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Sunday, December 17, 2017

God: Master Of Science, Strengthening The Claim For The Creator

God: Master Of Science, Strengthening The Claim For The Creator
I have often heard people say that modern scientific theories have a diminishing effect on God the divine creator. Why? could it be because evolution appears to be contrary to account of the creation as recorded in the Bible's book of Genesis. Could it be because people believe that naturally occurring processes in nature take away from the miraculous power of God? Whatever the reason, there has always been a tension visible between science and the nature of God.
I wish to express my love for both science and God. I believe that God is the master of science. He created all of the naturally occurring processes found in the universe. Thus allowing his matchless power to be seen all over the universe while being able to be a single entity of who's image we are created (as stated in the Bible). We know that God is all knowing all powerful, and that he continues to expand the universe. We also know that God is a single entity. If God were not a single entity, we would not be created in his image.
I believe that science only supports the idea of a designer. Have you ever taken a biology class? Have you ever seen how many parts there are to a cell. There are literally millions of tiny parts and genetic codes that make up one single cell. These little miracles are pieced together ever so intricately. If one little thing was out of order in this small but still very complicated organism, the cell would not give way to life. I find it very hard to believe that even the most basic single celled organisms that were said to be among the first life forms on this Earth, could still assemble all of that DNA code so perfectly, then piece together the nucleus, chromatin, ribosomes, mitochondria, microfilaments, lysosomes, and on and on, without some kind of an outside presence to put the pieces together so perfectly.
This is one of the many examples I will outline in the next few articles to come. Basically I will show you why you have a greater chance of winning the lottery 10 times in a row then you have of being alive without a God.

I love science! I have been on a mission to prove that science and God can co-exist because they are both truth! I have many articles and much content at my website that continues to support these claims:

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Claim Your Google Place Page To Help Ranking

Claim Your Google Place Page To Help Ranking
There has been a lot of buzz about Facebook beating Google on daily searches, and by now I hope you have had the chance to create your Facebook business page and are working on adding more fans each day.

There is another place that you need to "claim" and that is you Google Places Page. Google is still a big player as we all know and plays a important role in your business. If you are a local or a brick and mortar business, I recommend that you go grab your free business page today.

Here is some great information from Google about the places page.

A Google Place Page is a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it. By every place, we really mean *every* place there are Place Pages for businesses, points of interest, transit stations, neighborhoods, landmarks and cities all over the world.

You can get to a Place Page by clicking on "more info" in search results, or by clicking "more info" in the mini-bubble. Now, instead of just getting a slightly bigger bubble, you'll get an entire page of rich details, like photos, videos, a Street View preview, nearby transit, reviews and related websites.

Google and Local Businesses, by the numbers:

More than 4 million business listings on Google claimed by business owners (using the LocalBusinessCenter, now Google Places)
Nearly 2 million listings have been claimed in the United States
20% of searches on Google are related to location
There are 50 million Place Pages
These cover all types of places, ranging from businesses like tailors, restaurants, and optometrists to locations like dog parks, transit stations, and baseball fields.
Place Pages are viewed millions of times each day
We have mailed out Favorite Places window decals to around 200,000 businesses around the United States
And here are the benefits of having a Google Places page:

Reach millions of Google users, quickly and for free, with Google Places:

More people search for businesses online than anywhere else, so it's important to make sure your business listing can be easily found on and Google Maps. With Google Places, creating a great listing takes just a few minutes and doesnt cost a thing.

Edit your listing and speak for yourself

Your business probably already shows up on Google, but you should still verify your listing and make sure its details are accurate and thorough. Your improvements will start appearing as soon as you verify them through Google Places.

Practical and easy to manage

Your Google listing is an easy way to maintain an online presence even if you dont have a website. You can visit Google Places anytime to edit your information or see how many people have seen and clicked on your listing.

Premium options, all for free

Make your listing really shine with photos and videos; custom categories like your service area, brands you sell and how to find parking; and coupons to encourage customers to make a first-time or repeat purchase.

Signing up for Google Places is really simple

If you own a business, you probably know the basics. You can add extras like photos and descriptions if you have them handy, or come back to add them later.

At the end of the sign-up, Google will ask you to verify your submission by phone or postcard. They do this to make sure that only the right people are able to change any public data about your business.

Janet Majoulet-Foust is CEO of Two Sisters Marketing, Inc. dba Younique Brand Design and The Social Media Queen, companies that creates authentic websites, brands and social media marketing that attract your ideal clients. Janet is a contributing author of the book Success Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women. You can learn more about Janet and her products and services at and