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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chemical Analyzer

Chemical Analyzer

Near infra-red (NIR) analysis is widely used for the rapid analysis of many agricultural and food products for protein, moisture, oil, starch, sucrose, fiber, grain texture and lysine. Research has shown that the technique can also be used for the prediction of malting quality of barley, baking quality of wheat and measurement of the degree of starch damage in flour.

The technique of NIR analysis uses very small differences in absorption of NIR radiation at wavelengths corresponding to overtones and combinations of fundamental IR frequencies of chemical functional groups that are characteristic of particular substances. Complex regression mathematics is used to transform these absorption measurements into an analytical result.

NIR analyser is a next-generation product robust, reliable, and consistently accurate. The NIR analyzer is also much easier to implement, operate, and maintain.

A NIR analyzer typically has a rotating sample platter which provides accurate analysis of ungrounded or partially ground materials by simply filling a cup and placing it on the window or analysis can also be done in a static mode. Samples can also be reviewed through a variety of sample cups, Petri dishes, beakers, or bags.

NIR analysers are available in four wavelength configurations to give complete coverage of the NIR region. Covering the entire wavelength range is vital for accurate results.

The chemical analyzer can scan the NIR region up to 2500nm. This allows calibrations and databases from monochromator based systems of Bran+Luebbe, NIRSystems, Foss, Bruker, ABB Bomem, and Thermo.

This chemical analyzer can also scan the wavelength range of 1200-2400 nm. This wavelength range covers the same range used by older NIR filter spectrometers from Technicon, Bran+Luebbe, Perten, and DICKEY-john, meaning that calibrations from these systems can easily be transferred to other spectrometers or chemical analyzers.

The NIR (Near Infrared) analyzer is the latest technology for analyzing solid and liquid chemical and pharmaceutical formulations. The patented design of NIR offers high analytical performance with better sensitivity and precise instrument matching to enhance method development, minimize implementation time and promise seamless method transferability.

NIR analyzers can also be used in the manufacturing processes form raw material inspection to even till the testing of the final product release. It is a comparatively a new technology for refineries to monitor main products, intermediate streams and unit feed. NIR analyzer offered a low cost alternative when compared to traditional gas chromatographs or distillation analyzers.

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