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Monday, November 13, 2017

Seven Steps to Survival - How to Keep Your Agency Afloat in Challenging Times

Seven Steps to Survival - How to Keep Your Agency Afloat in Challenging Times

Advertising & Marketing Communications spending is one of the first things companies decide to cut when faced with slowing sales. Advertising agencies have already started feeling the pinch. Ad people are anxious and scared as well. So, what do you do to survive this critical phase and come out victorious. You must fight back! Here is your survival guide:

1. Promote your agency more aggressively - Doing nothing only leads to failure. This moment is the test of your leadership. Go out there, and face the recession head-on. Promote your agency more aggressively than ever before. Relentlessly pursue new business leads. Re-negotiate costs with your vendors, IT providers and even with your landlord! Generate great business-building ideas for your existing clients. All these will fuel you and your agency with renewed energy.

2. Be there for the client - Do not take your clients for granted even for a single day. Make sure that you personally visit each of your clients in the same month. Your clients need your help like never before, for they're now seeking answers to kick-start their sales and get rolling. If their agency stands by them in this battle, enabling them to invent new solutions, they will most likely never forget you once the good times resurafce.

3. Create opportunities - Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Don't wait for the chance. Meet as many people as possible. There is always an opportunity to capitalize on. Collaborate with your partners, tie up with complimentary service providers and forge strategic alliances. Remember, somewhere a potential client is planning to take advantage of the downturn. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you just sit back and wait for the next new-business win, you are simply waiting for a disaster to take over.

4. Think Smart. Work Harder - In your efforts to fight back the downturn, be sure your agency's work is as smart as it can be. Put in those extra hours. Ask yourself: Is the message as relevant today as it was six months ago? Is it as cost effective? Is there a better and perhaps cheaper medium to communicate the message? Maintain the integrity of your agency's work throughout these times, and you will surely earn the trust and respect of your clients.

5. Don't stop innovations - Slow client spending is not an excuse to go conservative with your work. Don't play safe. If you think you are going to hold on to your clients by being extra cautious with your work, you might give your clients an excuse to switch to another agency that will continue to take intelligent risks. Recession is the ideal time to innovate and experiment. Suggest media innovations. Try your hand and unleash your creativity online through blogs, social media and viral campaigns.

6. Improve internal communication - Do not sit quietly in your cabin and distance yourself from the staff. Get up and mingle with your staff and let them know what's going on with the agency. Feel the pulse of your own team. Better internal communication only makes the team stronger. Also, do not stop looking for the best talent. This economic downturn has put a lot of really good people on the street. Now may be a rare opportunity to upgrade your staff strength. Provide creative stimulation to engage your employees. Keep the spirits up to make sure that the happiness quotient remains high in your office.

7. Stay focused - Just because times are tough, your agency shouldn't move away from the strategic course you set. Be it a plan to differentiate your agency or expand into new services, stay true to your long term goals even if it takes a little longer for them to materialize. When the economy turns around, you'll have the wind at your back.

And finally don't forget: tough times never last, but tough people do.

Kashyap Pandya - Director, Synapse Marketing Consultancy Pvt Ltd. E-mail:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Marketing Communications - Announcing 5 Challenging Methods For Effective Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications - Announcing 5 Challenging Methods For Effective Marketing Communications

Marketing communications refer to messages that are being used to communicate with a target market. These are being used in direct marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations, and online marketing with the aim to influence the buying decision of potential clients.

Here's how you can make your marketing communications more effective:

1. Make them benefit-driven. The problem with other marketers or advertisers is that they focus their marketing communications on the features of their products or services. Truth be told, buyers do not generally care about the products' features as they are more concern with the benefits that await them. So, tell these people how your product can exactly help them out. If you are selling diet pills, tell your audience that they can lose weight from using your products that can lead to a healthier body and better quality of life instead of telling them how your pills were made.

2. Keep them short. This is especially useful if you are creating an ad and you don't have much space to use. Choose all the words that you are going to utilize. Create a draft and see if you can eliminate words that are not really needed. Avoid using passive voice and fillers. Widen your vocabulary to determine the best words that will not take so much space but will help you to easily get your marketing messages across.

3. Make them easy to understand. When writing your marketing communications, keep in mind that this is the not best time to sound mysterious. Remember, if your audience do not understand your marketing messages, they are most likely not to buy your products and services. So, communicate in a very clear manner. Use the preferred language of your target market and use the simplest terms as much as possible.

4. Make it scannable. Make your sales letters and ezine easy on the eyes by making them scannable. Aside from using short sentences and short paragraphs, utilize bullet lists and subheadings. Remember, the audience you are serving might have limited attention span and they are most unlikely to read your messages in their entirety if you offer them a chunk of text that can be sore on the eyes.

5. It must be upbeat. You need to sound enthusiastic when talking about your products so you can easily convince people to make a purchase. Make your marketing communications sound spontaneous, upbeat, and lively.

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