d. Checking emails

To be continued...

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Free Singles Sites - Top Three Common Mistakes Most People Make

Free Singles Sites - Top Three Common Mistakes Most People Make

In recent years, many people may have experience online dating at one point of time or another. A research has shown that about 5% of people have known their partners through free singles sites. However, to be successful in these free dating sites, there are three common mistakes you should avoid as listed in this article.

Mistake 1

In parties and even in the office, we definitely have come across people who will just sit down with you and gossip about the intimate relationships of their life. Some even do not bother whether you are just a new friend and will tell you the whole story in detail.

However, in free singles sites, it may not only be annoying at times, it can be dangerous too if you are not cautious. First, it is never a good idea to reveal too much of personal information if you do not know the other party well. On the other hand, if you talk too much in the chat, it can be quite annoying as the other party may not have the chance to speak their mind and they can get quite bored and will start looking elsewhere.

Mistake 2

Lying is never a good idea when you are dating online. It may be tempting to lie about yourself such as your job title. You may lie that you are holding the post of a director but in fact you are just a manager, just to make yourself look great. Lie is never a good thing and it will be discovered sooner or later and can end a relationship immediately.

Mistake 3

Another common mistake that people in free singles sites make is failing to protect their own privacy. Some people give out their personal phone numbers or full name too early. This may give clues to where a person is located. This can be disastrous if the information falls into the hands of people who have bad intentions.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Common Blind Spots Of Digital Signage System Advertising

Common Blind Spots Of Digital Signage System Advertising

Digital Signage Systems, in the form of LCD, LED, plasma or projected images, are used for information or advertising purposes. The advantage offered by digital signage over fixed or static signage is ease of content, targeted messaging, time-content synchronization and eventually superior ROI on ad spend. However, given that this medium is a technological one, there are certain blind spots that can make or break an advertising campaign.

Blind spot #1 Location

Before installing, one must make certain considerations, such as permission from local and civic authorities. Inadequate space for installation can be a problem if not factored in early. Finally, poor visibility can defeat the entire purpose of the display. For example, earlier in-store signage was usually suspended from the ceiling. These were easily missed by customers who would walk under the signage without ever looking up.

There needs to be a clear focus on the importance of the message, instead of being fascinated or too involved with the technology. Careful surveys of effectiveness during trial runs can iron out issues that might crop up during the actual campaign.

Blind spot #3 Content

Updating the content on your digital signage system is as vital as determining the content mix and the objective of the content (increase brand awareness, footfalls or sales, etc). It is said that attractive signage actually creates an appetite for fresh content in the consumer. Repetitive content is the easiest way to allow your customers to lose interest and turn a ‘blind' eye to your message. The days of endlessly looping a television commercial on signage is a very narrow vision of the possibilities of digital signage. This is a natural expectation from a dynamic media and should be respected.

Blind spot #2 Equipment

Equipment expense is usually a bugbear for most people. However, selecting a digital signage system based solely on price can prove to be an Achilles heel in the long run. Inexpensive options might not last as long as more costly equipment does. Reliable software, displays and controllers can get the message across more consistently. On the other hand, investing vast amounts on technology will prove useless if your content is basic and repetitive.

Equipment restrictions have declined with advancements in technology. Current signage systems are of the ‘plug-and-play' variety and can easily be connected and the content can be updated from remote locations as well.

Always keep in mind the objective of deploying signage - be it brand building, information dissemination or traffic increase.

For more information on how to efficiently leverage a digital signage system, visit This firm offers technology-based solutions for not just the retail industry, but for the banking industry, the petroleum industry and postal services.

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Study Links Common Chemicals to ADHD

New Study Links Common Chemicals to ADHD
As many people may have suspected, commonly used chemical compounds have now been decidedly linked to ADHD, or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, in children. According to a study conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health, industrial compounds such as polyfluroakyl chemicals (PFCs) can contribute to ADD and ADHD.

PFCs are actually widely used in consumer products today, but can have very dangerous consequences. Research suggests that the levels of ADHD being diagnosed today are in line with rising levels of PFCs. According to the journal Environmental Health Perspectives the higher levels of chemicals such as these are contributing to higher odds of developing this disorder.

National Health researchers have further taken counts of the levels of PFCs found in the serum of children aged 12 to 15. What they found was that there is a link between exposure and ADHD, however at present more research is apparently needed in order to conclude definitively that this is cause and effect.

What was discovered though was that the forty-eight children in the study diagnosed with ADHD prior to the blood sampling were found to have higher levels of PFCs than their non-ADHD counterparts.

PFCs are stable compounds used in commercial and industrial products. These products include, for instance, stain resistant coating, fire-fighting foams, and food packaging-the latter a particularly frightening revelation for parents.

ADHD is one of the most common neurological disorders and though it is not yet clear to what extent environmental and genetic factors play a role, the findings are nevertheless suggestive. If you are worried about your child or believe that their exposure to toxic chemicals might be affecting them, you may want to do a little more research and attempt to stay away from PFCs as much as possible. Since food packaging may be among the culprits it is always best to buy foods in their natural state when possible. Buying unpackaged bulk foods is one option which can help save you, your family and the planet.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

10 Common Website Mistakes

10 Common Website Mistakes

Websites engage in search engine optimization in order to gain more visitors via search engines. But website owners need not only consider attaining new visitors but should also focus on making the old ones want to come visit back. In no particular order, here are the list of what may be considered as "common website mistakes" that can be a turn off for many visitors and errors that hinders a website from being easily indexed by major search engines. This list mainly deals with the web design aspect of a website.

