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Monday, November 20, 2017

China Wine Are Two Submission Failed - China, Wine - Food Industry - Finger Splint

China Wine Are Two Submission Failed - China, Wine - Food Industry - Finger Splint
"Great Hall Wine Earmarked for wine dinner "," International Green Industry Association, "" Chinese famous brand "," Shandong Province Enterprise "," Veyron Wine The original filling in our factory, "and" used or Changyu Technical Teacher "... ... With the Industry and Commerce Bureau of Xiaoshan city of Commerce and Industry Branch of the commercial operators of commercial city of the old fur the distribution of wine growing in-depth investigation, one by one dazzling" sheep's head "was opened a veil? ? old Qiu link "sheep's head" selling "dog" actually failed or "dog."

Through the business sector before and after the two samples will be inspected, the end result?? The old Qiu sell wine products were identified as substandard. Earlier this year, targeting the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers on the distribution of wine and old fur. In a routine inspection, found the old fur business of the warehouse a large number of wines by the Linyi China Co., Ltd. produced wine, the title of one of its label are very rough one, namely "Great Hall banquet earmarked for wine" "International Green Industry Association", "Chinese famous brand" and so on.

In fact, these were first issued, the title of the sector is not authoritative. "Chinese famous brand" as an example, it is but China Light Product Quality Assurance Center issued, some research institutions have been included in the scope of false-rating agencies. "Great Hall of the designated special wine" is not a designated national authority or the Great Hall, but an eight-pole Dabu Zhao's "Government Innovation and Development of Small and Medium Cities Forum Organizing Committee," appointed, there are many consumer questioned its weight. As a precautionary measure, the business sector on these two groups of wine (red wine, respectively, and Cabernet Sauvignon Gernischt rubber Barrel Cellaring red) sample submission, by the testing center Co., Ltd. Zhejiang fair test, the alcohol content of wine does not meet the requirements, be deemed to have failed product.

Inspection reports served, the factory and dealers are required to challenge or review, also said that the wine producers for the leading enterprises in Shandong Province, also in the factory before the Veyron filling wine, or the use of technology Changyu professions, insisted that alcohol can not fail, but also brought the factory self-test of a pile of inspection reports. Business personnel review these inspection reports found that 6 different varieties of wine inspection reports, where the alcohol content, total sugar, nine indicators are actually exactly the same test results data, which in the actual testing process can not be justified.

According to the requirements of factory and dealer, the business sector in the re-examination of the time chose another authority Detector Frame Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Fangyuan detected by testing samples of two batches of alcohol, or fail. This time, dealers and the factory no longer have nothing to say.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The prospect of ecommerce in China

The prospect of ecommerce in China

Creative idea is seldom understood or accepted at that time. Afterwards more and more people have realized the rationality of it and find it's a great pity to lose that chances that they could seize in the past. The ecommerce in China encountered the same thing. The venture tour of Ma Yun to US Silicon Valley well proves the point. Venture investors were not optimistic about China's e-commerce, for very few people in China knew much about internet.

Time changes! Nowadays there are 420 million netizens across China. And the number is still increasing with a high speed. The international financial crisis in 2008 has greatly impact on traditional enterprises. According to relevant statistics, nearly 5 times much reflects the proportion of a traditional enterprise in trouble compared with an ecommerce enterprise. This has forced many small and medium enterprises to participate in the ecommerce business.

Ecommerce has a few advantages compared with traditional business. It solves the geographical problem and enjoys a fast transaction which meets global trader's requirement. Under the model of ecommerce, many channels and marketing cost will be saved. We are confident that there will be a bright future for ecommerce in China.

Started in 1997, ecommerce has walked through B2B, B2C and C2C process. They are acting as wholesale, wholesale to retail and retail separately. Information based B2B portal has helped a lot of small and medium enterprises out of trouble. However, new problem has shown, it is very hard for a small and medium enterprise to win order under such competitive international environment. And this is the one that the old B2B can't help.

Fortunately, another creative idea offered by IBUonline (a vertical B2B website) demonstrates itself to you. It is a helper for both global buyers and China suppliers. Working with IBUonline, new problem will not be problem any more. I believe nobody would like to miss the moon after missing the star.

As the unique global one-stop & two-way B2B marketplace, IBU is designed and published by Shenzhen IBU Co., Ltd, which formerly named as Hotnewnet Trading Co., Ltd and has been engaged in international trade for almost 10 years and served thousands of enterprises in the field of FPC, LED, Electronics, Building Material and Home Furnishing etc, always devoted to offer superior qualified and effective foreign trade services for companies throughout the world.


IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade. Working with us, you can benefit from the real one-stop service for the first time.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2011 China Electronics Industry Summit

2011 China Electronics Industry Summit
Next year will be held January 9-10, "2011 China Electronics Industry Summit", is this session of the Beijing Book the highlight of all activities, from the topics and speaker line-up will be the scene of view, this is a real sense of the e-book industry summit. Similar forums in the past is different is that the summit is not only gathered so many HW terminal operators and technology providers of hardware, but also attract a large number of Gucci outlet often overlooked in the past content providers peace summit Taiwanese, especially those with a large number of traditional publishing high-quality content resources providers, this summit is not only concerned about the electronics, more concerned about the book.
The two-day summit is divided into four of four themes, namely, Present and Future of China's e-book industry, digital transformation of traditional publishing strategy of choice, e-book market, distribution problems, as well as e-books and other copyright tangle. Reporter learned from the Summit Organizing Committee, the summit will focus on five major focus.
How the Chinese book market collapsed?
U.S. e-book market in 2010 has reached 10 billion U.S. dollars of the scale of the mass book market has accounted for 10%, and increased to 50% within five years. The scale of the world's electronic reader the second in China, but not only electronic books, tiny e-book market, basically the whole e-book industry did not start Gucci outlet online in the impasse, the crux of the problem and where is? Momochi Academy of newly published research by several Ph.Ds this is known as a professional research team, spent nearly a year, which has been systematically studied, the results of their research, "2011 Report of the Chinese book industry" will be in the published on the summit. It is reported that they proposed a simple framework and full explanatory power: why the United States can be interpreted as e-book industry so successful? Why the Chinese e-book industry is so intertwined? E-book industry, but also how the Chinese Bureau of suggestions broken, and the future of China and the world to make e-book industry outlook and forecast. This should be the first rigorous study on the e-book industry, concerned about the books people would like to preview.
Dangdang eBook distribution platform to become a boss it?
As we all know, Amazon is the largest U.S. book sales platform, accounting for more than 70% market share of e-books. China's e-book platform, who is the boss? China is the original Amazon Amazon or Amazon Knock Dangdang China? Dangdang just in the United States, to enter the market before Dangdang high-profile e-book market, the CEO of any pro-Li Guoqing, general manager of digital publishing. Li Guoqing, the summit will serve as guest speakers. As China's largest e-commerce book sites, e-books in China next year Dangdang industry is how to layout? E-book industry in China What is the role?
At the same time, traditional bookstores also like finding a place in the e-book distribution pattern. In fact the traditional bookstore market opportunities in the e-book is far less pessimistic than imagined, the largest U.S. bookstore chain Barnes & Noble's electronic bookstore NooK super-company market share than Apple's iBook is also high. Chinese version of the Association Deputy Secretary-General Mark K. Huang, Xinhua Bookstore, the largest Phoenix, Zhou Bin, president of Xinhua in Hong Kong and China market and opened the first e-book, the Xinhua Bookstore - Zhang Jian, Asics Shoes director of information Winshare will share their ideas.
How to quickly complete the traditional publishing digital transformation?
The rapid development of the United States a successful e-book experience is that traditional publishers have mostly completed the digital transition quickly to keep up with the rapid development of e-book market. Langdon and other major publishers such as e-book income this year has reached 10% of its GDP. E-book market in China is an important reason for the deadlock digital transformation of traditional publishing house far behind, how can we accelerate? How to choose transformation mode and path? How to use technology to promote effective change? Publication Management Division of GAPP Oh Sang of the Shanghai Century Publishing Group President Chen Xin, CEO Hefei Peng Cite Taiwan, China Science Publishing Group chairman Liu Jianyao, Commercial Press, general manager at Lee Hall, the king of CITIC Publishing House Bin, president of Shen Haobo sharpens iron culture, the world's leading provider of digital publishing technology such as PTC Wang Xia, Senior Manager, guests will focus on these issues.
Copyright knot how to crack e-book?
No country is more complex than the Chinese e-book issues, why technology providers peace Taiwan has spent so much money can not buy a decent eBook rights? Why does not the publisher of the Chinese as foreign publishers have most power out of copyright? Why is the introduction of Chinese books generally do not have e-book version of copyright? How to license and access to e-book copyright, senior expert on copyright, the Copyright Division inspectors and Publication Administration Xu Chao, Deputy General Manager of the Big Apple copyright Lv Guangdong, Wang Jing, general manager of the Phoenix Hachette, Kodansha, general manager of China Liu Yue , text book, co Zhang Hongbo, Yang Hongying super best-selling author will provide the professional interpretation.
Digital reading how the market upgrade?
Web-based and mobile digital reading is a unique digital publishing landscape is different from abroad, despite the rapid growth of the market hot, but they invariably encounter a problem that bottlenecks and market growth ceiling, how to upgrade to better quality and more the larger the value of the reading market is the next challenge they face? Original literary Chinese largest book site grand Chinese Hou Xiaoqiang, CEO, China's largest base of mobile reading platform for mobile reading, general manager of Dai and Zhong, China, Xiao Wei, general manager of telecommunications base Tianyi read how to think and respond?

