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Monday, November 20, 2017

Career Change - From Teaching To A Road Map To Success!

Career Change - From Teaching To A Road Map To Success!
The bulk of academics find their jobs rewarding and also the interaction with their charges fulfilling and satisfying, however some find the changes to the schooling environment leads to fret and the feeling they may be doing one thing better. Once a few years, these teachers will begin trying for a career change.
A career amendment for academics will mean a move sideways in their field. There are openings for lecturers to change their field without extremely leaving their chosen occupation. From personally teaching there are opportunities in distance education or in writing training books and developing the overall curriculum. Private tuition and tutoring are alternative means that of finding a career amendment for Teachers. Then going behind the scenes and serving to produce the resources for the syllabus may be the direction to take.
If the career amendment for academics is prompted by a need to go away the teaching field altogether, then the teacher can observe various alternative venues of employment that will utilize their specific skills. A lecturer includes a range of skills that can translate well into other fields. Good communication skills, analysis abilities, administration experience and folks skills will facilitate a lecturer notice new employment in another industry.
Academics will notice new careers in any field, if they have to hone skills required for a new career a smart approach is to attend faculty locally while teaching. Distance and internet learning are alternative viable options.
A career modification for lecturers may involve getting removed from interacting with students and focus on interacting with the public, or with the elderly. They will hunt for a career where they will work with their hands, making things instead of sculpting young minds. The tactile thrill of woodwork, horticulture, art or writing would possibly result in a career change for academics, with nice results.
A lecturer already has demonstrated skills in therefore many areas they're likely to seek out alternative employment comparatively easy to find. So several areas of employment will necessitate some training. When a career change for teachers comes along, once finding employment the teacher might well notice their special talent in communication and teaching becomes a bonus to their new employer. They'll facilitate train new employees, teach courses in client service skills, demonstrate the company's merchandise at trade shows and other venues, and add other information to the worker's knowledge base.
A career amendment for teachers can cause employment where they are less stressed and probably get paid more. They'll still use the talents they need developed and therefore the information they need stored over years of teaching experience. The outlook for a career modification for lecturers is sweet, if they need done the training to become a professional teacher they're highly employable and can not notice work onerous to find in any field in that they need an interest.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

New Google Wave Will Change How We Email, Collaborate, Blog and Share Documents

New Google Wave Will Change How We Email, Collaborate, Blog and Share Documents

I recently watched a Google presentation video about a completely new technology/platform that Google Labs have been working on called Wave. From what I saw this will change how we use email how we communicate and how we collaborate.

First up is the email application, and I use email here as a very loose term. Email will no longer be the email that we know. Instead it will be a complete communication tool. As you type your message to the recipient of your choice, if you so choose, the recipient will be able to watch you type in real time. Now stop and think about that. I didn't say that once you hit the enter or send button the recipient will see your message, I said as you type the recipient will see your message as you type in real time. Now of course this is dependent on both parties being signed in and online simultaneously. However if one person is online and the other is not then as soon as the recipient signs in they see the message (Wave) and any additions or revisions that the sender may have made.

To take it a step further you will be able to add more people to the conversation simply by dragging them into the conversation window. Once the 3rd or 4th person gets dragged into the Wave (that's what it's going to be known as , The Wave) then that person or persons will see the entire conversation beginning to the present. But to take it even further anyone coming into the conversation will be able to literally replay the conversation from the beginning so that they get the whole message in context. Another really cool feature is the ability to respond to a comment or sentence within the message. So in other words lets say that within the message somewhere in the 3rd paragraph is a reference that you would like to respond to. You can enter a response directly below that line as opposed to the end of the full conversation and again the message will be see immediately or upon signing in.

Adding images is also innovative. If you were to drag images into the Wave then anyone who is online that is part of the Wave will see them immediately. The thumbnails will actually pop into the Wave before the images are even rendered on the screen that they were entered on. All in all pretty awesome. You can also extract the images or for that matter portions of the conversation to share with others without sharing the entire Wave.

This next feature blew me away. If you decide to you can share the Wave or parts of the Wave on a blog something akin to Google Maps API. The difference here is that if if someone makes a comment on the Wave that was embedded into the blog, it will also go directly to the Wave that is going on within the application and conversely one can respond to the comment from within the Wave and have the comment be published on the blog. You can also then continue the conversation within the Wave client or the blog or both. All of these features will also be available on an iPhones app and the Android all working together in real time.

There is a lot more that I can write about but I fear I may lose you or get boring. So why don't you go ahead and watch the Google You Tube video directly below this post for the rest of the story. I hope that you have enjoyed this and found it to be informative. If you did please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this new upcoming Wave.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Wordpress How To - Change Your Permalinks to Make Your URL's More User and SEO Friendly

Wordpress How To - Change Your Permalinks to Make Your URL's More User and SEO Friendly

One very simple, but very effective way to simplify your blogs' URL and make it user and search-engine friendly is often over-looked. By changing the Permalink Structure on your blog it will make it easier for your readers to know where they are on your site, but can also help greatly with your SEO efforts.

For New Installations

If you have a new installation of Wordpress or are planning your next installation follow these simple steps to changing your Permalink structure:

Once you have installed Wordpress login and you should arrive at the Dashboard.

On the left hand side of the Dashboard you will see a list of menu tabs. When you hover your mouse over the different menus, an arrow appears at the end. Hover over the Settings Menu and click on the arrow. A drop down menu should now appear.

Click on the 'Permalinks' link. You should now be at the 'Permalinks Settings' page.

You will now see that you have 5 options and on a new installation of Wordpress it will be set to the Default option. As you can see from the example it gives, for each post you make it assigns a page number which isn't really ideal. You now need to click the 'Custom Structure' option and enter the following text into the box along side:


Now click the blue box 'Save Changes'. That's it - all done, now when you make a post you will see the category name you posted it in and the posts name, which is much more user and search engine friendly.

For Already Installed Blogs - How To Install Plugins

If your blog has been installed sometime and you never changed the Permalinks structure and have made several posts, you will first need to install a plugin called 'Permalinks Migration Plugin' before you can change your Permalink structure.

You can download the plugin at Once you have downloaded the plugin and installed it to your plugins folder via your FTP client, login to the Dashboard of your blog.

Once you are logged in to the Dashboard click on the 'Plugins' link in the menu down the left hand side. You should now be in the 'Manage Plugins' page, scroll down until you find the 'Dean's Permalinks Migration' plugin and click on the 'Activate' link. Now that you have activated the plugin, click on the 'settings' drop down menu on the left hand side and click the 'permalinksmigration' link.

You now need to enter in the box your current Permalink Structure, if you don't know what this is click on the 'permalinks' link under the 'Settings' menu on the left hand side and you will see which permalink structure is selected, make a note of this, go back to the Permalinks Migration page and enter it into the box and click the 'Update options' button. You can now go back to the 'Permalinks Structure' page and change it as I have done above.

All done, as you can see just a few simple steps that will make a big difference to your blog, enjoy:-)

Alester Fox enjoys Apple Computers, Social Media, Web 2.0 and Blogging using Wordpress to communicate on the internet, to find out more about Wordpress How To check out the following link: Wordpress How To.