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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Panda Burning Incense Manufacturer Jun Prison Or To Join The Network Security - Panda Burning

Panda Burning Incense Manufacturer Jun Prison Or To Join The Network Security - Panda Burning
Many Company To the "Du Wang," extending an olive branch, he just wants to go home first and take a bath, change clothes. Before that, he said later to engage in anti- Virus Nature of work

2006 12 2007 1 month, "Panda burning incense" virus so afraid of Chinese Internet users. Reporter multi confirmed yesterday afternoon, the virus maker Jun prematurely released due to reduction of sentence for one year. Previously, he was due to production of "Panda burning incense" virus Huoxing 4 years, coupled with the case in the other three Huoxing who is the first for people who create computer viruses Huoxing.

The future remains to be seen, Li Jun is the sign

Jun prison, known to only a few friends, among them "Panda burning incense" another name of Lei Lei. Jun

had to be served 4 years in prison but good, and remission over 1 year. Released from prison in February last year, the Lei Lei heard the news, waiting outside the prison yesterday, Li Jun and take their home. He introduced, Jun purchase clothing items yesterday, saying "The first thing to go home take a bath, for a new dress." Jun

the mother also said the phone had been informed that his son was released from prison, his family is very happy, but do not respond to its future.

Previously, Li Jun, who is still serving, said the network hoped that after his release in work, tend to Network Security Maintenance, he had self-recommendation "on the windows of my Technology Virus is very understanding, good at protection against virus attacks and counter-tracking. "Some well-known IT Companies and IT enterprises, on Jun have shown a strong interest, have extended an olive branch.

This, the prison has not yet responded after Li Jun, "things need to go home after work to consider."

However, many players told reporters that, no matter which company to join the future, Li Jun, is itself a sign that he has unlimited business potential.

Li Jun, from the network administrator to "Du Wang"

2005 9 months, Jun went to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, looking for a company's "network administrator" position, because no formal computer science education, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen repeatedly rebuffed and ultimately disappointed. To improve the programming, he enrolled in a software training school in Wuhan, learning "WEB" software design. August 2006, Li Jun, think that the program is boring, he decided to drop out, after the appendage off the Southern district of Wuchang, playing computer rental.

Month later, he was out of "fun" to begin the preparation of "Panda burning incense" virus.

2006 12 the end of Jun to know good "virus business" and "businessmen" Wang Lei and Zhang Shun, Jun did not realize that fun is called Crime , In "profiteering" Lured by the combination, eventually led to the "Panda burning incense" swept across the network disaster.

Year in September to January 2007, invaded the personal computers of the virus, infection portals, routed data system, millions of units times the computer was virus attacks and Damage , A large number of individual users, Internet cafes and corporate LAN users huge losses, was "the year 2006 computer virus epidemic in mainland China and Internet Security Report" as "Du Wang."

Panda burning incense maker then this safety in

27-year-old Li Jun, the people of Wuhan Yangluo New Island, cement plant secondary school graduation. WIT Wa was born in Cement Plant, in the city when Hongshan Computown computer network.

Panda burning incense and let overnight. At the same time, due to manufacturing spread of computer viruses and Lei Lei Huo Xing and Shun were.

And Li Jun Lei Lei, the same year better at programming, is a first-hand how the church Jun programming and become " Hacker "The Master. At that time, Lei Lei for the" Panda burning incense "virus, suggest amendments, in January 2007 to modify the source code of the virus. Lei Huo Xing 1 year, released last February.

It is understood that after leaving prison Lei Lei addition to help in his father's building materials factory, the studio is still busy with their own network, network security people to do maintenance, and is committed to developing security software.

The promoter of the virus Panda burning incense Shun small they are two years old, used to be cooks, shoemakers, waiters. Jun buy site traffic, the use of Trojan to steal "envelope game" and to "unpack" resale profit. In only 19 years old, he illegally by "Legend, PW" earned 500 million yuan, to become the largest South "PW" players. Last year in December, Shun good remission of GM 2 months early release.

Which, in February this year, most low-key release of Wang Lei has been reluctant to refer to past events.

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