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Friday, July 28, 2017

Outdoor Digital Signage Protection – Challenges and Solutions

Outdoor Digital Signage Protection – Challenges and Solutions

Using screens as out of home digital advertising is becoming an increasingly popular advertising and marketing tool. Many shopping malls, retail parks and stores now have screens installed as part of their in-house marketing.

Indoor locations are not the only places where digital signage screens are installed for advertising, more and more outdoor locations are being used making outdoor digital signage one of the fastest growing mediums.

There are many challenges in using screens in outdoor locations, particularly when you have to consider the environmental elements that can damage or disable a screen.

Protecting the screen in an outdoor location is therefore vital but understanding what type of protection is required requires some thought and an assessment of the outdoor location it is to be installed in.

Type of Environment

Not all outdoor locations are the same and different locations present different challenges for protecting LCD screens and there are also drastic seasonal variations at some locations.

The first thing to consider is waterproofing. Any outdoor screen, no matter where it is placed, will require waterproofing. Even the hottest and driest areas on Earth are still susceptible to some rainfall so no matter where the sign is to be situated in an outdoor location ensuring the water can't penetrate the outdoor digital signage enclosure.

Temperature is another aspect that needs to be looked at carefully; both the highest ambient temperatures and the lowest need to be catered for. In some locations that means that the digital signage display has to operate in extreme heat of the summer whilst still being able to function in the freezing temperatures of winter.


One of the simplest and cost effective methods of protecting screens in an outdoor location is to use an LCD Enclosure. These digital signage enclosures can contain everything required to ensure the screen will operate no matter what the ambient conditions.

These LCD enclosures contain circulation fans, heaters, air conditioning not too mention waterproofed housings that ensure no ingress of any outdoor elements.

LCD enclosures are also rugged offering protection against vandalism and impacts รข€“ another important factor in using outdoor digital signage in unmanned locations.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Challenges of Online Advertising

Challenges of Online Advertising

Many promotional forms introduced from time to time with the technological progress. Advertisement have changed many ways and introduced through many media. Advertisers use print, broadcast and now Internet media. If deployed effectively World Wide Web is a great marketing tool. However, there are many challenges to overcome when an advertiser uses Internet to advertise.

A businessperson should know the nature of online advertisement before its use. Online advertising refers to a type of promotion on the Internet to deliver commercial messages to allure the customers. Instances are search engine results page, email marketing, banner advertisement, etc. It is great to publicize products on television and print media. However, online advertisement brings many benefits. The content published immediately and updated from time to time. You are able to reach wider clientele base and it is cost-effective as the payment based on the audience's response.

A businessperson can overcome the challenges that he faces in this medium. Organizations spend money to advertise on Websites that generate many unique hits but sometimes do not attract customers to their businesses. One should not advertise on those sites that do not deliver quality leads that convert into sales. Therefore, it is essential to track the results of the campaign. Email marketing is another effective tool in the arsenal. If a marketer is sending unwanted mails then he might be sending a Spam. If mail marketing often used in your business, email sender is a tool available in the market that prevents you from spamming messages. You should also take care to send mails to only those who have opted in to receive such kind of mails. Selling a product through pop-ups can distract a viewer as it blocks the utility for him. In such a case, this method looses its effectiveness. Many times, it happens that the means chosen, the research on target customers done is complete and appropriate. However, one cannot make effective sales. In this case, the content should be checked. You should ensure that the content is fresh, crisp and updated from time to time. If a viewer sees the promotion, he wants to have the information first and later looks for the style or presentation. Hence, you should first provide the relevant information. After complete information, presentation also matters as it creates an impact on a viewer's mind. The entire format presented in a way so that the viewer is curious about the product and end up in its purchase. With such points in mind, an advertiser can make maximum sales.

Rebecca Wills has great expertise in writing articles regarding various marketing strategies. This time she has come up with explaining the challenges of online advertising and also various strategies and softwares used like email sender, email address finder. For more details visit: