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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Digital Cinema: The Next Subversive? - Digital Cinema, Simulation Films, Value-added Services - Hc

Digital Cinema: The Next Subversive? - Digital Cinema, Simulation Films, Value-added Services - Hc
Of: You Hongmei "Digital film technology is the meaning of the film industry equivalent of an industrial revolution, it will bring to the traditional analog film industry subversive influence." China Film Group spokesman told reporters, "but what the revolution come is difficult to say when, technical conditions have been key to the development of the market rate. "

Recently, the nation's largest private media group Star announced the official launch of US-run media had purchased 20 sets of digital projection equipment, and development of digital cinema value-added services business as its strategic focus in 2005.

2005 development year is the 100th anniversary of Chinese film in the film held by the end of December last year, the work session, the State Administration of Radio Film in China this year to determine the development, the same time, the framework of international standards for digital cinema are identified, the expert that China will become the number after the United States the second largest film market, the Chinese film industry's "industrial revolution" seems ready to come out.

Market can not digest technology? Since 2002, the concept of digital cinema began to frequently appear in our sight, a few years later, in addition to introducing a number of movies produced in the mentioned figures, we do not seem to "subversive" and feeling. With the first overseas number 2005 film "The Terminal" and the introduction of the concept of digital cinema is again mentioned the parties.

"Digital film is very clear trend, the state policy in the development of digital cinema also has a number of tilt, from 2004, market acceptance, and the number of movies for profit model point of view, digital film is the basic survival of the climate there , after 2005, to enter the fast development of digital cinema, 10 years after the film the film will become a luxury. "As the first digital cinema building into a private media company, Star America's Star America Digital Cinema Development Co., Ltd. Deputy Chief Liu told reporters.

Different point of view the U.S. with the Stars, by the State Administration of Radio invest 200 million yuan to establish the first domestic digital cinemas in China Film Group is shown even more cautious: "China's film market is not that big, digital cinema pre-investment is very large, input and output almost disproportionate amount of the current market simply can not digest, digital film technology to truly become mainstream in the distant future. "the head of China Film Group, Mr. Cheng said.

Business model is not clear? From 2002 to the end of 2004, the Golden have introduced 160 sets of digital projection equipment, even at such a scale that is still not profitable Film side, digital film equipment, a huge capital investment required, there must be scale support. In this regard, the United States have their own satellite view, Liu believes that the development of traditional industries can not use the concept of the digital film industry, but rather from the upper reaches of filming, production and downstream cinema screenings, the whole industry chain development the interests of all sectors of points, the combination of linked development.

But industry analysts said that although the star from the vertical integration of the United States to share the investment risk, but the size of the problem remains the pressure can not be avoided.

In fact, according to Liu's vision, digital film technology will bring changes in lifestyle, value-added products can open up space for unlimited, in particular by the parties concerned that digital cinema will be a popular and nowadays is "Mobile streaming media, "more extensive and close integration.

Dean of Communication University of China Huang Sheng advertising people think that digital cinema technology to the impact of the film industry, just look at this piece from the box office and is not significantly affected, but real change is in the content production, storage, transmission. Digital Film Transfer a way to break the limitations of copies of the movie film and constraints, can provide a variety of free business combination mode. Digital film technology, and the close integration of the network, making broadcast schedule has become very convenient arrangement, the film will be more entertainment, leisure and even business establishments use. In addition, the theme of cinema there will be more, to meet the specific needs of individual markets.

Industry, some experts believe that digital cinema business model is still in the planning stage. In addition, restricting the development of digital cinema is more important is the soft environment is too complex, involving many industry sectors. In China, the need for coordination of various departments to solve the problems often take a long time, which will digital cinema technology to promote synergy in the market cause problems.

Spur a new round of market investment opportunity?
"Currently, the top 100 in the theater account for more than 70% of the national box office revenues, investing in a theater box office will follow the increase." Hairiness National Film Board spokesman, said in an interview: "It is because our the immaturity of the film market, so we also possesses the advantage of digital cinema, we must seize the film industry upgrade opportunity. "is exactly because of this, the State Administration of Radio is actively promoting the process of digital cinema in China .

Hairiness, said: "The next step, the digital movie standard technical requirements will be introduced, the domestic market is divided into high, mid, low-end three blocks." Refers to high-end market, Beijing, Shanghai and major cities such ; in the end is generally large and medium cities; the low end is a large rural community services. According to the film bureau said the number of films in rural communities in the near future in Taizhou, Zhejiang use pilot.

Hairiness also told reporters that before the Spring Festival, China Film's digital cinema construction has been basically completed in 2005, showing a lot of film to the digital cinemas are not on the number row and immediately released, "Seoul Raiders" and "Valentine's knot "will be shown using digital, digital cinema market development will enter the fast lane. He also said there are now many private companies, including foreign companies to participate in the Film Advisory Board.

Links What is digital cinema? Complete digital cinema concept refers to the cinematography, editing, and show the whole process of integrating with the digital format. Compared with traditional film, the whole process completely abandon the film, the last with DLP projection method (DigitalLightProcessing) projector. Digital cinema via satellite, transmits high-speed Internet, thus eliminating the cost of traditional film copies issued, the film company directly through the network to the theater and personal distribution of films.

First episode of Hollywood in the production of interplanetary war, some way to take a digital film production, "Planet

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Are Private Cinema Viewings?

What Are Private Cinema Viewings?

The modern era is defined by high technology and luxurious entertainment. We see a constant struggle in the entertainment industry to bring out new productions for the entertainment of people. In the modern world, people are no longer inclined towards local theatres and dramas to the extent they were in the past. Cinemas have taken the place of theatres and movies have taken the place of dramas.

Due to the advanced camera effects and animations, people have shown more inclination towards movies than dramas in theatres. This could very well be the reason for the conversion of many theatres into cinemas or the added provision of cinema screens in theatres. Cinemas these days have become so popular that many companies have started to provide the facility for private hiring of the cinema hall for private viewings.

Although, many people will think that booking the entire cinema for private viewing will be very expensive and out of their budget, the truth is that many cinema theatres are available for booking almost at the price of any other hall for parties or other such functions. Many cinemas provide a huge library of classical and blockbuster movies.

Private cinema viewings mean booking the cinema hall for a private movie session to play a movie of the choice of the person booking the hall. Many cinemas have started to offer this facility, as it is a source of great revenue and many people in the world today are willing to celebrate their special occasions by watching their favourite movie with their friends and family.

In the United Kingdom, OEDON is one of the most popular cinemas for private viewings. OEDON provides the facility of booking for almost any film, starting from the latest blockbusters to the classical Godfather series or any other classic favourite. Private cinema viewings are a great idea to celebrate some party or an occasion.

It would be a great idea to celebrate a birthday party by booking a private cinema. It would certainly make such occasion worth remembering for everyone. Most private cinema's offer a huge seating capacity, which can accommodate a large number of people, so arranging a large party or gathering should not be a problem.

Some cinemas not only offer booking for large groups or parties, but also for you only and your family. Now, one can enjoy the rich experience of watching a movie in high quality with full privacy all by yourself with nothing except the cinema screen and you in the entire hall, or just take your immediate family for a private cinema viewing session.

There are several hundreds of private cinemas throughout the United Kingdom. OEDON itself has more than 100 cinema halls all over the country. Watching movies at home is fun and entertaining, but watching movies on huge cinema screen with high quality sound system is certainly more entertaining than anything else is. The high quality sound system of these private cinemas is certainly the best choice to enjoy movies.

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