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Increased integration of global digital TV industry in China concern - digital TV, set-top boxes - household appliances

Increased integration of global digital TV industry in China concern - digital TV, set-top boxes - household appliances
Cisco Motorola NXP, the global telecommunications, mobile devices and semiconductor industry, the prestigious company, has all the digital TV Industry have been very active. Early November, Cisco announced the acquisition of DVN China Limited (DVN) set-top box business. Acquisition has just landed on the spread of Motorola set-top box business who want to sell the news. Before that, the semiconductor giant NXP to set-top box, TV-chip product line and IP services to sell to the other a digital TV chip business Trident. Integration, acquisition, sale of digital TV set-top box business is big business restructuring, especially for digital TV market gradually expanded after the industry to scale and intensive needs. This reporter learned that, despite industry consolidation and M & A giant moves frequently, but the Chinese market, they increase the intensity of investment and the layout down, grab the Chinese market as they are diversified, global strategic layout of the key. Global digital TV industry, competition 11 2, the global networking solutions provider Cisco Systems announced that no more than 44.5 million U.S. dollars will buy the digital set-top box business world in China. DVN DVN Group subsidiary is the industry leader in set-top box, set-top box of its holdings in China topped the market first. Cisco's acquisition just landed, the industry came another one on the news: Motorola is its set-top boxes and other cable television equipment manufacturing sector to seek potential buyers, and hope that buyers bid to reach 45 billion U.S. dollars. Motorola said in March last year, the company will split into two separate businesses, a main Mobile Business, another in set-top box and enterprise mobility solutions business. Set-top box business integration also occurs in semiconductors. October, NXP and TV chip company Trident Microsystems Electronic Announced the merger of both digital TV and set-top box division. Trident's acquisition of NXP's set-top boxes, TV-chip product line and IP services, NXP merge the business through the payment of 30 million U.S. dollars and receive 60% of Trident company shares. To create economies of scale and complementary in resources is the increasing integration of the power industry, where companies. The acquisition of digital set-top box business world, the Cisco vice president, general manager of KenKlaer international cable business, said: "Through the acquisition, we will bring our customers products with the digital world of Cisco IP Next Generation Network platform, powerful combination." NXP CEO RickClemmer in the "China Electronics News" during an interview, said NXP and Trident cooperation, will create a focus on digital TVs, set-top box chip's leading semiconductor companies, to NXP's cash flow and capital structure to focus on digital consumer semiconductor market; In addition, as NXP holds a 60% stake in the new company, thereby ensuring NXP gained in the digital TV market, the real advantage of that. Trade integration was not surprised about this, they think this is the inevitable result of market competition. Broadcom's Broadband Communicate Senior Marketing Director Business Unit JohnGleiter told reporters, from a global perspective, digital TV market, mature, and competition based on the needs, set-top box companies, chip companies will experience more integration, smaller, relatively weak financial strength of enterprises will fall into being out of position. Oligopoly or show Recent years, the rapid development of global digital TV market, the market research firm InformaTelecoms & Media predicts that by 2012 there will be 504 million global households to become digital TV users, digital rate of nearly 50%. Such a large market to attract more and more enterprises to participate in market competition, the result is superior resources gradually come to understand the "minority" in the hands. Cisco's acquisition of DVN set-top box business, will be cross-border competition in the capital.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Popular Sites in China to Have Love Affairs

Popular Sites in China to Have Love Affairs

Hermann Hesse once said that to travel is to have love affairs. Love affairs may be more attractive when happened on the way of travelling. I believe most of us cannot refuse the temptation of meeting strangers in the fascinating countries. Here are some popular sites in China where you may have a love affair.

1. Jie Fangbei, the Central Business District of Chongqing

Reason: It is reported that Chongqing is a city full of beauties. The special geographic environment conditions in Chongqing makes Chongqing girls born to be beautiful. This city is so wet that the local girls do not need to be concerned too much about their skin care issues. Besides, Chongqing is also a mountain city, which makes the girls have to walk like climbing mountains and lead to their perfect figures.

Affair index:★★★★★

2. Lijiang

Reason: Lijiang embodies mysterious air and soils. The Yungui Plateau makes people dizzy because of the relatively thin air here. However, it is the thin air that people think about less than they did in the cities. With the snow mountains, blue sky, white clouds, flowing water and fragrant flowers, all the things in Lijiang helps to bring tourists into a love paradise.  

