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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Internet Marketing For Artists - Comments on Websites

Internet Marketing For Artists - Comments on Websites

One of the more interesting things on the Internet to build friends, relationships and customers is the ability to leave comments on others people's website profiles. Back in the old days of the Internet there was little interaction between people on the web (besides chatrooms). Now you have the chance to learn all about people from all the world and ask question and start a dialogue with them. This is your chance to network with like minded people for free.

You can share ideas and art techniques with your peers, help answer questions for the novice visitor and just tell people how much you like their work. The biggest value for leaving comments are the links you leave back to your websites. Search engines love incoming links to your site when determining what position they are going to give you. Links in comments also drive targeted traffic to your website. When looking at statistic programs connected to your site, you'll quickly see just how many visitors arrive at your website from comments.

Where are the best places to leave comments? The first and easiest are other blogs. If you are just starting out, most art blogs will have more traffic than yours...maybe a ton more! You can benefit from their hard work by leaving a comment and driving big traffic to your site. Other high traffic sites to leave a comment are YouTube videos with high viewership, Facebook walls, retweeting people's tweets, art forums and social networking groups. Sometimes a website will even have the ability to leave a comment or start a discussion. With the proper training and guidance you can drive a ton of targeted traffic to your website even if you're just starting out.

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Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blogging For Comments

Blogging For Comments

As a writer, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your content is actually successful. Feedback is important because it encourages the writer to continue writing and can also provide direction. Aside from stat tracking software, it becomes difficult to test whether the content on your page is actually doing its job. If you are one of the many users with a blog, you can take advantage of the comment system to get feedback from your audience. We will look at how to engage your reader in order to solicit comments from them.

Engaging Your Reader

Have you ever read a news article that left you with questions of your own? When we read things, if they affect us, those things usually stick with us. If you want repeat traffic, ask the reader a few questions. As you write, look for openings to question ideas and provide opinion and insight.

A well placed question is often very effective at garnering some extra attention. It also provides space for you to answer that question and present a different point of view. The action of asking the question forces the reader to attempt to answer that question in his or her mind. When you provide an answer to a question that does not sync up with the reader's perspective, you open a space for you to make your case.

A well developed argument is a great way to get comments. Try getting 10 people to agree on one thing, it can be a difficult task. When we argue with others, we find that they usually do not side with us. If you encourage an open discussion of ideas on your blog, your comments will flow.

Blog Presentation

Having great visual content can also help encourage comments. This is especially useful for bloggers just starting out. Taking time to design a blog header, learning how to manipulate colors on your blog, and inserting pictures within your content helps give off a slick visual appeal readers will come to appreciate.

When your blog reflects the work you put into it, readers are also more willing to accept what you have to say. Simple layouts do still have their place. A news or gossip blog may not need a fancy header, but could benefit from stock photos with captions. Take time to test the appearance of your blog. If you are using Wordpress, there are a multitude of themes you can install, some of which are free. Find the theme that's best for you and your blog.


Controversy is a great way to solicit comments from your users. The moment you present a counter point, or take a mocking tone, your readers have a reaction. Remember that a good writer chooses every word that he or she uses, so take time to use language that may have an antagonizing effect.

You don't want to bad mouth or slander people or issues; however a colorful and argumentative approach is a great way to engage the reader. Challenge their beliefs and they will defend them.

Readers often won't just "take your word for it." This is why you should take time to cite your sources. When you are constructing your article, look for other articles covering the same or similar topics. Other writer's can provide fuel for your article if you know where to look. Remember that when you link your users, make sure you set the link to open in a new window. When you give the reader background, you challenge them to finish reading your article and ultimately comment with their own opinion.

The hardest part of any blog is to get that first comment. People rarely want to be the first to do anything, so if you can get one, you can get a million. It takes time and a well constructed, provocative article. Remember to engage the reader on as many levels as you can, visually, argumentatively, and controversially. As you spread your link around, you can literally watch your comments grow!

Richard Bashara has been blogging for 8 years and is an expert writer for a variety of topics on He consults small businesses on adapting to the internet market place, and currently writes articles and blogs for a wide array of publishers and topics.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Generate Free Traffic Using Blog's Comments

Generate Free Traffic Using Blog's Comments
Blog commenting isout leaving your feedback which basically called as comment in online industry on another blogger's weblog at the end of their post with your name and blog address, this will help readers of that particular blog to come on your website to read what you are written there for them.

Blog commenting and participating with others blogs is really simple method to drive traffic absolutely free, this strategy is really popular within bloggers community as it is very simple but effective method to attract readers on your blog.

Blog comments participation is really helpful, if you know how to do it. But if not then be careful, it can kill your online profile as well as drive traffic away from your website if you misused it.

Blog commenting is not only leaving comments on someone else post, but it is about connecting with more and more online readers, It is also shows your opinion, thoughts on particular post which you are willing to share with other reader.

Now lets make it more simple, when you leave any comment, you basically leaving your thoughts on blog owner's mind so always be genuine here, let the blogger knows you are from group of his true readers, and so you evavulating his post with your own metrics, thats why you leaving comment, if you leave comments like "Hi, I liked your post, or Hey, nice post, keep it on," how will blogger get to know what you are learn from his post?, so let's share your thoughts on post genuinely, blogger would also love your contribution, and hence invite you to share your meaningful thoughts on his post through comment, always remember, you aren't only one person who reading that blog, most of the peoples likes to check article's popularity through number of readers and comments, you can grab those viewers easily because they 1st read comment since they are genuinely seeking information and comments is only thing let them know what other peoples thinking about this post.

However, lots of bloggers are killing their own brand name online, or driving away traffic from their website by not using this free but effective method.

These people simply place their name and link in their comment hoping readers will click them intentionally, understand that readers always looking for genuine feedback than any name and link which will distract their attention from information they are seeking, I would suggest you to do not post any comment until you read post/article completely, and when you are ready to post comment, include few lines of your thoughts on same, about how you like the concept of the post, or even you dislike the topic but information you find here is really useful from user point of view.

Reader always like honest and genuine feedback to evaluate the article before they going to read it, this is the way for them to judge blog and bloggers and you can take their attention easily if you follow above simple steps.

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