1. Bad website design. First impression lasts, this means that even though your website may possess good content, visitors may be forced to look for another website the moment they see how bad or disorganized your content is displayed. A good example of a bad design would be poor text and background color combination which may cause eye strain for most visitors.

2. Page Not Found. Also called error 404, this type of error comes up when a link connects to a web page that was either moved to another location or completely removed or simply connected to a incorrectly typed URL. This can become annoying to some visitors. What website owners could do is instead of displaying a dull Error 404 message, they could redirect it to a sitemap or search page where visitors could look for the information they need. SEO wise, error 404s can be redirected to a page that needs boosting.

3. Server not found. An error that could cost money for a commercial website, this can be brought about by unreliable web hosting. Website owners should consider the uptime capacity when choosing web hosting services.

4. No meta tags. Although search engines have lessen their reliance on meta tags in terms of indexing websites, a good web design should be complete with meta tags since they help search engines to easily categorize a website. This helps boost a website's rank on targeted keywords.

5. Non SE friendly URLs. Having targeted keywords on the URL not only helps in search engine ranking, as opposed to dynamic ones (URLs with random alphanumerics and symbols), a search engine friendly URL is also easier for visitors to remember.

6. No search box. Most of the time, visitors would use the search box of a website when they couldn't easily find what they're looking for. Having one that is not functioning, or having none at all, might cause a number of visitors to look for another website.

7. Poor navigation/usability. Just as having no search features, poor navigation or user interface may bring confusion or difficulty (and annoyance) to visitors.

8. Flash/no alt text on images. Flash not only has issues with search engines in terms of indexing, it may also cause difficulties to visitors since not everyone has hi-speed Internet connection. Flash may take time to load and may cost a number of visitors as a result.

9. Domain Name. Having a good domain name is one of the characteristics of a successful websites. Basically, the easier they are to remember or the closer they are to targeted keywords the better. The only problem is that most of the strategic domain names are probably taken or being sold at very high prices. Website owners could innovate by using prefixes such as "my" or "the" on their domain names. Long and confusing domain names should be avoided as much as possible.

10. Pop up ads. Probably one of the biggest turn offs for a website, pop up ads are just basically annoying to most people. Websites may want to avoid or at least minimize in engaging with pop up advertising.

These common website mistakes can be prevented with careful web design and a little knowledge in search engine optimization. Not necessarily saying that having prevented all of what is listed above will surefire a website's way to success, it is still good experience to be well aware of what is considered to be common mistakes that websites commit.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Common AdWords Mistakes That Unknown by Some Webmaster

The Common AdWords Mistakes That Unknown by Some Webmaster

The traffic quality through the content network can sometimes be lower. You may get plenty of add impressions but your CTR will be low. Google Adwords is by far the best means of getting targeted traffic to come to your site. You will have to put money into it, but that's sometimes necessary to earn money. If you want to make money, however, you'll need to plan properly and be careful when using Adwords. You're about to learn about the common Adwords mistakes you'll want to refrain from making.

Your first step should be to hone in your focus on the keywords you've chosen to target. The entire foundation of your Adwords campaign is dictated by your choice of keywords. Don't make the mistake of selecting really broad keywords for your campaign, as your targeted audience will miss them and you'll get the wrong kind of traffic. It's important to aim for targeted traffic that will be far more likely to convert. Your keywords have to be relevant and match your campaign. The ideal way to accomplish this would be to hone your keyword list to include only very specific keywords. Keep in mind that aiming at keywords that might get high volumes of traffic aren't the same thing as aiming at good traffic. You'll achieve the best results with your Adwords campaign by tailoring your keywords and your ad wording specifically to suit the audience you're trying to reach. The real beauty of using Adwords for your marketing needs is the flexibility you have of such high levels of customization. You also don't want to make the mistake of only using a single ad group with Adwords. Google doesn't just let you have more than a single ad group for the heck of it. Your main aim should be to create ads that include keywords that go together in a single ad group. You will find that it's much easier this way and you'll also be able to get the audience you're trying for. You'll find things much more manageable this way and you'll also be able to form reports that allow you to slightly change your ads according to how successful they are. That's just an intelligent means of separating your visitors in a way that makes sure most of it is convertible.

You should never just rely on one ad to give you the results you're after. Your ad copy could be second to none, but you should always have more than a single ad so that it's switchable once the traffic begins coming in. This gives you the freedom to discover the best converting ad and get rid of the campaigns that are losing you money. The more you alter your ads, the more success you'll find. This also gives you the opportunity to test your market and see how it responds back. In conclusion, work on ways to avoid making these simple mistakes and you should find your Adwords results are greatly improved. Work towards fine-tuning your Adwords campaigns to suit your target audience and you'll see a steady stream of long term traffic coming to your site.

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