Affair index:★★★★☆

3. Shanghai

Reason: Shanghai is a modern city, where is full of petty bourgeoisie. You may easily fall in love with the Museums of 10,000 Countries in the Bund of Shanghai. You may be attracted by the lovely scenes of Riverside Avenue or Hengshan Road. But the most fascinating one should be the young man who has somber expression on his face, or the beautiful woman with exquisite five senses and indifferent expression on the subway.  

4. Yangshuo

Yangshuo belongs to Guilin Province. It is well known to all that "East or west, Guiling landscape is the best." Like Lijiang, tourists may easily have love affairs here because of every wonderful scenes around.

Affair index:★★★★☆

5. Hangzhou

Reason: This city is really full of book aroma. Most Hangzhou girls are quick-witted and nimble-fingered. It is no doubt that they are considerate to their men. Besides, Hangzhou is also called one of the beauty cities from ancient times.

Affair index:★★★★☆

Tourists may be from different countries with different cultures, but there is no wonder that one will fall in love within another under the beauty of the surrounding scenary.


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Thursday, July 27, 2017

China Cr, Dr Market Analysis

China Cr, Dr Market Analysis

Since the last century, the number 90 was introduced into China the concept of health care has, in only ten years has made rapid development, particularly in digital medical imaging equipment is a meteoric rise, quickly received national recognition and the major hospitals Promotion in the 21st century began after the expansion to medium-sized hospitals. Where, CR, DR as a major digital flat panel X-ray plain film imaging device already widely used in the domestic market.

HC medical research, according to statistics, since 2005, CR, DR installation of the number of hospitals in the country average growth rate of more than 15%, growth was mainly caused by: 1, digital X-ray imaging device definition is far than traditional film, to improve the diagnostic accuracy of doctors with film; 2, digital imaging devices for imaging time is short, do not print the film can be output directly through computer terminals, greatly reducing the patient's diagnosis time; 3, due to the image collection , processing, transmission, display and storage are the use of digital processing means, a high degree of savings for the hospital resources, but also for the hospital to the fast, efficient and accurate digitization direction play a strong role in promoting. Especially in China, many hospitals are facing problems of patients, equipment, less tension, so that CR, DR quickly and efficiently in dealing with the advantages of image aspects is reflected most vividly.

CR as a traditional flat-panel X-ray imaging equipment to upgrade the transition to digital products, from the 80s of last century by the market since Fuji, after decades of development, from initial low-speed single slot of a single type, development for the present have low, high-speed, single slot, multi-slot, and breast-specific models and specifications and other mature products. Relatively concentrated in the large hospital patients, the scanning speed and without artificial replacement of IP board high-speed, multi-slot CR products are a popular and low-speed, single slot of the CR in a number of small hospitals have begun gradually. In some economically developed regions, the Government speed up the transition to digital hospitals, even government-subsidized universal way to speed up the use of the hospital on the CR. CR face of China's huge market, including Fuji, Carestream (formerly Kodak), AGFA, Konica, etc., the major multinational manufacturers eager to enter China. Among them, Rayco, AGFA, and Fuji three products account for most of the market, its main advantage lies in products of varying types, from the scanning speed or slide ways will give users a full selection of space.

Relative to the CR board to rely on IP as the case of image carrier, DR X-ray taken on the traditional imaging will have a more fundamental change. It is the use of digital detector technology, will capture images from digital processing directly through the computer terminal showing, in terms of image quality and imaging speed compared to conventional imaging device has a progress by leaps and bounds. DR from the market has been through 10 years of development, its configuration, functions are becoming more diverse and mature, and gradually from the column tube and the column structure of development of a single detector tube column detector suspension, dual suspension tube detector and the suspension tube with horizontal flat-bed and other structures of DR products system to meet the needs of patients with multi-directional shooting. In addition, in order to meet the flat-bed hospital on the horizontal and vertical chest of a large number of shooting needs, with two digital flat-panel DR detector structure of the double-plate products emerged, greatly improve frame rate, but also to avoid the detector because damage caused by repeated move. In recent years, the DR market growth, while the products mainly rely on imports, manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Philips, Rayco, Hitachi, Toshiba and other major international Medical Devices Suppliers, while domestic manufacturers, such as Neusoft, 10000 East and other products are also maturing. But the import brands DR is still the dominant domestic market, especially GE, Siemens, Philips and Rayco four European companies products, occupy almost 90% of the national market, followed by Japanese products, and domestic equipment installation of a small number.

Due to our current level of equipment of medical institutions as a whole remains low, 60% of small hospitals are still using last century 80's medical imaging equipment. On the other hand, China's health care reform is moving forward to improve public health, rural health and Community Health Targeting health care system is gradually improving. Small hospitals face the replacement of outdated equipment, which the new digital medical imaging products is a demand for gradual release process. Therefore, the next 10 years or longer, the medical device market in China will maintain a rapid growth trend, a huge space for development.

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