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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Creative Concept Capture - Idea Innovations

Creative Concept Capture - Idea Innovations

Have you ever wondered how come some people come up constantly with so many great ideas and others seem to have none? How is it that some people live their entire lives and only maybe come up with one or two original thoughts, if any, all this, while others have constant original thoughts and come up with a new one every month, or maybe even every week?

Did you know some advertising and marketing agency creative thinkers come up with new original thoughts every single day, sometimes more than two a day? Can you imagine how incredible you could be if you could do that?

Guess what, it's possible and let me tell you why I know this. I set out a goal five years ago to have one original thought per day. At first I tried so hard, but couldn't do it, but I was able to have one or two per week. Then as I kept trying eventually I had one per day. Then I realize some days I had two and I would save one for the next day's quota, that's when they started to stack up and I noticed I was having 2 to 3 original thoughts every single day of my life. It is my belief that anybody can do this.

I know I did it because I wrote them all down and made many into actual online articles. Many people have great ideas but they are fleeting thoughts and they don't write them down. So who's to say that you're not having one original thought each month already, but you are simply ignoring them or you're not tapping into the creative part of your brain and taking them to the next level.

When you do and if you will do this, what you will find is that each original thought leads to another original thought, and you can take these thoughts and creative innovations and sprinkle them around various industries with new applications for each one. Of course, you are going to have to also work on your creative concept capture strategies for your ideas and innovations and that means writing them down. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow - Lance Winslow's Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages
In order to do your own internet/attraction marketing you need to have a way to automatically collect prospects email addresses, or contact information. This can be done with an opt-in form on your website, or a separate page completely dedicated to capturing prospect email and contact information. In this article we provide a simple recipe for making your own capture pages.

Why would you want to do this when turn-key attraction marketing systems are readily available? One reason would be in order to differentiate yourself from the masses that are or are projected to be using these systems. People who frequent the internet become accustomed to the look and feel of the most popular systems and may quickly discount your offer if it looks like something theyve seen too often. Were not saying to junk the attraction marketing system, though, since youll still need many of its features including sales funnel, pre-written autoresponder copy, etc.


* An ftp client, e.g., FileZilla
* Web authoring software, e.g., Nvu
* Your own website (hosting & domain), e.g., Host Gator/GoDaddy
* An autoresponder, e.g., Aweber or GetResponse

Instructions for making a capture page:

1. Use your web browser to view source and copy the html code from a page you like online. You should never use a page in its entirety, but only as a template to then create your own from.
2. Paste in to web authoring software and modify with your own unique copy, color scheme and fonts. The best font for headlines is Red Tahoma 20 pt. For text, the best font is Arial 12 pt. These have been split tested by successful Internet marketers. If there is a form for capturing prospect information, delete it.
3. Using your autoresponder form creation tool, create a form to place on your capture page. Specifics will depend on the particular autoresponder you are using (check out the tutorials provided). You can direct your opt-in subscribers to your own thank you page or if you belong to a system, such as MyLeadSystemPro, you can direct your subscribers to the appropriate page within the system
4. Upload the capture page to your website using your ftp client. Name the file index.html, and upload to your website or blog, first creating an appropriately named folder to contain it. Youre now ready to drive traffic to it.

Building your own capture pages is becoming more necessary every day and is much easier than most would assume. All of the software is available within the most popular autoresponder systems. This technique would allow creation of a multitude of capture pages according to specific campaigns you might need for specific niches. An example might be to target certain network marketing that you have targeted with ads campaigns or article marketing.

Jim Green is an attraction marketing expert who uses internet marketing for automated lead generation in his network marketing business.

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